For Caveman Festival Packing List

When you’re heading to a music festival, you’ll want to bring a few essential items to help you stay safe and comfortable. Here are some tips: Contact us to learn more about labor day music festivals

Bug spray 

Before attending a music festival, you should bring along a few essential items. A good pair of shoes, bug repellent, sunscreen, and a hat are essential. Many festivals also sell these items but they are extra or limited in supply. Check the rules of your festival to see if you can bring your dog or pet. Many festivals comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and allow service animals. In such cases, bringing your pet is okay. 

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A perfect alternative to floral garlands and a necessity for festival goers, hats are the perfect accessory for your music festival wardrobe. Moreover, a music festival that will keep your face shaded from the scorching sun and protect your head from getting burnt, preventing you from being the target of Courtney Love’s wrath. Here are some tips to find the perfect hat for your festival wardrobe. 


As the number one accessory to pack for summer, sunglasses are a must-have for any outdoor music festival or concert. They offer maximum comfort and eye protection while preserving your style. Lollapalooza, a music festival in Illinois, is an official eyewear sponsor. For the most comfortable wear, choose sunglasses that match your ensemble. The right pair of sunglasses will give you the clearest view of the stage and enhance your appearance. 

Rehydration packs 

While the usual rehydration packs are fine for everyday use, music festival fans have different needs. Not only do they face long water refill lines, but they also face the problem of remaining visible at night and recognizable to friends. Luckily, there are now several designs and styles of rehydration packs, which have many of the same benefits as a regular water bottle. Here are some of the main features of these festival essentials. 

Car jumper cables 

When you’re attending a music festival, you want to make sure you bring along car jumper cables in case of emergency. The longer the cables, the better. Many people at music festivals leave their cell phones running all night, which can drain the battery. Sometimes, the battery is drained by dome lights and other elements. To prevent this, you should prepare jumper cables with a long enough cable. 

Reusable water bottles 

Reusable water bottles are an excellent alternative to plastic bottles at music festivals. Almost all venues don’t allow people to bring their bottles inside. A water refill station is also necessary because the venue doesn’t want to have to throw away a whole plastic bottle if it’s already full. Music festivals have a lot of people and it’s important to make sure everyone has clean water. 

Microfiber towel 

If you’re attending a music festival, you’ll probably need to pack a towel, and the best kind to pack is one made of microfiber. This fabric is highly absorbent, quick to dry, and a great choice for music festivals because it can go from the shower to the beach, and back again the next day. Plus, microfiber towels are extremely lightweight, making them ideal for traveling.