Breakdown of Caveman Package Benefits

The Caveman Package is your complete festivity passport at the Caveman Colorado Music Festival. This all-access pass entitles you to dive wholeheartedly into the music, engage with the rich variety of food and drink vendors, and bask in unrestricted access to all festival days. Contact us to learn more about americana festival

caveman music festival

What’s more, the Caveman Package seems tailor-made for celebrating souls like us, as it includes:

Multiday admission for all shows, granting you an unrestricted experience of the rhythm and vibe.

Priority entry to the concert area, so you won’t have to wait in those long, winding lines.

Exclusive perks, propelling you into the heart of the festival experience, offering behind-the-scenes tours, and intimate meet and greets with artists.

Access to VIP lounges, enabling you to take a breather from the festival frenzy and indulge in some deluxe comfort.

The significant standout is the inclusion of rustic camping at Monument Lake Resort that allows you to soak in the primitive beauty while grooving to your favorite beats. In the spirit of camaraderie, the Caveman Package permits you to add up to three additional guest or show passes per campsite, so your friends or family can join in on the fun. However, take note, each site can accommodate a maximum of four people, ensuring everyone has ample space to enjoy themselves without feeling crowded.

So, here’s your quick rundown on the Caveman Package Ticket:

3-day complete festival access

Priority concert area entry

Exclusive backstage tours

Meet and greets with artists

VIP lounge access

3-day access to primitive campsites at Monument Lake Resort

Option to add up to three more guest/show passes per site (max four people per site)

Priced at $349.99, the Caveman Package is the go-to option for those who want to digest the whole event, front to back. It’s advised to nab the Caveman Package early since it becomes a hot commodity as the festival date nears and tends to sell out quickly. Your time at the Caveman Music Festival is certain to be an unforgettable experience, and the Caveman Package is your ticket to make the most out of your festival journey.

Benefits and Inclusions of the Caveman Package Ticket

Access to Exclusive Areas at the Festival

Fellow Cavemen and Cavewomen, get ready to club your way to an ultra-premium festival experience! If you’ve got that Caveman Package Ticket, you’re in for something incredibly special. This isn’t your ordinary general admission—it’s a ticket to the creme de la creme of Caveman Music Festival glory. Here’s what you’re getting with your golden ticket!

First up, quick as a wink, enjoy Priority Entry to the concert area. You’ll breeze past those long lines and step straight into the heart of the music – no waiting, no hassling!

Next, we’d like to welcome you to your own private slice of paradise – the VIP Lounges. They are not just ordinary lounges. They’re kitted out with everything you need to chill out, socialize or just gather your thoughts between wild drum solos.

Enhanced Viewing Areas are also benefit reserved just for Cavemen like you. These primo spots offer incredible views of the performances. No need to jostle with the crowd, your view is first-class!

Can’t stand long lines at bars? Don’t worry, you’ve got the Private Bars. These exclusive watering holes serves up your favourite beverages, minus the thr ongs of festival-goers.

Those festival porta-potties just won’t cut it for you? As a Caveman Package Ticket holder, you’ll be using the upgraded VIP Restroom Facilities. Definitely a perk worth celebrating!

And, let’s not forget about food! You’re in for a special treat with Dedicated Food Options. These aren’t for your run-of-the-mill ticket holders—they’re just for our VIP Cavemen and Cavewomen.

Last but definitely not least, if you’ve chosen the Super VIP Pass, you become part of the elite tribe with access to lodge rooms, cabins or full and partial RV sites. You’ve got VIP access not only to the shows but also to all the festival grounds, food and drink vendors, and onsite parking!

So there you have it, folks. Caveman Package Ticket owners, strap in for a wild, premium, and rockin festival experience! Remember, it’s not just the music that makes a festival, it’s also having the cretaceous comforts to make it through in truly evolved Caveman style!

