Caveman Music Festival Inclusions and Perks

A Super VIP ticket at the Caveman Colorado Music Festival is your golden ticket to an unmatched, luxurious festival experience. This ticket caters to those who crave a more upscale festival experience, simply put, it’s VIP on steroids. What does that mean for you? Here’s a quick rundown: Contact us to learn more about labor day music festival

caveman music festival

First off, you get priority entry to the festival grounds, letting you skip the lines and kickstart your music-infused adventure.

One of the best perks? A private bar. Yeah, you heard it right. You get to enjoy your favorite drinks in an exclusive setting, and $50 in drink vouchers should keep the fun rolling.

Super VIP guests also have access to private bathrooms, sparing you the hassle of sharing facilities with large crowds. Let’s be real, there’s nothing super VIP about a long bathroom line.

Now, let’s talk about the real deal. The Super VIP pass hooks you up with access to lodge rooms, cabins, or even full and partial RV sites. Party with your crew or keep it low key, you can add up to three more folks per site.

Hunger pangs hitting hard? There are food and drink vendors in the festival grounds exclusively available for Super VIP guests.

And there’s more! Besides access to all shows and backstage, you and your squad also get to chill in shaded sitting areas. It’s the perfect place to kick back and relish those soothing Colorado vibes.

The Super VIP ticket truly defines an extravagant festival experience at Caveman Colorado Music Festival. Whether it’s for the love of music, meeting new people, or just to enjoy the thrill of living life king-size, this is the package you want to grab.

Benefits included in a Super VIP Ticket at Caveman Colorado Music Festival

1. Exclusive Area with Access to Food and Drinks

Concert festivals are fun, but nothing beats the experience of the Caveman Colorado Music Festival when you’re a Super VIP ticket holder. That’s because, unlike standard tickets, the Super VIP ticket unlocks access to an exclusive area that includes private food and drinks. Think of it as an oasis amidst the bustling festival atmosphere.

Now let’s break down the top five advantages of this exclusive area:

  • Access to Variety: The Super VIP area grants you access to a wide range of food and drink options catered especially for you. Your palate will relish in the diversity of the menu, adding a delightful gastronomic touch to your musical experience.
  • Premium Quality: The food served in the exclusive area is premium in quality. We understand that as a Super VIP, you deserve nothing but the best. So, rest assured, the delightful cuisine served here will satiate even the most discerning foodie.
  • Avoid the Lines: One of the main advantages of this exclusive access is being able to avoid lengthy lines for food and drinks that can often occur at festivals. As a Super VIP, your time is valuable and should not be spent waiting to be served.
  • Private Bars and Premium Drinks: As part of the exclusive area, Super VIP ticket holders also get access to private bars. Here you can enjoy your choice of premium drinks in a relaxed and more personal setting. It’s like having a chill lounge amidst the fast-paced and stimulating music festival environment.
  • VIP Service: Finally, the service in this area is all VIP standard. A dedicated team is on hand to ensure your gastronomic experience is seamless and enjoyable. You’ll be treated to an unparalleled level of service befitting your Super VIP status.

In essence, living the Super VIP life at the Caveman Colorado Music Festival means getting the full festival experience paired with the luxurious perks of private food and drink access. Just remember, a Super VIP ticket isn’t just about the music; it’s a complete sensory experience that includes savouring some delightful treats as you indulge in the best the festival has to offer.

2. Priority Access to the Festival Grounds

Who wouldn’t want to feel like a rockstar at the Caveman Colorado Music Festival? That’s exactly the experience the Super VIP Pass bestows on its holders!

Let’s dive into the primo perks you’ll enjoy with this ticket level:

  • Priority Entry: You don’t need to put yourself through the usual festival entrance headaches. With a Super VIP ticket, you can stroll past the crowds with the swag of a superstar – no long, dreary queues for you!
  • VIP Zones: Have you ever dreamt of having your own personal ‘zone’ at a buzzing music festival? With a Super VIP Pass, you’ll get just that. Enhanced viewing areas guarantee you the best snapshots and experiences during performances, adding that extra dash of magic to your memories.
  • Comfort Galore: This pass also means access to VIP lounges where you can escape the pulsating festival energy for a bit and relax. Exclusivity doesn’t end there. Luxury comes in the form of private bars, upgraded restroom facilities, and dedicated food options – you’ll be festivaling in style, folks!
  • Parking & Shuttle Service: Free parking at a festival? Yes, that’s a real thing! The Super VIP pass isn’t just about the event itself, but also about making the journey smoother. You won’t break a sweat searching for a parking space, and to take it up a notch, the pass offers a complimentary shuttle service to and from your vehicle.

So how does this fabulously VIP experience work? Simple as one, two, three!

  • Purchase your Super VIP Pass: Be sure to visit the festival’s official website to get your tickets online. After purchasing, sit back and relax. Your wristbands will be delivered to your doorstep 3-6 weeks prior to the festival.
  • Register your wristbands: Once you receive your wristbands, look for the registration number on the underside. Head over to and register, essentially linking your wristband to you.
  • Plan your journey: Now that your wristbands are secured, decide how you’ll be getting to the festival. Will you drive, carpool, or opt for public transport? Be sure to check for possible roadblocks or detours.
  • Pack correctly: Pack your bags according to the festival’s guidelines. Remember, you’re allowed to bring the basics such as clear bags, blankets, point-and-shoot cameras, and folding chairs. However, professional recording equipment, drones, and outside food and beverages remain off-limits.

Having priority access with a Super VIP ticket is about more than goodies and perks. It’s about maximizing your festival experience, ensuring comfort, luxury, and convenience harmonize with the energy, vibrancy, and sheer exhilaration of the Caveman Colorado Music Festival. With a Super VIP pass, you’re not just attending a festival, you’re living an unforgettable experience! Now, that’s something to rave about, wouldn’t you say?

3. Private Viewing Area for Performances

A Super VIP Ticket at the Caveman Colorado Music Festival gifts you a luxurious amenity – a private viewing area for performances. In essence, this means you have access to an exclusive spot that offers an enhanced view of the triumphant tunes, away from the general crowd. Primarily, this perk heightens your festival experience by providing a space that merges comfort with clear visibility, creating an all-encompassing, immersive music experience.

This feature is more than just preferable; it’s essential for those seeking a maximum festival experience. The private viewing areas are designed to offer optimal sightlines to the stage, so you miss none of the euphonic ecstasy. Plus, there’s room to move around, offering a sense of luxury and space that tight general areas can’t match.

Now, accessing this premium perk is easier than you think. Once you’ve purchased your Super VIP Ticket, all you need to do is flash your wristband as you enter the festival grounds. You’ll find signage directing you towards the VIP areas, usually closer to the stage or sometimes elevated for a better view. Dedicated staff are always at hand to assist Super VIP ticket holders, so don’t hesitate to ask for directions. Also, remember, this benefit comes as part of your Super VIP Ticket – no extra fees or charges, just seamless enjoyment of world-class performances in comfort and style. Imagine watching your favorite artist up close, grooving to the music in your own space, and having the freedom to stretch out a bit without worrying about obstructing someone else’s view; that’s exactly the kind of experience these private viewing areas promise.+

So when you’re preparing for the Caveman Colorado Music Festival, remember that the Super VIP Ticket will elevate your experience with its private viewing area access. So, get your Super VIP ticket, wear your VIP wristband proudly, follow the signs, ask for assistance if needed, and relish the unforgettable music experience that awaits.

