Essential Items Checklist for Caveman Festival

There are many things to bring when you go to a one-day music festival. First and foremost, you need to carry your ID or passport, a cell phone with a charger, and a lighter. A printed schedule is also a great idea since it is often easier to refer to a printed schedule than to use an app. Another important item to bring is a KN95 face mask. These are great for public transportation, as well as inside the show. You should also pack collapsible water bottles. They are lightweight and reusable. Lastly, you should wear comfortable clothes that you can move around in. Contact us to learn more about music festivals in colorado

Bringing a tent 

You may be wondering whether bringing a tent to a one-day music festival is necessary. If so, you should bring extra batteries and food. Water bottles, such as Camelbaks, are handy as most concert venues provide re-filling stations. It is also a good idea to bring blankets for sitting on the ground. In addition, you should pack clothes that are appropriate for the summer weather. 

Bringing a rucksack 

If you are heading to a one-day music festival, you should pack a rucksack. You should pack your essentials for the daytime as well as clothes for different weather conditions. It is useful to have clothing that you can layer. You can make this checklist more manageable by using packing cubes. Having the right clothing for the day will enable you to spend more time jamming and less time walking. 

Bringing a sleeping bag 

A sleeping bag is essential for camping, but you’ll also need a sleeping pad. Your sleeping pad should be large enough to accommodate a sleeping bag, which will keep you warm if the nights are cold. You can choose different types of sleeping bags depending on the season. If you’re attending a summer festival, bring a warm sleeping bag, while a cool one might be cold and windy. 

Bringing water 

The obvious way to stay hydrated while at a music festival is to bring lots of water with you. Although some music festivals prohibit outside food and drinks, nearly everyone allows attendees to bring their hydration packs. While carrying water bottles can be annoying, you should start drinking water as soon as you arrive and keep sipping throughout the day. Avoid waiting until you are thirsty to start drinking; by the time you begin to feel thirsty, you will already be dehydrated. 

Bringing sunscreen 

If you’re heading out to a one-day music festival, you need to bring sunscreen. SPF 30 is a good rule of thumb. You’ll also want to bring a water-resistant sunscreen since you’ll be dancing and sweating all day. Lastly, you should bring a hat to keep the rays from hitting your shoulders. The last thing you want is to burn on a hot day! 

Bringing a reusable water bottle 

If you love festivals, bringing your reusable water bottle can make them a lot greener. Bringing your bottle means you can keep drinking water all day and leave a smaller carbon footprint in the process. Most music festivals have refill stations, and some even offer discounts for reusable cups. You can get your reusable water bottle by collecting empty plastic water bottles from the festival grounds. You can also find reusable water bottle stations near food stalls and floaters. 

Bringing a ‘2 season’ sleeping bag 

Sleeping bags are a must-have for camping and festivals, but they should also be appropriate for the type of festival you are attending. Make sure to buy a sleeping bag that is suited for the climate, as late summer festivals can be chilly. Bring a blanket or air mattress if the weather is too hot to sleep in a traditional sleeping bag. It’s also wise to bring some comfort items such as earplugs for the nighttime hours. 

Bringing waterproof trousers 

While it may seem unnecessary to bring waterproof trousers to a one-day music festival, it is important to prepare for unexpected weather at a music festival. During the summer, beer festivals can produce a man-made swamp, so you’ll want to bring a jacket and waterproof trousers. While the temperature won’t be super cold, it can still be chilly enough to ruin your festival experience if you’re not dressed appropriately.