Caveman Festival Packing List

As we are coming close to the end of summer and the last few weeks before fall arrives, it’s time to grab a t-shirt or two, head on out to the nearest festival, and listen to your favorite artists in the great outdoors. What better way to get in the mood than by heading out to a rock music festival? Contact us to learn more about americana festivals


There is a limited amount of Caveman tickets available, so make sure you act quickly to get yours before they’re all gone! You can buy tickets to upcoming Caveman concerts at StubHub today.

What To Bring To the campgrounds

Camping is a fun, affordable experience that you can enjoy at Caveman Music Festival. The campgrounds offer scenic views, perfect for a barbeque afternoon while listening to your favorite band.

Water is important to keep you hydrated during the show and while enjoying the outdoors at a rock music festival. Free, pure mountain spring water is served in the campgrounds and at all concession locations.

You’ll also want to pack a small, hand-held clutch (4.5″ x 6.5″) to carry your personal items and food in. Bags larger than this will not be allowed in the venue.

Your reusable, refillable water bottle will be allowed in the venue and at all food and drink stations. If you need to purchase a water bottle at the festival, we recommend purchasing a RAIN branded product from our onsite concessions tent.

A reusable water bottle is your best bet for staying hydrated at Caveman Music Festival. They’re available in a variety of colors and sizes, and they are the ideal size for carrying your drinks throughout the weekend.

The band will be taking over the stage and collaborating with other bands to create magic moments for the attendees of Caveman Music Festival. The band will be staying at the festival all weekend as the “artist-in-residence.”

Be prepared to have a blast! The Caveman Music Festival is a three-day event featuring many of the country’s most popular rock bands. Located at Monument Lake Resort in Colorado, the weekend is filled with music and other activities.

What To Bring In the gift shop

The Caverns will have a gift shop at the festival that is open from 11:00a – 6:00p on Saturday and 9:00a – 5:00p on Sunday. The gift shop will sell official CaveFest merchandise and a number of other products.

Attendees of the Caveman Music Festival can expect to experience an unforgettable weekend with some of the country’s most popular rock bands! Prepare for the amazing sights and sounds by being mindful of the venue size and amenities offered, such as camping, drinks and food venues, and a gift shop. Pack all necessary items like water bottles, hand-held clutches and RAIN branded products in order to stay comfortable and hydrated throughout the event to truly make the most out of this great opportunity. Get ready to collaborate with your favorite artists and immerse yourself in the magic moments that will occur during the three-day festival!