Caveman Music Festival Ticket Inclusions

Every year, music enthusiasts from across the country eagerly anticipate the Caveman Music Festival hosted at Monument Lake Resort in Weston, Colorado. Nestled in the heart of nature, this Labor Day festival promises not only a stellar lineup of over 20 artists and bands but also an unforgettable experience set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Colorado landscape. Contact us to learn more about americana festivals 2024

caveman music festival

For those planning to attend, navigating through the ticket options is essential to make the most out of this unique event. Whether you’re a camping aficionado, a luxury seeker, or someone who prefers the comfort of lodging, the Caveman Music Festival has a range of ticket packages to cater to diverse preferences. 

General Admission 

The standard entry point for most festival-goers is the General Admission ticket. This grants access to the festival grounds, where the main stage is set against the stunning views that Monument Lake Resort is famous for. Festival attendees with General Admission tickets can enjoy performances from a diverse lineup of artists and bands, creating memories under the open sky. 

Camping Packages 

For those who crave the full outdoor experience, the festival offers camping packages. Participants can bring their tents and immerse themselves in the vibrant festival community. Camping not only adds an extra layer of adventure but also fosters a sense of camaraderie among fellow festival-goers. The festival grounds are equipped with essential amenities for campers, ensuring a comfortable stay surrounded by nature. 

Lodging Options 

Recognizing that camping is not everyone’s cup of tea, the Caveman Music Festival provides lodging options for those seeking a bit more comfort. Festival attendees can choose from various accommodation choices, ranging from cozy cabins to spacious lodges. These lodging packages offer a reprieve from the traditional festival camping experience while still allowing attendees to enjoy the festival’s atmosphere and performances. 

VIP Packages 

For those who want to elevate their festival experience, the VIP packages are the way to go. VIP ticket holders enjoy special privileges, including exclusive access to designated VIP areas near the stages, ensuring an unobstructed view of the performances. Additionally, VIP ticket holders may have access to private lounges, premium restroom facilities, and other perks that enhance the overall festival experience. 

New Additions: Drink Vouchers 

A notable addition to this year’s festival is the option to purchase drink vouchers. Beverages can be bought using these vouchers at all beer gardens and beverage stations, adding a convenient and hassle-free element to the festival experience. To streamline the process, organizers recommend purchasing drink vouchers in advance, allowing festival-goers to skip the lines and make the most of their time enjoying the live performances. 

Travel Recommendations 

Monument Lake Resort understands that attendees come from various locations, and they offer helpful travel recommendations. For those who enjoy the journey as much as the destination, road-tripping to Weston, CO, and camping on the grounds is a popular choice. Alternatively, if air travel is more convenient, flying into Colorado Springs or Denver is recommended. The festival aims to accommodate diverse preferences, ensuring that every attendee has a smooth and enjoyable journey to the event. 


The Caveman Music Festival at Monument Lake Resort goes beyond providing a platform for music lovers to indulge in their favorite tunes. It offers a diverse range of ticket packages to cater to different tastes and preferences. Whether you are a nature enthusiast looking to camp under the stars or a luxury seeker desiring VIP treatment, the festival ensures there is a ticket package tailored just for you. With the 2024 lineup yet to be unveiled, anticipation is building for another unforgettable Labor Day weekend filled with music, camaraderie, and the stunning scenery of Weston, Colorado.