Hotels and Lodging Options at Caveman Festival

The Caveman Music Festival, hosted at the picturesque Monument Lake Resort in Weston, Colorado, promises music enthusiasts a Labor Day weekend filled with rhythm, melody, and breathtaking views. As attendees gear up for the 2024 lineup announcement, the question of accommodation arises for those looking to immerse themselves in this unique musical experience. Fortunately, whether you prefer camping under the stars or a more comfortable lodging option, there are choices available within proximity to the festival grounds. Contact us to learn more about americana fest

caveman music festival

Monument Lake Resort: The Epicenter of Music and Comfort 

Nestled amidst the captivating beauty of Colorado, Monument Lake Resort is not just the venue for the Caveman Music Festival; it’s also a hub of comfort and tranquility. For those who cherish the idea of waking up to serene lake views and crisp mountain air, this resort offers a range of accommodations that cater to different preferences. 

Lakeside Camping: Embrace the Great Outdoors

For adventurous souls seeking a closer connection to nature, lakeside camping at Monument Lake Resort is an ideal choice. Many festival-goers choose to pitch their tents right on the festival grounds, creating a vibrant and communal atmosphere. This option provides an immersive experience, allowing attendees to revel in the natural beauty surrounding the festival while enjoying the music. 

Cozy Cabins: A Home Away from Home

If the idea of roughing it in a tent isn’t your cup of tea, Monument Lake Resort also offers cozy cabins for a more comfortable stay. These cabins provide a rustic yet charming retreat, featuring modern amenities such as comfortable beds and private bathrooms. Imagine returning to a snug cabin after a day of music and festivities, ready to recharge for another day of excitement.

Lodge Accommodations: A Touch of Luxury

For those seeking a touch of luxury during their festival experience, the resort’s lodge accommodations are an excellent option. With spacious rooms, scenic views, and additional amenities, the lodge provides a comfortable and indulgent retreat. It’s the perfect choice for those who want to balance the energetic festival atmosphere with moments of relaxation and tranquility. 

Additional Lodging Options in Weston, Colorado 

While Monument Lake Resort is the epicenter of the Caveman Music Festival, Weston, Colorado, and its surrounding areas offer additional lodging options for festival-goers.

Weston Motels and Inns: Convenient and Budget-Friendly

Within Weston, you can find a selection of motels and inns that offer convenient lodging options for festival attendees. These establishments are often budget-friendly and provide a comfortable place to rest after a day of music and festivities.

Vacation Rentals: Personalized Experiences

For a more personalized experience, consider exploring vacation rentals in Weston. Local homeowners often offer their properties for short-term rentals, providing attendees with unique and charming accommodations that feel like a home away from home.

Nearby Towns: Explore Surrounding Areas

If you’re open to exploring the surrounding areas, nearby towns such as Trinidad and La Junta also offer lodging options. These towns, while a bit farther from the festival grounds, provide an opportunity to experience the diversity of Colorado’s landscape and culture. 

Pro Tips for Festival-Goers: 

Book Early: Given the popularity of the Caveman Music Festival, accommodations tend to fill up quickly. Booking your lodging well in advance ensures you secure the best options. 

Check Festival Website: Keep an eye on the festival website for any updates or announcements regarding lodging partnerships, discounts, or recommended accommodations. 

Travel Smart: If you’re flying in for the festival, consider landing in Colorado Springs or Denver, as recommended by the festival organizers. 

As you prepare for the Caveman Music Festival at Monument Lake Resort, the variety of lodging options available ensures that every attendee can tailor their experience to match their preferences and comfort levels. Whether you’re camping under the stars, relaxing in a cozy cabin, or indulging in the luxury of a lodge, the accommodation choices contribute to the overall magic of this one-of-a-kind musical event. So, pack your bags, secure your lodging, and get ready to immerse yourself in the rhythm and beauty of the Caveman Music Festival in Weston, Colorado!