4. Access to Exclusive Artists

Who wouldn’t want to rub elbows with some of their favorite musicians at the Caveman Colorado Music Festival? Well, purchasing a Super VIP ticket makes it a reality. Let’s delve into the specifics of what this exclusive artist access means:

  • Personal Meet and Greet: It’s more than just seeing your favorite artist on stage, it’s about the opportunity to actually meet them. As a Super VIP ticket holder, you are granted backstage access. This potentially could lead to a memorable conversation, autographs, or even selfies with the stars! You can’t get much closer to the action than this.
  • Exclusive Pre-events: Often, Super VIP ticket holders are invited to private soundchecks or rehearsals. Picture yourself in the audience as artists perfect their performances, hearing songs before anyone else in the festival grounds does.
  • Exclusive After-parties: Ever wonder what happens once the stage lights are down at the Caveman Music Festival? With a Super VIP pass, you might just find out! Imagine chilling out in an exclusive after-party alongside artists, adding quite a layer to your festival experience.

This kind of access adds a dimension to your music festival experience that’s priceless and simply unattainable with a general admission ticket. It makes the event more than just a festival but a comprehensive interaction with the music and artists you love.

For example, last year’s Super VIP ticket holders had a chance to meet the headlining act, share a few laughs, know about their on-tour experiences, and even listened to some exclusive, unreleased tracks they were working on. Quite a significant upgrade, right?

In summary, here’s the exclusive artist access a Super VIP pass offers at the Caveman Colorado Music Festival:

  • Personal Meet and Greet with artists
  • Invitations to exclusive pre-show events like soundchecks
  • Access to after-parties where artists are likely to be present

Remember, these interactions not only make for unforgettable memories but also give you an unmatched level of insight into your favorite musical acts. So if your desire is to experience music beyond the boundaries of a standard concert, a Super VIP ticket is just the thing for you.

5. Private Concierge Services

Living the festival life is about indulging in a medley of riveting music and vibey energy, right? Enter the world of Super VIP tickets at the Caveman Colorado Music Festival, where epic meets luxury. Now, imagine all this amplified by an entire team of professionals dedicated to ensuring that your festival experience is as smooth as a velvety tune. That’s the magic of private concierge services, only accessible to the Super VIP Pass holders.

So, what exactly can you expect from these supercharged services? Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Priority Entry
  • Exclusive Access
  • Personalized Assistance
  • Priority Entry

As a Super VIP ticket holder, you immediately receive the coveted ‘Priority Entry’ badge, which means, get ready to skip the long queues while getting those jealous glances! The concierge team arranges for your seamless entrance even during peak hours, ensuring that your journey from the gates to the exclusive areas is nothing short of a breeze.

  • Exclusive Access

It’s all about access, guys, and as a Super VIP, you get it all. Your loyal squadron of concierge professionals unlocks the ability for you to meander your way into exclusive areas like private lounges, premium viewing areas and even behind the stage! You’re not just witnessing the event; with the aid of the concierge team, you’re living the caveman festival life to the fullest!

  • Personalized Assistance

Help is always at arm’s length. Be it the need for exclusive meet and greets, finding your dedicated spot at the viewing area or anything else that catches your festival fancy, the concert concierge is like your personal festival genie. They are there to assist you with information, make reservations, and help you navigate the musical landscape with ease.

Think of the Caveman Colorado Music Festival’s Super VIP concierge as the most melodically in-tune fairy godparent you never knew you needed. They are there from the opening act to the final encore, ensuring that your festival experience hits all the right notes. Power chords of luxury and convenience are strummed as your Super VIP ticket is transforming you from a concert-goer to a concert liver!

6. VIP Treatment

Caveman Colorado Music Festival knows how to roll out the red carpet for its Super VIP ticket holders. If you think VIP treatment is all about partying in style, wait till you experience what the Super VIP Pass has to offer. It’s a whole new level of luxury!

Here’s a glimpse into the top features you’ll be treated to with the Super VIP Pass:

  • _Access to the best spots:_ Super VIP guests will enjoy priority entry to all gigs and exclusive close-up viewing areas at the stages. Say goodbye to long queues and hello to the best views in the house.
  • _All exclusive access:_ Can you imagine having a private bar at a music festival? Super VIP treatment offers just that! Plus, you get $50.00 drink vouchers to add to the fun.
  • _Exclusive Loos:_ Long queues to restrooms at a music festival can be a nightmare. Not for our Super VIP ticket holders though! They enjoy access to clean and well-maintained private bathrooms, saving them from the crowd hassle.
  • _Luxurious Stays:_ Think beyond primitive campsites. The Super VIP package includes options for lodge rooms, cabins, or even full and partial RV sites for a well-rested festival experience.
  • _Respite spots :_ Need to catch your breath between the rocking shows? Super VIP guests can chill out in shaded sitting areas strategically placed away from the hustle and bustle of the festival and enjoy their cool downtime in comfort and style.

So as you can see, with the Caveman Colorado Music Festival’s Super VIP Pass, you aren’t just attending a festival, you’re living the festival in luxury!

7. Private Restrooms

Access to private restrooms is an essential perk of securing a Super VIP Ticket for the Caveman Colorado Music Festival. It takes your festival experience to a level of comfort and convenience you wouldn’t usually associate with such events.

Let’s be real, nobody enjoys the long lines and questionable conditions of public festival restrooms. With a Super VIP Ticket, you’re stepping out of the crowd and into a world of luxury:

  • First off, the private restrooms are reserved exclusively for Super VIP guests. That means it’s a no queue zone. You get quick and easy access to these facilities whenever nature calls.
  • Cleanliness often takes a hit in public restrooms, especially at music festivals where maintenance might not keep up with the demand. However, the private restrooms for Super VIP guests are consistently clean and well-maintained.
  • Relax, there’s no rush. Festivals are about enjoyment, and even restroom visits should follow suit. No knocking on the door, no anxious waiting parties outside. Take your time, freshen up and walk out refreshed.

The private restroom access is the unsung hero of the Super VIP benefits, ensuring your festival experience is smooth, relaxed, and most importantly, comfortable. Trust us, once you get a taste of this luxury , you won’t want to go back to the regular festival restroom scene. Don’t underestimate this often-overlooked feature; it’s a Super VIP perk that’ll make a world of difference to your overall festival experience.

8. Access to Kayaks and Paddleboards

Cranking up the festival vibes to the max, the Super VIP Ticket isn’t just your access to all musical events and shows at the Caveman Colorado Music Festival, it’s your golden ticket to the lake too! Throw in the exciting experience of having kayak and paddleboard rentals at your call, and you’ve got yourself the complete fest experience, making memories on both land and lake.

