Essential Checklist for Caveman Festival

What to pack for Caveman Festival? Listed below are the top essentials: CamelBak packs, Waistpacks, Neck pouches, Baby wipes, and more. If you are headed to the festival this year, check out our Caveman Music Festival guide for helpful packing tips. And don’t forget to check out the latest updates from the Caveman Music Festival. Here’s a brief overview of the top items you will want to bring with you: Contact us to learn more about americana festivals

CamelBak packs 

When going to a rave, a CamelBak pack is essential. During the long, hot days of a festival, it can be difficult to stay hydrated. Fortunately, hydration packs from CamelBak are available in a variety of styles. They can hold two liters of water and have typical features of hydration packs. Some models even feature internal zips and pockets for your basic gear checklist. 

Waist packs 

What to pack for Caveman Festival? You may be surprised at the size of the event. Although you may be attending for just one day, you will need to bring enough clothes for two days of fun. The daypack should include the essentials like a hat, water bottle, and light coverup. Your waist pack or neck pouch should hold smaller items. Packing cubes will make small items easier to find and compact. 

Neck pouch 

A Neck pouch is a convenient way to carry your cell phone, cash, and other valuables. The multi-pocket design of a neck pouch conceals your valuables and keeps them out of sight. You can wear the pouch around your neck or hide it beneath your shirt. A neck pouch is especially useful if you plan on spending time outdoors or in crowded areas. The downside of a neck pouch is the risk of theft; beware of pickpockets. 

Baby wipes 

If you attend a music festival, you know how dirty it can get. But if you’re going to a desert festival, you should bring baby wipes, too. Dancers will be sweating all day, and dust doesn’t just settle on the ground, it sticks to you. This is where baby wipes come in handy. They will remove dust from your body, leaving you looking and feeling brand new. 

Bug spray 

If you are planning to attend the Caveman Festival this June, you may be wondering what bug spray to pack. You might think you already know how to use bug spray. In truth, the following tips will help you protect yourself from pesky flies, mosquitoes, and other insects. Firstly, pack plenty of hats and sunscreen. This is essential for protecting your skin from the sun, and secondly, don’t forget to bring bug spray.