Essential Makeup Tips for the Caveman Music Fest

What makeup to wear at Caveman Music Festival? Rock ‘n’ roll, eyeliner, and color! Read on to get the most out of your experience and ensure that your look is the most perfect representation of you! And remember, the more you rock, the more you can have fun! So what are the essential items to wear to Caveman? You might be surprised by what you’ll find!  Contact us to learn more about labor day music festival

Rock ‘n’ roll 

For the ultimate rock and roll look, check out this makeup tutorial. If you’re planning to attend Caveman Music Festival, be sure to wear the best face paint you can manage. There will be a lot of people, and you don’t want to look unprofessional! There’s a good chance you will see plenty of rock stars at the festival! And there’s even a costume contest! Check out the Caveman Music Festival website for updates! 


When going to a Caveman music festival, you may want to experiment with the different types of eyeliner you use. You might want to experiment with Kohl eyeliner and other colorful options. This way, you can have fun without worrying about your makeup wearing off. You can also go for the look that’s the opposite of your natural makeup – embracing eye makeup decay. Here are a few tips to help you look good at this festival. 


If you’re a fan of underground music festivals, you probably already know that wearing no makeup is not an option. However, there are other color schemes to consider as well. Pinky-nude is not the same as pale, which means that your lips will still take all the attention. In this case, a bold lip is best paired with a neutral face shade. You can do the same as Nicole Sereda, who rocked the festival with a red lips. Alternatively, you can opt for a dark lip with a liquid liner and defined lashes, which will add to the effect. 


If you’re headed to a rock festival this summer, highlighters are a must-have beauty item. Highlighters can be used on cheeks, eyes, and even the whole body! A bronze highlighter adds a golden glow to the cheeks, while a mint blue one gives an illuminating effect to the eyes. These highlighters are subtle enough not to be overbearing, but can still be seen from a mile away! 

Face gems 

Whether you’re attending a music festival, a caveman party, or just want to make a fashion statement, there are plenty of great Face gems to choose from. For a more affordable option, consider the Dolls Kills Monte Face Jewels, which are $12 per set. These gems come in varying shapes and colors, and you can wear them on and around your eyes, cheeks, brows, and more. 

Highlighter palette 

If you are looking for a highlighter palette for your makeup kit, look no further than the Caveman Music Festival in Monument, Colorado. This festival features some of the most talented Americana artists. Each year, the festival draws over 25,000 music enthusiasts to this picturesque spot in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Founded by Red Shahan, Brett McGraw, and Parker Morrow, the Caveman Music Festival features three days of Americana music at its highest point. The festival is organized by veteran music festival organizers with decades of experience.