Unlimited Drinks at VIP Bars

Having unlimited drinks at VIP bars is a stellar feature of the Caveman Package Ticket at the Caveman Music Festival. This perk elevates your festival experience by letting you sip on your favorite beverages without worrying about your budget.

Here’s why this benefit is a total game-changer:

Variety of Premium Drinks: With access to the VIP bars, you’ll enjoy a wide array of top-shelf beverages. Be it exquisite cocktails, tasteful wines, or top-tier beers, there’s something for everyone’s palate.

No Extra Costs: The unlimited drinks offering cuts the need for constant payments. This means you can indulge in drinks without worrying about overspending or running out of cash.

VIP Experience: Sipping on your preferred beverage while watching your much-loved artists perform enhances the VIP experience. It provides an unmatched sense of luxury, comfort, and exclusivity.

Better Networking: VIP bars are where the who’s who of the event hang out, making them perfect networking spots. What better way to engage in conversations than over a delightful drink?

Escape from the Crowd: During those heart-thumping performances, VIP bars offer an escape from the bustling crowd. In the comfort of the VIP area, you can enjoy your drink without worrying about spillage or bumping into other attendees.

Unlimited Refreshment: Festivals are all about fun, music, and non-stop action, which can get physically tiring. With unlimited access to drinks, you can always refresh and rejuvenate yourself whenever needed, ensuring you make the most out of your music festival experience.

Remember, it’s not just about the drinks; it’s about the enhanced experience, exclusivity, convenience, and endless fun that this perk offers to every Caveman Package Ticket holder. Now go ahead, grab that ticket, and get ready to raise a glass to an unforgettable music fest!

Meet and Greet with Artists

Meet and Greet with Artists is a standout feature of the Caveman Package Ticket at the Caveman Music Festival. Picture yourself shaking hands with your favorite performers, sharing a laugh or two, and clicking snaps for cherished memories. What an experience, right? This glorious person-to-performer interaction is precisely what this feature has to offer. Now, let’s move onto our funky list of its crown benefits:

You get to meet and interact personally with your favorite performers.

Have your merchandise signed by the artists themselves.

Exclusive photo opportunities with the festival artists.

It’s a unique chance to ask those burning questions you’ve got for the artists.

While all of this sounds fabulous, there are a couple of points that need your attention. So, let’s break it down:

Limited Availability: The Artist Meet and Greet feature in the Caveman Package Ticket comes with a VIP price tag. It’s part of the festival’s premium offering and hence, comes with a heftier price tag than regular tickets.

Not all Artists might be available for the Meet and Greet: Availability of artists is subject to their individual schedules and commitments. So, we can’t absolutely guarantee you’ll get to meet every performer at the festival.

So there you have it Meet and Greet with Artists is an exclusive feature offered under the Caveman Package Ticket for the Caveman Music Festival. This prized inclusion permits attendees the rare chance to interact one-on-one with the performers beyond the stage. Who knows, maybe you’ll share a high-five or even click a selfie with your favorite artist!

The top benefits of this feature are:

Direct interaction with your favorite artists, which may include an opportunity for an autograph or a personalized message.

Backstage access to see what happens behind the scenes and maybe bump into more than one artist.

Exclusive photo opportunities, making for precious memories and enviable social media posts.

However, this unique experience does have a few elements you should know about. Here they are, listed out:

Availability: As the Meet and Greet with Artists is part of the SUPER VIP package, it’s priced higher than regular tickets. Therefore, you need to consider your budget while opting for it.

Accessibility: With a myriad of artists performing, meeting all of them might not be feasible due to their individual schedules and obligations. While every effort is made to facilitate these interactions, it’s not a 100% guarantee that all artists will be available for the meet and greet.

There you have it! Ever dreamt of hanging out with your favorite musician backstage at a mega music festival? The Caveman Package at the Caveman Music Festival turns this dream into a reality with its “Meet and Greet with Artists” feature. Yes, we are talking about one-on-one interactions with your musical heroes.