With kayak and paddleboard access included in your Super VIP Ticket, you enjoy:

  • An opportunity to add a dash of adventure to your festival rendezvous. Whether you choose to drift slowly on a paddleboard or cut through the waters in a kayak, the lake is your playground.
  • Escape the crowd and have a quiet time out on the lake. During intervals between shows or when you want some peace away from the bustling event grounds, just grab your paddleboard or kayak.
  • Novelty and variety in your festival experience. It’s not just about music and food; it’s also about indulging in exciting water activities as an integral part of your festival outing.
  • A unique way to socialize with other festival-goers. Bond over fun bouts of paddling and turn your solo trip into a cooperative adventure, making new friends along the way.
  • It’s fun, healthy, and refreshing Enjoying the freedom and leisure of lake activities can truly elevate the Caveman Colorado Music Festival experience. With the Super VIP Ticket, attendees can not only enjoy all the music and amenities, they also get to explore the beauty of the lake on a kayak or paddleboard!

Benefits of having access to kayaks and paddleboards include:

  • The chance to take a break from the music and enjoy the serene environment of the lake. It’s the perfect way to recharge, helping you enjoy the festival even more.
  • Opportunities for adventure and bonding. Teaming up for a dual kayak ride or setting off on a solo paddleboard session allows for fun and unforgettable interactions with other festival-goers.
  • Adding an element of fitness to the festival experience. Both kayaking and paddleboarding are great ways to get in some physical activity while enjoying the outdoors.
  • Experiencing the festival from a different viewpoint. Viewing the festival grounds from the middle of the lake offers a unique perspective and gorgeous photo opportunities.
  • Contributes to a more holistic festival experience. Besides immersing yourself in fantastic music and delicious food, you get to engage in intriguing water activities, making the festival multi-dimensional and truly unforgettable.

9. Evening Bonfires

Did you know that one of the exclusive perks of our Super VIP Ticket at Caveman Colorado Music Festival is the enchanting evening bonfires? Imagine wrapping up your day by gathering around a roaring fire, creating unforgettable memories under the night sky with the majestic backdrop of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

  • Evening Bonfires: The Super VIP Ticket grants access to private evening bonfires. Here, you can unwind to the soft crackle of the fire after a day filled with vibrant music and outdoor activities. It is a perfect spot to connect with fellow festival-goers, share stories, and revel in the shared exhilarating experience of the Caveman Festival.
  • Dedicated Fire pits: The bonfires are held in dedicated fire pits, ensuring safety while keeping the rustic charm intact. Managed by experienced staff, these bonfires uphold the festival’s commitment to providing memorable, yet safe experiences.
  • VIP Zone: The bonfire area exclusively designed for Super VIP holders provides a serene intimacy away from the bustling festival crowd. It’s a place where you can truly soak in the picturesque beauty of Colorado nature in peace.
  • Roasting Marshmallows: And what’s a bonfire without roasting marshmallows? Yes, these delightful treats get a special mention as they are provided to our Super VIP ticket holders. Under the starlit sky, you can roast marshmallows over the bonfire, adding a touch of nostalgic bliss to the experience.

Pro tip: Grab a blanket and head over to the bonfire early to secure a prime spot. It’s also the perfect opportunity to mingle with musicians and like-minded festival-goers.

Special Note: Always remember to adhere to the festival’s fire safety regulations. Extinguish any flaming marshmallows and keep a safe distance from the fire to ensure everyone’s maximum safety and enjoyment. These bonfires bring the community together and enhance the camaraderie shared amongst us all but safety is paramount.

With these exclusive perks, the Caveman Colorado Music Festival sure knows how to keep the flame of excitement burning around the clock for our Super VIP Ticket holders. Your festival experience would certainly be incomplete without visiting our evening bonfires. After all, they’re not just bonfires, they’re where memories are made!

10. Cocktail Hour

Whether you’re an avid music enthusiast or exploring summer music festivals for the first time, imagine elevating your experience at the Caveman Music Festival with a Super VIP pass with an exclusive cocktail hour. Let’s dive into why this perk might just seal the deal for you.

As a Super VIP ticket holder, you’re gifted with an hour of pure, unadulterated cocktail bliss. Nestled in the heart of stunning Weston, Colorado, Monument Lake Resort hosts this unique libation experience. Away from the pulsating music and crowd, you can retreat for an hour to unwind and socialize in an exclusive setting.

Sounds enticing right?

And it gets even better. The festival planners are not just bringing you any off-the-shelf mixes but a curated selection of cocktails inspired by some of the hottest trends on the drinks scene:

  • Classic cocktails, putting a modern twist on old favorites. Think Old Fashioned with smoked bitters or a Margarita with a lavender infusion.
  • Craft cocktails, where creativity runs wild and local spirits blend with exotic ingredients.
  • Healthful cocktails, catering to those who favor a cleaner drink. Fresh-pressed juices mixed with organic spirits, kombucha cocktails, and low sugar options are likely to make an appearance.
  • Quirky themed cocktails , adding a fun element to the mix. You might be sipping a Gin & Jurassic, Caveman Cosmo, or a Prehistoric Punch!

This cocktail hour isn’t just about the beverages, it’s an experience. The aesthetics match the exclusivity of the event. It is a mingling event done right, offering you a chance to chill, maybe make new friends, and revel in your favorite music with a bespoke cocktail in hand. And yes, the views from the location at the Monument Lake Resort are the cherry on the top.

No rushing, no waiting in lines – a perfectly intimate affair punctuated by your favorite tunes in the distance. And did we mention the VIP bathrooms and bar access?

So, if you’re all about the extras and have an appreciation for refined cocktails, this Super VIP pass at Caveman Music Festival with the exclusive cocktail hour might just be your perfect summer festival ticket. Enjoy the music, and make the most of this fabulous mixology experience. Drink up and sing on!

How to purchase a Super VIP Ticket?

Step 1: Choose the Caveman Music Festival 2023 event you want to attend

Here’s an easy guide on how to grab your Super VIP Ticket for the Caveman Music Festival 2023. If you imagine being right there at the heart of it all, basking in the vibrant music and energy of the iconic festival, follow these steps!

  • Find Your Way Online: First and foremost, head on over to the Caveman Music Festival’s official webpage. It’s there that the magic starts!
  • Enter the Ticketing Section: Look for the ‘Tickets’ section on the webpage. It’s pretty easy to find – you can’t miss it!
  • Choose the Ticket Type: Now, you’re face-to-face with various ticket options. Make sure you select the ‘Super VIP Package’. Just for the record, remember that this is not just a ticket, it’s a full-blown festival experience!
  • Review the Benefits: Before you proceed, make sure you review what’s included in the ‘Super VIP package’. It offers many exclusive perks designed to elevate your festival experience, from premium seating to unique merch!
  • Specify the Details: Got a gang going? Remember, the Caveman Music Festival encourages camaraderie! If you are more than one, specify the number of tickets required.

