Labor Day Music Festival Inspired Makeup Styles

Music festivals require a particular type of makeup, so knowing what to wear is vital. Here are a few suggestions: Thick winged eyeliner, burgundy lip, Vampy lid, and Flash tattoos. You can even experiment with your makeup, but always keep it simple! Listed below are the best tips for applying your makeup at a music festival. We hope these tips help you look your best and stay comfortable! Contact us to learn more about music fest colorado

caveman music festival

Thick winged eyeliner 

What to wear to a music festival? What colors will go well with your outfit? If you’re going to a rave, thick winged eyeliner is a must. While black is the traditional choice, consider colored liner or a combination of the two. Colored eyeliner will stand out from the crowd and will not look drab at the festival. 

Burgundy lip 

There is no one right way to wear a burgundy lip for a music festival. You can rock a deep berry lip with a loud berry lip liner and bold lashes and balance it with neutral eyeshadow and winged liquid liner. To add a pop of sparkle, you can use a burgundy lip liner with a highlighter in the inner corner of the eyes. There are no rules for festival makeup, so be as daring as you want to be. Makeup artist Preanka Sharif created a prismatic look that featured a burgundy lip and foil-like eyes. 

Vampy lid 

While no festival is complete without some glitz and glamour, the best way to go about festival makeup is to go bold and bright! Here are some tips from some of the most influential beauty influencers. Wear a bold lip for maximum attention! This is an ideal shade for women who want to stand out and make a statement, but still want to be natural. If you’re new to festival makeup, read on to learn how to make your first festival look unforgettable. 

Flash tattoos 

When planning your make-up look for the music festival, remember that your outfit should complement the festival’s mood. Coachella is all about boho chic, while Ultra has a raver-babe vibe. Wear your best festival makeup to stand out and get noticed. If you have a hard time deciding what to wear, try these simple tips. You’ll look like a superstar! You’ll be surrounded by thousands of other festival lovers, and you can’t be wrong! 

Leather belts 

The music festival looks are as diverse as the types of music played there. For those looking for the perfect festival look, consider choosing your clothing according to the style of the festival. For example, Coachella has a boho vibe while Ultra is more about raver babe street style. To find the best look for yourself, choose an outfit that is reminiscent of your favorite artist or genre. In addition to finding the perfect outfit, remember to pack the right accessories for the occasion. 

Adding rhinestones 

If you’re headed to a music festival, there’s no better way to show off your creative side than with a dash of rhinestones. Rhinestones are acceptable only at Coachella, so make sure to add a few to your face, eyelids, inner and outer corners, and eyebrows. If you’re going to be wearing rhinestones for the first time, a photo of yourself in festival makeup will help you get a good idea of the style you’ll want to go for.