Here are the standout benefits of this cool feature:

The opportunity to personally meet, converse with, and even high-five your favorite musicians.

You could get your festival merchandise signed, taking home a tangible memory of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Exclusive photo ops with the performing artists to perfectly capture your incredible moment.

Pose any burning questions you have for the artists during this intimate interaction.

While this package has its perks, it’s essential to note a few not-so-glamorous aspects, listed out in the following points:

High Cost: The Meet and Greet feature comes included in the premium Caveman Package. So, it’s a bit more expensive than the typical festival ticket.

Limited Artist Availability: Don’t imagine a party where you’re hobnobbing with every performing artist. Depending upon specific schedules and contractual obligations, not all artists may be available for the meet and greet session.

So, if you’re up for some real VIP

Photo and Autograph Opportunities with Artists

The Caveman Package Ticket for the Caveman Music Festival is your key to unforgettable experiences, offering extraordinary perks like photo and autograph opportunities with the artists. This kind of access adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the festival, making your experience truly unique.

As part of the package benefits, you’ll have the privilege to meet and greet your favorite artists. These encounters aren’t rushed affairs – you’ll have a moment to chat, share your appreciation, and of course, capture the moment with a photo. Important to note:

Pre-arranged time: The meet and greets are typically prearranged at specific times. This allows for smoother operations and less waiting time for you. The festival organizers will provide you with the specific schedule prior to the event.

Respectful interaction: It’s crucial to remember that the artists are there to perform and enjoy the festival too. Maintain respectful interaction at all times.

Photo taking: Use this opportunity to snap a great picture with your favorite artist. But remember, it’s usually a one-photo-per-fan policy, so take your time and make that shot count!

Autographs: Not just a photo-op, you’ll also get the chance to take away a personal memento. Whether it’s on a festival t -shirt, a poster, or something else, the artists will be happy to sign an autograph for you. Keep in mind, there might be a limit on the number of items an artist can sign so it’s best to have your item ready.

With these opportunities for personal interaction with the artists, you can get a behind-the-scenes look at the Caveman Music Festival, and create lasting memories to share. But remember, these interactions are subject to the artists’ availabilities, so be sure to take full advantage when the chances arise.

Exclusive Concerts

Eager to feel the rush of an exclusive concert experience? The Caveman Package Ticket at the Caveman Music Festival is ready to deliver. It lines up an amazing range of exclusive concerts that cater to the diverse tastes of festival-goers, meaning there’s something for everyone.

Now, let’s dive into the thrilling exclusive concert lineup that’s included in the Caveman Package Ticket:

Indie Rock Concerts: Indulge in the riveting performance by indie wonder, Caveman, one of the hottest ticketing options right now. This dynamic band’s charisma is sure to capture your heart as you sway to their tunes under the open sky.

Vivid Stage Performances: The VIP pass gets you front-row seats, an unbeatable vantage point from where you can enjoy the captivating stage performances, be it dance, drama, or the infectious energy of live music.

Artist Meet-and-Greets: You also get an opportunity to rub shoulders with some of your favorite artists. The meet-and-greet sessions make for an unforgettable experience as you get to know the stars beyond their performance on stage.

Backstage Tour: A rare, VIP pleasure spoiling you with a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the festival. Peek into Eager to feel the rush of an exclusive concert experience? The Caveman Package Ticket at the Caveman Music Festival is ready to deliver. It lines up an amazing range of exclusive concerts that cater to the diverse tastes of festival-goers, meaning there’s something for everyone.

Now, let’s dive into the thrilling exclusive concert lineup that’s included in the Caveman Package Ticket:

Indie Rock Concerts: Indulge in the riveting performance by indie wonder, Caveman, one of the hottest ticketing options right now. This dynamic band’s charisma is sure to capture your heart as you sway to their tunes under the open sky.

Vivid Stage Performances: The VIP pass gets you front-row seats, an unbeatable vantage point from where you can enjoy the captivating stage performances, be it dance, drama, or the infectious energy of live music.