Proceed to Checkout: Once you’re all set on the details, hit ‘proceed to checkout.’ Get ready, because you’re one step closer to the caveman adventures!

  • Fill in Your Information: The portal will then ask for some basic details. Make sure to fill in accurate contact information for all future communications.
  • Review Your Selection: Here’s your last chance to make sure everything is in order. Double, triple check your form for any potential errors.
  • Secure Your Ticket: If everything looks good, you’re all set! Click ‘confirm and submit’ to secure your Super VIP package for the Caveman Music Festival 2023.

And there you have it – nine easy steps to dive headfirst into an unforgettable musical experience! Happy festival planning!

Step 2: Check if group tickets are available

Looking for a spectacular group outing? Planning to attend the vibrant Caveman Colorado Music Festival together? Fabulous! Here’s a simple guide on how to check if group tickets are available for the Super VIP Ticket:

  • Hit Up the Website: Head to the official Caveman Colorado Music Festival webpage. This is your hub for all things festival-related.
  • Navigate to Tickets: Look for the Tickets section. Here you will find all ticket options available, including the coveted Super VIP Ticket. Remember, knowledge is power.
  • Inspect Ticket Options: Under the ticket options, keep an eye out for the ‘Caveman Package’. This is the one designed especially for groups, accommodating up to 4 music lovers per campsite.
  • Review the Details: Be sure to read the details carefully. Generally, group packages exclude lodging but cover festival entries and parking.
  • Check Availability: Now, confirm if the coveted Super VIP group tickets are available. A quick pro tip – they often sell out quickly, so don’t delay your decision.
  • Consider Additional Passes: If you’re heading to the festival with a crew larger than four, remember to add extra passes at checkout.
  • Double Check Everything: Before you hit the ‘Purchase’ button, double-check all details. This will ensure a smooth ticket-buying process and a hassle-free festival experience.
  • Consider Extras: You may want to consider adding things like drink vouchers or shuttle passes to truly elevate your group’s festival experience.
  • Submit the Form: Once you’ve covered all these steps, you’re ready to submit your group ticket form!
  • Patience is Key: After submission, give festival organizers some days to process your application. Avoid resubmitting the form as it may cause confusion.

Rest assured, securing those Super VIP group tickets for the Caveman Colorado Music Festival is as exciting as the festival itself! By following these steps, you’re one step closer to a memorable musical rendezvous with your pals. Rock on!

Step 3: Fill out the group ticket form and provide the necessary information

In the sea of music-loving cavemen and cavewomen, your tribe is all set to go on a melodious journey at the Caveman Colorado Music Festival! But first, you’ve got to secure your Super VIP Tickets. Here’s your easy-to-follow guide on completing that group ticket form!

  • Start by heading over to the festival’s official website.
  • In the Tickets section, look for the ‘Super VIP Ticket’. All that your group needs, bundled in one ticket!
  • See the option for ‘Group Tickets’? That’s your target. Click, and the form will magically appear.

Now let’s talk about how to fill this form to precision:

  • Have a catchy group name? Fantastic! Ensure it’s memorable for your group members.
  • Now comes the crucial part. Do not, and we stress, do NOT forget information about each caveman and cavewoman. Full names and contact information are key.
  • Next up – specify the number of tickets required. Remember, each ticket allows entry for one person only.

A little expert tip here – before you hit ‘Submit’, double-check all the information. This proves helpful in avoiding last-minute rush and drama.

  • Finally, confirm and submit the form online.

Voila! You’ve just submitted your group ticket application for the Caveman Music Festival. Here’s what comes next:

  • After submitting, you’ll need a bit of patience. The festival teams are as excited as you, but they need a few days to process your application. A quick tip? Avoid resubmitting your form, it only stirs confusion.
  • Once reviewed, the festival team will reach out with next steps. Keep an eye on your email!
  • Remember, wristbands will be sent 3-6 weeks prior to the festival. They’re the passport to your musical adventure, so save them somewhere safe!

Just one last thing – sign up for their mailing list! Stay informed and be the first to know about any updates or changes. Now, isn’t that convenient?

And done! You are now ready to rock and roll. An unforgettable experience packed with incredible music and vibrant vibes awaits your group at the Caveman Music Festival. Get ready to enjoy this splendid event to the fullest. Rock on, future festival attendees!

Step 4: Wait to hear back from the organizers about your application

Sure thing, you’ve just applied for a Super VIP Ticket at the Caveman Colorado Music Festival, now what? Well, first off, don’t sweat it! Here’s what you need to know and do as you wait:

  • After hitting the “submit” button, there’s a short waiting game. The festival organizers will take a few days to check out your application. So, keep calm and carry on, and definitely avoid resubmitting your form. It’ll just add to the confusion.
  • Expert tip! Get yourself on their mailing list during this waiting period. It’s a smart move, as you’ll be the first to catch any festival updates.
  • Your email’s your new best friend now. That’s where you’ll hear from the festival team. They’ll ping you within a few days once they’ve reviewed your application.
  • Remember, your wristbands won’t pop up at your doorstep right away. They’ll usually come around 3-6 weeks prior to the festival.
  • Payment and ticket details will come once you’re approved.

All in all, stay patient, keep an eye on your email, and keep the excitement brewing as you await the awesome music experience that awaits you!

Step 5: Once your tickets have been allocated, receive them in time for us

Receiving your Super VIP Tickets for the Caveman Colorado Music Festival is as simple as a walk in the park. Check out this concise guide that walks you through the process, ensuring your tickets arrive at your doorstep and get you ready for the music extravaganza.

  • First off, a round of applause. Congratulations, you have successfully submitted your group ticket application. The ball is now in the organizers’ court, so sit tight and give them a few days to process your application.
  • Here’s a pro tip: avoid resubmitting the form; it just leads to confusion. Instead, sign up for the festival’s mailing list to stay in the loop regarding updates and any exciting news related to the festival. They’re pretty good at keeping you in the know!
  • You’ll receive an email from the festival team once your application has been reviewed. If approved, they’ll drop detailed instructions on how to secure your tickets by making the payment. Keep an eye out for this important email!
  • Now, let’s talk about the passport to your musical adventure: the wristbands. They serve as your Super VIP Tickets and are equipped with RFID technology. Expect these bands of joy to be mailed to the purchaser’s address 3-6 weeks before the festival. – Please, don’t lose these wristbands! Replacing them will set you back $50 if you have to get new ones at the festival location. It sounds cliché, but it’s true – take care of your bands, and your bands will take care of you.
  • Okay, once you’ve got your wristbands, it’s time to get them registered. You can do this by inputting the registration number found on the underside of your wristband at the following link:
  • Before we forget, ensure that any bags, backpacks, and purses you plan to bring to the festival are standard-sized and clear. Metal folding chairs are allowed, but there are designated zones for them. And remember, there’s a list of prohibited items, so play by the rules to avoid unnecessary hassle!
  • Now, give yourself a pat on the back. You’re all set and good to go. Once you’re in the festival, enjoy the tunes, savor the food, and make the most of this unforgettable experience! Just remember, keep your wristbands safe and don’t put them on until the day of the festival – they can’t be taken off without being cut!

