Tips for What to Wear to a Music Festival for Guys 

If you are a guy and want to look cool at a music festival, you’ll need to dress appropriately. You can choose from gaudy and loud clothes, or choose something with ample coverage. There are many options available, and most festival clothing is summer-ready. You can still look cool and be comfortable. Listed below are a few tips for what to wear at a music festival. 

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Cargo shorts 

Summer festivals are the best times to wear cargo shorts. These shorts are just long enough to cover the ankle, and made from lightweight cotton that keeps you cool. They also feature plenty of pockets. Cargo shorts look great with sneakers, trainers, espadrilles, sandals, sliders, loafers, and even hoodies. And they look great with just about any shirt and hoodie! 

Mesh tops 

If you’re planning on attending a music festival this fall, you might want to invest in some mesh tops. These tops are cool and breathable, and are a great option for the warm weather. They can be bought at a range of high-street shops, or you can buy them online. There are also many high-quality online retailers that offer free shipping for festivals and other types of events. 

Mesh bottoms 

With summer fashion trends making their way to the street, mesh bottoms for a music festival for guys are a great option to keep you cool at the festival. You can pair this piece with denim cutoffs for a minimally stylish and funky festival look. Moreover, mesh tops can give you a runway look, which will complement your everyday look. Pair them with black skate sneakers and canvas shorts for an effortless ensemble. 

Tee shirts 

When choosing which Tee Shirts to Wear in a Music Festival, keep in mind the music theme of the festival. For example, alternative rock concerts might call for a bright, printed shirt. This shirt will look great over a darker, grungier festival t-shirt. Alternatively, you could try a more sophisticated style. A sleeveless shirt will keep you cool in the sun while still maintaining a classic, laid-back feel. 

Bucket hat 

The bucket hat has been a staple of men’s fashion for decades. Its humble beginnings in the 1940s are long gone, but the hat still has its cult following today. A modern bucket hat uses a combination of new technology with traditional design to keep you cool and dry during summer. These hats feature moisture wicking properties and drawcords to allow for extra ventilation. You can even find warm versions made from fleece and cotton to keep your head toasty. Whether you’re looking for a hat to be fashionable or a practical accessory for music festival wearing, there’s a bucket hat for you. 

Tee shirts with bold slogans 

Choosing a tee shirt with a bold slogan might seem a bit out of place, but if you want to stand out in the crowd at a music festival, consider wearing a t-shirt with a politically-charged slogan. One of the most popular t-shirts of the 1980s was the “58% Don’t Want Pershing” t-shirt. The slogan was a reference to the censorship of the song “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. The message was to emphasize public opposition to intercontinental ballistic missiles and that it was not OK for US troops to use them.