Artist Meet-and-Greets: You also get an opportunity to rub shoulders with some of your favorite artists. The meet-and-greet sessions make for an unforgettable experience as you get to know the stars beyond their performance on stage.

Backstage Tour: A rare, VIP pleasure spoiling you with a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the festival. Peek into the world behind the curtain, how the magic comes together, and relish this insider’s perspective.

Super VIP Lounges Access: A great place to relax and unwind between concerts. With private bars and dedicated food options, these lounges are a festival-goer’s heaven.

Enhanced Viewing Areas: The Caveman Package gives you access to exclusive viewing areas, elevating your festival experience to a whole new level. Appreciate the performances with the kind of clarity and closeness that’s only reserved for the VIPs.

Remember, this is more than just a festival ticket. It’s your passport to an extraordinary musical journey, packed with exclusive concerts and unforgettable experiences

VIP Seating at the Festival

Think having the best seats at the Caveman Music Festival sounds dreamy? Well, buckle up cause the Caveman Package Ticket doesn’t just get you good seats, it practically rolls out the red carpet for you!

Let’s peek at what’s included:

Access to the lodge rooms, cabins, or full and partial RV sites

Premium locations for viewing the performances

Dedicated floor seating

Use of private bars and restroom facilities

$50 in drink vouchers

Expedited entry rights through a separate entrance

Now, let’s dive into some cool pros:

Unobstructed views: With the VIP seating, your spot guarantees nothing but the best views of the stage and the overall festival. Can’t get up close and personal any other way!

Nix the Waiting Time: Hate waiting in long lines? Well, those are a thing of the past! Get quick access to the concert area with your VIP priority entry.

Ultra comfort: A full day at a music festival can be tiring. But with your access to private areas like the lounge and enhanced seating, there’s ample opportunity to rest and recharge in comfort.

Bonuses Make It Better: An exceptional experience wouldn’t be complete without some well-deserved perks. Sip on your favorite drinks using the provided $50 tokens at private bars, exclusive for VIP ticket holders.

Added Amenities: Added convenience steps the festival experience up a notch. That’s what you get with VIP lounges, private bathrooms, and dedicated food options. No hassle, just pure fun.

Access to the VIP Lounge

If you are headed to the Caveman Music Festival this year, consider checking out the Caveman Package Ticket which gets you access to the coveted VIP Lounge. This pass gives you the chance to enjoy the festival vibe in an exclusive, relaxed, and comfortable setting that amplifies the overall experience. Here are some brilliant perks that come your way when you’re a VIP Lounge possessor.

Priority Entry: Hate standing in lines? The Caveman Package offers priority entry to the concert area and festival grounds. This means you can breeze past lines and get started with your festival fun right away.

Enhanced Viewing Areas: No jostling with the crowd for you! VIP Lounge holders enjoy access to enhanced viewing areas. You get to watch your favorite bands and performances up close and personal from premium spots.

Private Bars: Quench your thirst at private bars only accessible to VIP pass holders. Enjoy a possibly shorter waiting time at these bars and make the most of your $50 worth of drink vouchers that come with the pass.

Upgraded Restrooms: The Caveman Package offers you access to upgraded restroom facilities that are exclusively meant for VIP Lounge users. No more long lines, and the assurance of clean and well-maintained facilities.

Dedicated Food Options: VIP Lounge users can also look forward to exclusive, dedicated food options as part of the experience. Enjoy an elevated culinary experience to go with your top-notch festival fun.

Backstage Access and Meet-n-Greets: Included in the Super VIP treatment, you’ll get backstage access, presenting an opportunity to potentially meet some of your favorite artists up-close. Now how cool is that!

Concierge Services: Need help with planning your festival schedule, or require any other assistance during your time at the festival? The dedicated concierge services for VIP Lounge holders are always there to assist you.