Step 6: Attend one of the orientation sessions offered by the organizers

Alrighty, folks! If you’re planning to attend an orientation session offered by the organizers of our beloved Caveman Colorado Music Festival, the journey’s as smooth as a DJ’s mix! Keeping your experience melodic – we’ve whipped up a nifty guide for your adventure:

  • Get on the Mailing List: Don’t miss a beat, and sign up for our mailing list. You’ll get all those important updates and be the first to know about scheduled sessions. Amped up already? We thought so!

Expert Tip: The confirmation email often lands in the spam folder, so make sure to double-check!

  • Purchase Your Tickets: Visit our official website to grab your online tickets. Remember, each ticket comes with a wristband (it’s your golden ticket to entry), mailed to your address 3-6 weeks before the magic begins. Yes, we have the modern age covered, we accept both cash and cards!

Expert Tip: Early bird tickets are usually cheaper, so keep those eyes peeled!

  • Register Your Wristband: Find the registration number on the underside of your wristband. Head over to to register it. Without this essential step, you won’t get in, so make sure to check this off your list!

Expert Tip: Take a note of your wristband registration number somewhere safe – just in case you need it again.

  • Plan Your Route: Figure out your transportation to Monument Lake Resort in Weston, Colorado. Be it driving, carpooling or using public transport, just ensure to check for road closures or constructions.

Expert Tip: Always have a backup plan if you’re relying on public transport, it can be unpredictable!

  • Pack Like a Pro: Only bring clear standard-sized purses, bags, and backpacks, and be ready for a security search. You’re allowed to bring blankets, towels, basic cameras, binoculars, and folding chairs (camp style). Leave those professional audio or video recording equipment, drones, coolers, firearms, and illegal substances at home.

Expert Tip: Weather can be fickle – bring a lightweight rain poncho, just in case.

  • Arrival at the Festival: Once you’re packed and ready, head over to our majestic festival grounds. Follow our directions or trust your GPS to guide you to us.

Expert Tip: Arrive early to avoid traffic and secure the best spots!

  • Check-In and Verification: Once at the festival grounds, get ready for check-in and wristband verification by presenting your tickets, ID, and the registration number of your wristband. Our friendly festival staff will guide you through this.

Expert Tip: Have your ID and tickets ready in hand to expedite the verification process.

  • Enjoy the Festival: All set! Dive into the diverse stages, food vendors, bars, and attractions. Explore, enjoy, and make memories!

Expert Tip: Keep an eye on the festival map and schedule to make sure you don’t miss out on your favorite acts.

Remember, our information booth at the front gate is always ready in case you need assistance. In emergencies, don’t hesitate to seek help from on-site medical personnel or any staff member.

So strap in and get ready for an unforgettable experience at the Caveman Colorado Music Festival. See you soon, festival-goers!

Step 7: Be aware of any safety guidelines that may have changed since the last time you attended the event

Staying on top of changing safety guidelines for the Caveman Colorado Music Festival isn’t just necessary, it’s a surefire way to maximize your enjoyment of the event. Here are ways to stay informed and prepared:

  • Official Website: This should be your first port of call for any festival guidelines. Regular checks keep you in the loop and well-informed. You can bookmark the festival’s website to keep it within easy reach.
  • Newsletter Alert:  Register for the festival’s newsletter. It’s like having a nifty reminder in your inbox that notifies you whenever there’s something new. Remember to check your email frequently to catch any update.
  • Social Media: Let’s not forget the power of social media. You can follow the Caveman Colorado Music Festival on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. They post changes and important announcements here.

For better understanding, here’s a breakdown of their established rules and regulations:

  • Prohibited Items: Keep in mind that a handful of items are strictly prohibited from the festival grounds. This includes outside food and drinks, camping equipment, coolers, firearms, explosives, and other weapons. Leave professional recording equipment and drones at home too.
  • Bag Policy: Be prepared to have your bags inspected by security . Standard-sized clear bags, purses, and backpacks are allowed but subject to search.
  • Chair Policy: While chairs are permitted, they need to be camp-style folding chairs. Metal chairs and front area seating are off-limits. Look out for signs for designated chair areas.
  • Camping and Umbrellas: Sorry folks, no tents, canopies, or umbrellas are granted passage! This rule aids in crowd movement and space management.
  • Wristbands: Keep an eye out for your RFID-enabled wristband in the mail a few weeks before the festival. Once it arrives, register it on the festival’s website. Don’t lose it or put it on before the big day!
  • Dogs and Kids: While the festival welcomes both dogs and children, keep in mind that it is primarily an adult event. Also, pooches are restricted to certain areas.

Remember, crowd safety and enjoyment is paramount at the Caveman Music Festival. Understanding these rules and monitoring updates will ensure you have the best time possible! But, don’t just rely on third-party information – always confirm updates from the official platforms.

Step 8: Know how to use your tickets once they have been given to you

Alright, here we go! You’ve got your hands on some Super VIP tickets for the Caveman Colorado Music Festival – we’re talking gold dust, folks! Here’s your quick and easy guide on how to put these beauties to good use.

Expect your fancy RFID-enabled wristband tickets (yes, they’re that techy!) to find their way to you about 3 to 6 weeks prior to the festival — they’ll be sent to the purchaser’s address. Here’s an expert tip: For the love of music, don’t lose them! They’re super high-tech and replacing them would set you back $50.

Now, once your wristbands have settled in, make sure to get them registered. On the underside, you’ll find a registration number. Head over to and follow the steps to register your wristbands — it’s as easy as pie!

Before you set off on your festival adventure, make sure you’re packing smart. Not sure what to consider? Worry not! Here’s what you can bring along:

  • Standard-sized clear purses, bags, and backpacks
  • Blankets, towels
  • Basic cameras, binoculars
  • Folding chairs (only in designated zones ).

However, leave behind professional cameras, recording equipment, drones, camping equipment, coolers, and any illegal items. All bags will be subject to search so keep it clean and friendly!

Once you’re festival-bound, remember that each campsite can only snugly fit 4 people. While the event is primarily adults-only, anyone with a paid wristband is welcome. For your four-legged pals, remember only leashed dogs are allowed at campsites and the resort – although service dogs can join in on the festival fun.

Inside the festival, you’ll find food, drinks, and mouthwatering food vendors all ready to serve you. And don’t worry about having to carry cash – they accept cards and you’ll find ATMs on-site.

While you’re welcome to bring a bag inside the festival, consider going light to speed up your entry. However, medicine-related supplies are an exception and can be brought in appropriate bags.

Got your tickets, registered your wristbands, packed your essentials? You’re all set! Now get out there and rock on to the rhythm of the festival!

Step 9: Enjoy the Caveman Colorado Music Festival

Want to hang with the cool crowd at the Caveman Music Festival in Weston, Colorado? Let us guide you on how to maximize your enjoyment with a Super VIP ticket!

