The Setlist For Caveman Music Festival 2022 

The setlist for Caveman Music Festival 2022 is available now! Check out the artists that will be performing, the prices of tickets, and the support for the BRCC Fund for veteran musicians. These will be the essential details to know when you plan your next trip to Caveman. If you haven’t already purchased your tickets yet, you’ll want to do so quickly! Fortunately, we’ve got the answers to all of these questions. 


(If you’re looking for a summer music festival that offers more than just live music, then Caveman Music Festival is the perfect destination for you. From the scenic views to the historic structures, there’s plenty to explore at the Monument Lake Resort.)

Setlist for Caveman Music Festival 2022 

The upcoming Caveman Music Festival is set to debut in 2022, and it is expected to attract at least 10,000 attendees. The festival will feature three days of Americana Music, a mix of different music styles that grew out of shared traditions in the South. Among the genres represented in the Caveman lineup are bluegrass, folk, gospel, rock and roll, and traditional country music. Below is a breakdown of the setlist for Caveman Music Festival 2022. 

Artists scheduled to perform 

Tickets to the Caveman Music Festival can vary in price based on market availability and demand. Prices are higher for smaller venues due to limited supply, while cheaper tickets are available for larger stages. Popular Alternative Festival bands such as Pearl Jam, Green Day, Foo Fighters, and The Strokes will likely cost more than a Caveman Music Festival ticket, depending on who’s playing. Check out the complete list of artists scheduled to play at the festival’s website. 

Prices of tickets 

Caveman Music Festival is set to debut in 2022. It is expected to draw up to 10,000 people. It is a three-day festival dedicated to Americana Music, which is a genre blending American traditions with the sounds of the South. The festival is expected to feature rock, blues, folk, and country music, among other genres. The lineup for the first Caveman Music Festival is quite impressive, so you should be prepared to shell out some cash to catch a show. 

BRCC Fund support for veterans 

The BRCC Fund is proud to announce its support for veterans at the upcoming Caveman Music Festival. The festival will take place in Monument, Colorado, over Labor Day weekend. The festival includes three days of music, camping, fishing, and outdoor fun. The festival is surrounded by spectacular scenery and will feature bands you love. For more information, visit the event website. Interested in attending? Here are some ways to support veterans at the event. 


If you’re thinking about buying concert tickets for the Caveman Music Festival, you have plenty of options. The prices for tickets at the festival vary based on the size of the venue. Smaller venues will be more expensive than large ones, and tickets to Alternative Festival bands are more expensive than those for mainstream acts. The most popular artists who perform at the Caveman Music Festival are Pearl Jam, Green Day, Foo Fighters, and Avril Lavigne.