Accommodation Options: If you opt for the Super VIP pass, you can also avail of lodging options including lodge rooms, cabins, or full and partial RV sites. Consider it your portable luxury home right in the heart of the festival!

So, if you’re keen on enhancing your festival experience, the VIP Lounge might just be the place for you! With this ticket, you’re all set to enjoy a heightened sense of exclusivity and plenty of perks. The Caveman Festival awaits you, are you ready?

Deluxxe Camping Parking Passes

Welcome to the Caveman Music Festival, where we offer musical experiences that cater to varied tastes. If you’re on the adventurous side, let’s talk about our Caveman Package. We specifically designed this package to blend an incredible mix of music entertainment and rustic outdoor living. The Caveman Package includes Deluxe Camping Parking Passes – that means your parking worries are totally taken care of, with some added perks.

Here are some key features of the Deluxe Camping Parking Passes included within the Caveman Package Ticket:

Three-day access to all shows and festival grounds

Convenient onsite parking

Access to primitive campsites at the Monument Lake Resort

The campsite can accommodate up to 4 people

Option to add 3 more guest/show passes per campsite

As beneficial as these features are, there are upsides and downsides to consider. Here are 5 pros and cons of the Deluxe Camping Parking Passes:


Instant access: The pass gives you access to all shows and the festival grounds, letting you optimize your festival experience.

Onsite parking: The hassle of finding appropriate parking is eliminated as onsite parking is included.

Group accommodation: A single campsite can house up to 4 people which is perfect for small groups or families.

Flexibility: You have the option to add up to 3 more guest or show passes per site. This extends the opportunity for more friends to join the experience.

Cost-effective: Considering the multitude of features, the Caveman Package is a more budget-friendly alternative to single-day passes or more luxe accommodations.


Rustic accommodation: The primitive campsites might not be for everyone. Some may find the lack of modern facilities challenging.

Limited capacity: Each campsite can only accommodate a maximum of 4 people, which can be restrictive for larger groups.

Add-ons cost extra: While you have the option to add more guests, this comes at an additional cost.

Weather dependent: As with any outdoor camping experience, weather conditions could affect your stay.

Requires preparation: Unlike hotel rooms or cabins, camping requires you to come prepared with camping essentials.

As you navigate the fantastic world of the Caveman Music Festival, keep these pros and cons of the Deluxe Camping Parking Passes in mind to make the best decision to suit your needs. Prepare for an unforgettable experience in the heart of nature, all whilst enjoying your favorite music!

Grooming Kit and Purse

There’s a sense of anticipation to every music festival, and Caveman Music Festival gets it right by adding exclusive items like a grooming kit and purse in the Caveman Package Ticket. These items not only increase the overall value of the ticket but also makes the festival experience convenient, fun and stylish.

Let’s dive into the top features of these exclusive items:

The grooming kit includes portable size essentials like a facial cleanser, moisturizer, shave gel, toothpaste, toothbrush, and comb.

It also comes with a handy mirror and a reusable waterproof pouch.

The purse, on the other hand, is clear for compliance with the festival’s bag policy.

It’s compact yet spacious enough to accommodate your festival essentials.

The purse features a sturdy zip-top closure and an adjustable strap for comfortable carriage.

Now, let’s consider the pros and cons of the grooming kit and purse:


Convenience: The grooming kit has you covered for an all-day fresh look.

Compliance: The clear purse adheres to the festival’s bag policy, ensuring hassle-free entry.

Compact: Both items are compact and travel-friendly.

Reusability: The purse and pouch in the grooming kit can be reused for other events.

Value : The added value of these items makes the Caveman Package Ticket worth the investment.


Size: Some might find the grooming kit basic and small.

Clear Bag: While handy for security, some may feel uncomfortable showing their bag contents.

Durability: The longevity of items, particularly the zip of the clear purse, may be a concern.

Limited Use: The grooming kit targets basic facial hygiene needs, which may not be sufficient for some.