  • First things first, snagging a Super VIP ticket!! These Super VIP packages are super exclusive. They offer the highest end of convenience and luxury. It’s the perfect option if you’re looking to indulge, have the best view of the stage and have a generally unforgettable experience. So, on your mark, get set, and grab the opportunity as soon as they become available!
  • Next, mark your calendar. The Caveman Music Festival is a 3-day jamboree, usually held over Labor Day weekend. Coming from diverse locations can be a haul. Plan your schedule in advance to accommodate the festival dates. You won’t be keen to leave once you set your foot on the festival grounds!
  • Your Super VIP ticket has you covered with access to VIP bathrooms, VIP bar access with $50.00 in drink vouchers, and desired parking. So, cut out the worries and let’s cater to fun.
  • Even with the Super VIP pass, understand that lodging arrangements are on you. We recommend looking into camping at Monument Lake Resort which adds an adventurous twist to your journey. You might even consider booking a hotel nearby for a more comfortable approach, depending on your preference.
  • Time to pack! Dress comfortably but stylishly because you’re part of the elite crowd. Remember your handy essentials like sunscreen, portable charger, water bottle, and a souvenir-worthy camera because you will be surrounded by breathtaking vista of Sangre de Cristo Mountains!
  • Once you’re there, relish the gourmet food trucks and vendors. Enjoy your drink vouchers at the VIP bar, and don’t forget to explore the site for a full experience.
  • As a Super VIP, you get a cushy view of the stage. Watch your favorite bands up close, lose yourself in the music across diverse genres, and enjoy the festival’s unparalleled ambiance.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to make friends with fellow Super VIPs. The festival is renowned for its friendly atmosphere, it’s an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded music lovers and create memories for a lifetime!

There you have it— your personalized guide to rock the Caveman Music Festival with a Super VIP ticket! Now, go forth and create unforgettable experiences, and remember, Caveman Music Festival is not just about attending a festival, it’s about living the festival!

Is a Super VIP Ticket worth it?

1. Access to Exclusive Areas at the Festival

At the Caveman Colorado Music Festival, Super VIP is more than just a ticket. It’s an exclusive festival experience that ensures your day is full of music, comfort, and premium amenities.

Here’s a glimpse into what the Super VIP ticket holder at the festival can access:

  • Lodge Rooms, Cabins, or RV Sites: More than just a place to rest, these lodging options provide a tranquil retreat after a full day of festival fun. Each offers unique amenities ensuring a comfortable stay.
  • Festival Grounds: As a Super VIP, you’ll get unrestricted access to the entire festival area, without the usual hustle and bustle of large crowds.
  • Food and Drink Vendors: Get your gustatory delights from exclusive food and drink vendors, offering you a variety of mouth-watering options to satiate your festival-induced cravings.
  • Onsite Parking: With a Super VIP pass, parking isn’t a problem. The festival provides you a dedicated parking space making your arrival and exit a breeze.
  • Private Bars: Enjoy your favorite libations at a private bar, exclusively accessible to Super VIP ticket holders. Avoid the long queues and enjoy your drinks in style.
  • Shaded Sitting Areas: When you need to sit back and catch a breather, you can retreat to exclusive shaded sitting areas. They are a perfect place to relax and recharge.
  • Private Bathrooms: No more waiting in long queues. Super VIP ticket holders can utilize private restroom facilities that are clean and comfortably upgraded.
  • VIP Access to All Shows: Get up close with the performances. The Super VIP ticket offers enhanced viewing areas, letting you catch all the action without the crowd pressuring in.

Remember, these aren’t just areas, they’re experiences. Entitlements meant to amplify your festival indulgence. With the Super VIP pass, it’s not just about the music, it’s about experiencing the festival in its fullest and finest!

2. Luxurious Accommodation Options

When it comes to indulging in a sensational music festival, the Caveman Colorado Music Festival surely makes a mark. The cherry on the cake is the ultra-luxurious Super VIP ticket that not just promises high-end VIP benefits but also boasts a whole world of impressive accommodations.

Diving right into what the Super VIP ticket package has to offer:

  • Three-day VIP access to lodge rooms, cabins, and even full or partial RV sites, according to your preference.
  • Additional guest or show passes depending on the size of the room you pick.
  • Exclusive access to all shows, private bars, private restrooms, and relaxed shaded sitting areas for those quieter music festival moments.
  • A surprise bonus of $50.00 in drink vouchers for the party animals out there.
  • And most importantly, the offering of hassle-free onsite parking.

That could sound like a dream package for festival souls! Let’s take a deeper look into what these accommodations truly offer. We present to you a carefully curated list of five pros and five cons that come with these luxurious accommodations:


  • Luxury and Comfort: What screams true luxury more than a plush lodge room or cabin right in the heart of a music festival?
  • Ultimate Festival Experience: With a Super VIP ticket giving you access to all shows, you won’t miss a single moment of the action!
  • Extra Perks: From private bars to drink vouchers, your festival experience will be geared up many notches.
  • Convenience: Onsite parking means no more struggling with looking for a secure spot for your car amidst the music festival chaos.
  • Privacy: Despite the crowd, your Super VIP accommodations ensure a private space for you to relax and unwind.


  • High Cost: Starting from $709.99, these accommodations might not fit every festival-goer’s budget.
  • Limited Availability: As these tickets come with such high-end options, they are often sold in limited quantities and can run out quickly.
  • Not for Every Music Fan: Some might feel disconnected from the raw energy of the music festival that typically comes with standard camping.
  • Additional Costs for Guests: If you plan to bring extra company, that’s going to cost you extra as the Super VIP setup allows for additional passes only at an extra charge.
  • Over Indulgence: With so many extra benefits, there’s a chance one might get too engulfed in luxuries and miss the true festival spirit.

No matter what, a Super VIP ticket gives you an incredible Caveman Colorado Music Festival experience. The word of caution here is to weigh the pros and cons carefully before you leap. After all, it’s all about how you want to experience the festival that matters the most. So get ready to pump up the music and create a memory of a lifetime with the right accommodations that suit you the best.

3. Access to Exclusive Concerts

For die-hard music lovers and festival-goers, the Caveman Colorado Music Festival offers an unrivalled experience with the Super VIP package. It ushers you into an immersive world of exclusive concerts and perks that are sure to make the event unforgettable.

  • Firstly, as a Super VIP ticket holder, you’re privy to all days of the festival, allowing you to fully bask in the electrifying performances and atmosphere.
  • Priority entry to the concert area is a major perk. No waiting in long lines or fighting through throngs of fanatics. Your entrance is smooth, swift, and fuss-free.
  • The exclusive meet and greets with artists are a Super VIP’s dream realization. Imagine rubbing shoulders with your favorite musicians backstage. It’s a chance to compliment their work, take memorable photographs, and maybe even snag some autographs.
  • Unique access to the VIP lounges allows for a particularly upscale festival feel. Here, you can retreat from the buzzing crowds to a comfortable, serene space where superior amenities are at your disposal. Gourmet food, high-quality libations, and convenient restroom facilities make for a premium experience.
  • With access to enhanced viewing areas for the shows, Super VIP guests can delve right into the heart of the action. Your experiences are intimate and thrilling as you get to watch your favorite performers up close.
  • Apart from the general concerts, Super VIP pass holders enjoy access to exclusive shows unavailable to the general festival-goers. These shows often include intimate sets performed by the headlining artists of the festival.
  • Accommodation isn’t taken for granted. With the Super VIP package, you have the option to retreat to lodge rooms, cabins, or full and partial RV sites instead of the traditional festival campsite.
  • Last but not least, there’s dedicated concierge services ensuring all your needs and queries are addressed timely and efficiently.

