Labor Day Music Festival Attendee Inclusivity

The Caveman Music Festival at Monument Lake Resort in Weston, Colorado, is not just a music extravaganza but an experience that aims to create an inclusive environment for all attendees. As the festival prepares for its 2024 edition, organizers are committed to ensuring that every participant, regardless of background or ability, feels welcome and valued. This commitment is reflected in the various measures in place to foster an inclusive atmosphere. Contact us to learn more about labor day weekend music festivals

caveman music festival

Accessible Venue Design: 

The first step towards inclusivity is ensuring that the festival venue is accessible to everyone. Monument Lake Resort takes pride in providing an environment that accommodates individuals with diverse needs. The venue is designed to be wheelchair accessible, and there are designated areas for those with mobility challenges. Additionally, the festival grounds are equipped with accessible restrooms, making it easier for attendees with disabilities to enjoy the event comfortably. 

Diversity in Music Lineup: 

The festival organizers understand that inclusivity extends beyond physical accessibility. To cater to diverse musical tastes, the lineup for the 2024 edition promises a rich assortment of over 20 artists and bands. By incorporating a variety of genres, the Caveman Music Festival ensures that there is something for everyone, promoting a sense of unity through the universal language of music. 

Camping and Lodging Options: 

Recognizing that different attendees have varying preferences and needs, the festival provides both camping and lodging options. For those who relish the adventure of camping, the festival grounds offer a unique experience. On the other hand, for those who prefer more comfortable accommodations, Monument Lake Resort has a range of lodging options. This diversity in choices reflects the organizers’ commitment to making the festival accessible to individuals with different preferences and abilities. 

Travel Recommendations: 

To facilitate a seamless experience for attendees, the festival organizers provide travel recommendations for those coming from different locations. Whether road-tripping to Weston, Colorado or flying into Colorado Springs or Denver, the organizers aim to assist participants in planning their journeys. This consideration ensures that attendees, regardless of their mode of transportation, can access the festival with ease. 

Inclusive Beverage Policy: 

A notable addition to the 2024 edition is the inclusive beverage policy. Beverages can only be purchased with drink vouchers in all beer gardens and beverage stations. The option to purchase drink vouchers ahead of time not only streamlines the process but also promotes a more inclusive atmosphere by reducing potential queues. This initiative allows all attendees, regardless of their mobility or comfort level in crowds, to enjoy refreshments hassle-free. 


The Caveman Music Festival at Monument Lake Resort stands as a testament to the organizers’ commitment to fostering an inclusive environment for all attendees. Through accessible venue design, a diverse music lineup, varied camping and lodging options, thoughtful travel recommendations, and an inclusive beverage policy, the festival ensures that participants from all walks of life can come together to celebrate music and unity. 

As the 2024 lineup unfolds, the anticipation builds for another unforgettable experience at Weston, Colorado. Monument Lake Resort’s dedication to inclusivity not only enhances the festival but also sets a standard for other events, emphasizing the importance of creating spaces where everyone feels welcome. The Caveman Music Festival is not just a celebration of music; it is a celebration of diversity, accessibility, and the power of community.