Celebration of Labor Day Music Festival

The Labor Day Weekend is a great time to go to a music festival in Colorado. Whether you are looking to see some great artists or just want to spend some quality time with friends and family, this is the perfect place to enjoy live music while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the state. Contact us to learn more about americana music

caveman music festival

Monument Lake Resort in Weston

This year, the event will take place over three days at Monument Lake Resort in Weston, CO. The resort is located in a gorgeous setting with plenty of options for outdoor activities. The festival will feature a number of different bands and artists. 

Tickets for this event can be purchased online through the festival website. These passes include access to all the music and performances as well as camping, fishing, and other perks. 

There are a variety of lodging options available at this event, including lodge rooms, cabins, and RV campsites. Many of these packages also include amenities such as complimentary breakfast, a shuttle service, and discounts on other services. 

Music is the soul of life. Explore your favorite musical genres at concerts, festivals, and events in Weston Colorado. From classical to jazz, pop to rock, and heavy metal, there is so much to listen to! Embark on a journey of joy and delight with your friends. 

Road Trips and Destinations – Weston, CO is surrounded by scenic natural beauty, making it a perfect location for a road trip. Located along the Highway of Legends Scenic and Historic Byway, visitors can take in panoramic views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains as they travel 82 miles through a pristine landscape. 

Camping – Bosque del Oso State Wildlife Area is the largest state wildlife area in the state of Colorado and has numerous tent and RV sites near the entrance. The park is also a popular destination for outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and river rafting. 

Cultural & Historical Attractions – The city of Weston has a rich history that dates back to the 1880s. The city is home to the National Museum of the American Indian, and it also features an array of museums, shops, restaurants, and historic sites. 

Caveman Music Festival – This three-day Americana music, art, and outdoor culture festival held in Weston, Colorado over Labor Day weekend showcases 20+ artists and will take place at Monument Lake Resort. The venue is nestled in the shadow of Culebra Peak and by turquoise water and expansive pine forests, providing an ideal environment for the festival. 

The founders of Caveman, Brett McGraw, Red Shahan, and Parker Morrow, have years of experience producing live music and festival events across the country. The debut edition of the festival will be hosted over Labor Day weekend at the picturesque Monument Lake Resort. 

Hiking, Fishing & Kayaking – The event will feature a variety of outdoor sports and entertainment including hiking, fishing, kayaking, and more. The event will also include special performances from local artists and artisans. 

Westword Music Showcase – The Westword Music Showcase is the longest-running festival in Denver, covering local and national acts at multiple venues. Featuring artists from all over the region, the show will run September 9-10.