With these remarkable features, Super VIP ticket holders are set to enjoy a personalized, comfortable, and memorable experience at the Caveman Music Festival. Remember, it’s not just about the music; it’s about the experience – and the Caveman Colorado Music Festival promises a Super VIP experience unlike any other.

4. Unlimited Food and Drinks

Stepping up your festival game to a Super VIP ticket at the Caveman Music Festival can turn your experience into a paradise for your taste buds. With unlimited access to food and drinks included in your ticket, it’s a feast for all senses and might just elevate your merry festival moments exponentially.

Now here’s what’s cooking:

  • First off, you’re not limited to one or two food vendors throughout the festival. It’s an all-access pass to the tasty wonders that our extensive line-up of food vendors have to offer. From mouthwatering gourmet burgers and wood-fired pizzas to vegan delights and international cuisine, the festival is truly your culinary oyster.
  • As for drinks, it doesn’t just stop at run-of-the-mill refresher. You have access to a wide range of craft beers and finest wines sourced from local breweries and vineyards.
  • Love cocktails? We’ve got you covered! The festival boasts of talented mixologists who would whip up some classic as well as innovative cocktails to keep your spirits high.
  • The festival also takes the responsibility of keeping you hydrated throughout the day. Expect a wide array of soft beverages, infused waters, and energy drinks to choose from.
  • Things get even better with the festival’s premium coffee bar. Pick your favorite blend and enjoy a lush cup of coffee at any time of the day, whether you fancy an early morning pick-me-up or a late-night energy boost.
  • As a Super VIP ticket holder, take advantage of your exclusive access to private bars and an array of lounges which serve up top-shelf spirits and curated cocktails. Your very own VIP bar access becomes an oasis amidst a sea of people.
  • For the sweet tooth in you, there’s a variety of dessert vendors dishing out everything from traditional pastries to creative fusion desserts. Whether it’s a gooey chocolate brownie, a refreshing fruit sorbet, or a quirky nitrogen ice cream, you can have it all.

Remember, all these unlimited access to food and drinks are just part of the Super VIP experience! So, as you groove to the music and soak in the festive atmosphere, take time to indulge in a sensory feast that comes along with your Super VIP ticket. After all, music fest or not, don’t we all live for good food and fine drinks?

5. On-Demand Concierge Services

If looking to amp up your Caveman Colorado Music Festival experience, the Super VIP Ticket provides top-notch benefits that make it worth considering. Not only do you get everything inch of luxury we provide in the Caveman package, like priority entry, backstage access, and coveted meet and greets, but this ticket hands you something extra special: On-Demand Concierge Services.

So, what are these On-Demand Concierge Services? I’m glad you asked!

  • Dedicated Assistance: You’ll be assigned a personal concierge who will be dedicated to meeting your specific needs and ensuring a seamless festival experience. Whatever you need, they’ve got you covered.
  • Priority Booking: Want the best table at the festival’s premium dining area or looking to reserve your spot at the next meet and greet? Your concierge will make it happen, pronto!
  • Insider Tips: Not sure which performances to attend or need some local knowledge? Your concierge knows the festival inside out and will provide the best advice.
  • Exclusive Access: From premium viewing areas to private lounges, your concierge has the keys to all the exclusive areas. Just follow their lead, and you’ll experience the festival like no other.
  • Hassle-free Arrangements: Need some festival merchandise or struggling to organise your shuttle service? Say no more, your concierge will handle all these details so you can focus on having fun. They’ll help with booking, delivering, and even with coordinating between the festival’s services.

Now, why should you shell out the extra bucks for a Super VIP ticket? For starters, these services simplify your festival experience to a significant extent. You won’t have to deal with long queues or explore the best spots yourself, because there will always be a person ensuring you’re getting the privilege you’ve paid for. Additionally, the ability to get advice, book services, and have a dedicated person to cater to your needs ensures you are treated like royalty.

So, if you want to make the most of the Caveman Colorado Music Festival experience, you might want to consider the Super VIP Ticket!

6. VIP Lounge Access

At the Caveman Colorado Music Festival, the Super VIP ticket offers much more than just access to the performances – it provides an exclusive, premium experience. With a Super VIP ticket, you, the music lover, get exclusive access to the VIP Lounge, a hub of luxury and comfort amidst the throes of the festival.

The VIP Lounge is not only a place to relax but is also loaded with perks:

  • Firstly, you get access to a private bar, stocked with top-shelf drinks. Imagine enjoying your favorite cocktail or craft beer without having to battle the crowds.
  • The lounge also has enhanced viewing areas for the performances, where you can enjoy the music from a comfortable vantage point, with fewer people obstructing your view.
  • There is an upgraded restroom facility within the lounge, which means fewer lines and cleaner amenities.
  • Exclusive food options are available in the lounge – gourmet bites curated to complement your premium drinks.
  • The VIP Lounge also serves as a great networking spot, where you could potentially rub shoulders with other VIPs and make meaningful connections.

Now, accessing the VIP Lounge is a breeze once you’re a Super VIP ticket holder. All you have to do is show your Super VIP wristband or pass at the entrance of the lounge, and you’ll be allowed entry. The lounge is easily identifiable with clear signage and is strategically located close to the main performance area, but enough away from the crowds to maintain its exclusivity. Your pass is also your key to all the amenities inside the lounge.

So, enjoy the Caveman Colorado Music Festival not just as a spectator, but as a VIP, using the superior facilities and enjoying the added comfort in style thanks to the Super VIP ticket. Trust us – the experience is transformative and will change the way you festival!

7. Beach Access

Access to a private beach area is undoubtedly one of the coolest perks offered with the Super VIP Ticket at the Caveman Colorado Music Festival. This special feature elevates your festival experience, granting exclusive privileges that extend right up to the shorelines of the beautiful Monument Lake.

Included in this beach access are:

  • Permission to a private beach area, separate from the main festival grounds
  • Additional amenities like seating, shade, and an exclusive swimming zone
  • A sense of luxury and exclusivity, adding to your festival experience

Diving deeper, let’s check out the top 5 pros and cons of this delightful feature:


  • Enhanced Privacy: You can forget about the hustle and bustle of the crowded festival. This beach access allows a private space where you can relax, away from the swarm.
  • Closeness to Nature: The exclusive beach location lets you enjoy the dual fun of music and nature. Soak in the beauty of the serene Monument Lake whilst grooving to your favorite beats.
  • Leisure at its Best: With special amenities like seating arrangements and shade, your comfort levels are ensured.
  • Cool-off Zone: Beat the heat with exclusive access to a designated swimming area. It’s an ideal spot to unwind in-between performances.
  • Luxury Experience: VIP treatment throughout the festival elevates your experience making it a truly memorable event.


