Ticket Cancellation: Caveman Music Festival

The Caveman Music Festival, an eagerly awaited Labor Day music extravaganza hosted at Monument Lake Resort in Weston, Colorado, promises attendees an unforgettable experience amid the stunning natural beauty of the region. As fans eagerly await the 2024 lineup announcement, it’s essential to be informed about the festival’s refund policy, particularly in the unfortunate event of a cancellation. Contact us to learn more about Caveman Music Festival

caveman music festival

Event Details: 

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Monument Lake Resort, the Caveman Music Festival is a celebration of music and nature. With over 20 artists and bands taking the stage, the festival attracts music enthusiasts from all corners, some opting for a road trip to Weston, while others prefer flying into nearby Colorado Springs or Denver. The festival offers camping options for adventurous souls, and for those seeking a more comfortable stay, there are lodging options available as well. 

Exciting Updates for 2024: 

To enhance the overall festival experience, the organizers have introduced a new feature for 2024. Attendees can now purchase drink vouchers ahead of time, streamlining the process of acquiring beverages at beer gardens and beverage stations. This innovation aims to reduce waiting times and ensure that festival-goers spend more time enjoying the music and less time in queues. 

Refund Policy Overview: 

While the Caveman Music Festival team strives to deliver an uninterrupted and memorable event, unforeseen circumstances may lead to the cancellation of the festival. In such cases, the festival’s refund policy comes into play to address the concerns of ticket holders. 

Refund Eligibility: 

The festival’s refund policy is typically contingent upon the reason for cancellation. If the event is called off due to circumstances beyond the organizers’ control, such as natural disasters, government restrictions, or any other force majeure event, ticket holders are generally eligible for a refund. 

Communication Channels: 

In the event of a cancellation, the festival organizers will use various communication channels to notify ticket holders promptly. This includes updates on the official website, emails to registered attendees, and announcements on social media platforms. Attendees must stay tuned to these channels for timely information. 

Refund Process: 

The refund process is designed to be straightforward. Ticket holders eligible for a refund will receive instructions on how to initiate the process. This may involve filling out a refund request form or following specific steps outlined by the organizers. The festival’s official website is likely to serve as the primary platform for submitting refund requests. 

Timeline for Refunds: 

The timeline for processing refunds may vary, but organizers understand the importance of timely reimbursements. Efforts will be made to expedite the refund process and provide clarity on when attendees can expect to receive their refunds. Patience and understanding during this period are appreciated. 

Contact Information: 

For any questions or concerns related to the refund policy, attendees can reach out to the Caveman Music Festival organizers through the provided contact information: 

Website: cavemanmusicfestival.com 

Address: 4789 CO-12, Weston, CO 81091 – USA 

Email: info@cavemanmusicfestival.com 

Phone: (719) 680-0580 


Attending the Caveman Music Festival is a unique experience that blends music, nature, and community. While the organizers aim for a seamless event, understanding the festival’s refund policy is crucial in the rare event of a cancellation. By staying informed and following the provided guidelines, attendees can navigate the refund process with ease, ensuring a positive and transparent experience even in challenging circumstances.