  • Cost: The Super VIP Ticket is priced higher due to these extra perks. It might not be a viable option for festival-goers on a budget.
  • Limited Availability: Given the exclusivity, the quantity of Super VIP Tickets with beach access is limited, making them hard to score.
  • Distant from Main Stage: You might have to walk a distance back and forth between the beach area and the main festival grounds for performances.
  • Not for Anti-Socials: Even though it’s a private beach, you will share this space with other Super VIP ticket holders which could get crowded.
  • Distractions: The enjoyment of nature might distract you from the music, especially for die-hard music lovers.

For a seamless experience, ensure to familiarize yourself with the beach area beforehand, keep an eye on your belongings (as with all public spaces), and remember, access to the private beach is strictly tied to your Super VIP wristband. Following these expert tips can help you leverage this fantastic Super VIP perk to the fullest!

8. Extras Like Crock-Pots and Coolers

Thinking about heading to the Caveman Music Festival and considering splurging a bit on the Super VIP ticket? Those extra perks might just make your festival experience worthwhile. The Super VIP pass not just provides critical amenities, but also elevates your festival experience with comfort and convenience.

  • Private Bars and Food Vendors: You’ll get VIP access to private bars and food vendors ensuring quick service and a plethora of delectable choices.
  • Comfortable Accommodations: Depending on your preference, choose from a lodge room, a cozy cabin, or a full to partial RV site. Each comes with its basic amenities to offer a more convenient and comfortable experience.
  • Access: Unlimited entry to all shows, festival grounds, and onsite parking privileges are guaranteed.
  • Privacy: Enjoy access to private restrooms and shaded sitting areas for those times when you need a break from the buzzing festival crowd.
  • Exclusive Privileges: VIP access to all shows is included, which can get you closer to the stage and maybe even some interactions with the performers.

Unfortunately, coolers, Crock-Pots or other equivalent amenities aren’t explicitly included under the Super VIP pass perks according to the research provided. However, the premium package has been designed to provide enhanced comfort and exclusive Thinking about heading to the Caveman Music Festival and considering splurging a bit on the Super VIP ticket? Those extra perks might just make your festival experience worthwhile. The Super VIP pass not just provides critical amenities, but also elevates your festival experience with comfort and convenience.

  • Private Bars and Food Vendors: You’ll get VIP access to private bars and food vendors ensuring quick service and a plethora of delectable choices.
  • Comfortable Accommodations: Depending on your preference, choose from a lodge room, a cozy cabin, or a full to partial RV site. Each comes with its basic amenities to offer a more convenient and comfortable experience.
  • Access: Unlimited entry to all shows, festival grounds, and onsite parking privileges are guaranteed.
  • Privacy: Enjoy access to private restrooms and shaded sitting areas for those times when you need a break from the buzzing festival crowd.
  • Exclusive Privileges: VIP access to all shows is included, which can get you closer to the stage and maybe even some interactions with the performers.

Unfortunately, coolers, Crock-Pots or other equivalent amenities aren’t explicitly included under the Super VIP pass perks according to the research provided. However, the premium package has been designed to provide enhanced comfort and exclusive Planning to groove to the beats at the Caveman Music Festival? Consider investing in the Super VIP ticket. It not only enhances your musical experience but also ensures a comfortable and unforgettable weekend getaway. Let’s take a closer look at the exclusive amenities provided:

  • Private Bars and Food Vendors: Skip those long queues with quick service at private bars and food vendors, enjoy an extensive range of food and drink options tailored to satisfy your taste buds.
  • Comfortable Accommodations: Choose to stay in a lodge room, a cozy cabin, or a full to partial RV site, as per your preference. These accommodations promise a relaxing stay with basic amenities.
  • Exclusive access: You’ll have unrestricted access to enjoy all shows, roam around the festival grounds seamlessly, and enjoy the convenience of onsite parking.
  • Reserved Areas: Get the luxury of private restrooms, and escape the crowd with shaded sitting areas for some peaceful moments.
  • VIP Show Access: Another perk is VIP access to all shows which can get you closer to the stage, enhancing the concert experience.

Unfortunately, bespoke extra amenities like coolers, Crock-Pots, and the like are not included as part of the Super VIP ticket as per our research. However, the above-mentioned exclusive comforts

9. Priority Shuttle Service

The Priority Shuttle Service included in the Super VIP Package transforms your Caveman Colorado Music Festival experience into an effortless joyride. It’s essentially your magic carpet whisking you to and from the venue with unmatched convenience. Once you’ve purchased your Super VIP Ticket, you’re automatically entitled to this fabulous perk. No separate booking, no additional hassles! Just show your Super VIP wristband to the shuttle driver and hop on.

If you’re driving in, you can park at the assigned Super VIP area where friendly festival staff will guide you to the awaiting shuttles. Even without a car, just head straight to the shuttle pick-up locations near the festival grounds and be transported seamlessly to the heart of the action.

Little insider’s tip for you here: although the shuttles run continuously, try to plan your arrival and departure times to avoid peak hours. That way, you can further maximize your time soaking up the festival vibes rather than waiting for your ride. And remember, your parking pass is valid only on the day it’s purchased, so make it count!

10. Credential and Wristband

Got your Super VIP Ticket to the Caveman Colorado Music Festival? Well, let me tell you – you’re in for an absolute treat with the included ‘Credential and Wristband’. These little gems are more than just gate passes; they’re the keys to an unrivaled festival experience.

So, what exactly are these ‘Credential and Wristband’?

The ‘credential’ is a form of identification exclusive for Super VIP ticket holders. On the other hand, the wristband, which is RFID enabled, is your actual ticket to the festival.

Features of the ‘Credential and Wristband’ include:

  • Mailed directly to the purchaser’s address 3-6 weeks before the festival.
  • RFID wristbands are used for festival entry and VIP area access.
  • Wristbands are non-removable unless cut off, helping to prevent loss and fraud.
  • Wristbands need to be registered online at ensuring they’re linked to the correct user.

Now let’s dive into the pros and cons of having the ‘Credential and Wristband’:


  • Ease of Access: The wristband offers a hassle-free entry to the festival. No need for carrying physical tickets.
  • Exclusive VIP Experience: Your VIP credential is a key to access areas restricted to regular attendants, giving you an exclusive festival experience.
  • Prevents Fraud: The non-removable wristbands make it difficult for wristband sharing, curbing potential misuse.


  • Replacement Cost: Losing your wristband could cost you. A replacement wristband is available but for a steep $50.
  • Not Transferable: Since the wristbands are not transferable, if you’re unable to attend the festival, you can’t pass it on.
  • Potential Discomfort: For some, the prospect of wearing a wristband for several days might be uncomfortable.

Remember, the wristband and credential are your essential tools to explore the Caveman Colorado Music Festival in the best way possible. So ensure to take care of them like you would your prized possession!