Single Use: Depending on individual usage and habits, some items in the grooming kit may get exhausted after a single day’s use.

Souvenir Lanyards and Wristbands

Are you revved up for the Caveman Music Festival? Get set to go primal with our Caveman Package Ticket, which includes exclusive souvenir lanyards and wristbands designed to elevate your festival experience.

The special souvenir lanyards and wristbands are not just keepsakes; they come packed with features that make your festival journey smoother and unforgettable:

They serve as proof of entry, allowing you to walk into the festival without a hitch.

They make you eligible for purchasing merchandise. Don’t miss out on our exclusive festival T-shirts, mugs, and more.

Included as part of our premium Caveman Package Ticket, these souvenirs come bearing the festival’s unique, fun logo.

The wristbands are RFID-enabled, ensuring you don’t lose any time queuing up at entry points.

The lanyards are stylish, durable, and can securely hold your festival ID and passes.

It’s clear the lanyards and wristbands are more than just accessories. Here are the top five reasons why they are essential companions at the Caveman Music Festival:

Entry Ticket: The wristbands serve as your entry ticket into the festival, ensuring easy access to the musical extravaganza.

Merchandise Access: Both lanyards and wristbands open the gateway to a variety of festival merchandise, allowing you to bring home souvenirs in addition to memories.

Prized Keepsakes: The souvenir lanyards and wristbands become a cherished keepsake you can hold onto, chronicling your experience long after the festival ends.

Security Feature: The wristbands come equipped with RFID technology, enhancing security, and streamlining entry procedures at the festival grounds.

Fashion Statement: Sporting a unique design emblematic of the Caveman Music Festival, these lanyards and wristbands make for a trendy accessory, adding an extra dash of fun to your festival attire.

So, come and grab your Caveman Package Ticket now, and let these souvenir lanyards and wristbands serve as a gateway to an unforgettable festival experience!

How to Purchase the Caveman Package Ticket?

Step 1: Choose the Caveman Music Festival 2023 event you want to attend

Hey there, want to dive into the world of music and explore the magic of the Caveman Music Festival? Here’s how to make your pick for the 2023 event.

Step 1: Head on over to the Caveman Music Festival’s official webpage through your browser.

Step 2: Navigate to the Tickets section where you’ll come across options like the Caveman Pass and VIP Pass. Remember, each pass allows up to 4 people per campsite. Got a group larger than 4? No worries, you can add more passes at checkout.

Step 3: Deciding among these options will depend on your plans. Are you and your buddies up for the full festival vibe or just seeking a sneak peek into the exhilarating world of the Caveman Music Festival? Either way, you have the choice between a full festival pass (Caveman or VIP) or a one-day pass. Be sure to check the specific dates.

For those seeking an exclusive experience, you might want to take a look at the super exciting SUPER VIP Package. It offers a glamorous festival experience second to none (details on the website).

While buying, note that lodging isn’t part of these packages, but hey, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you folks from adding comfort to your adventure by checking out available lodging options on the website. Oh and yes, you can get drink vouchers added to your ticket purchase. Perfect for staying hydrated!

Step 4: After you’ve made your selection, it’s time to finalize everything. Make sure to double-check all details before proceeding further.

And there you go! In just these few steps, the vibrant and euphonious world of the 2023 Caveman Music Festival opens up for you. One little tip before we sign off though – merchandise lovers rejoice! You can totally buy awesome Caveman merchandise at the festival. Happy festival planning!

Step 2: Check if group tickets are available

Eager to score group tickets for the Caveman Music Festival? Follow this simple process:

Kick-off by jumping onto the festival’s official webpage. Easy peasy, right?

Next, make a beeline for the Tickets section. There, you should look out for the ‘Caveman Package’ option – that’s your golden ticket to group fun of up to 4 people per campsite.

Now, this is where it gets exciting, folks. Time to add your friends to join the party! Remember, when you’re at checkout, it’s essential to add those additional passes for your pals. Not forgetting, these packages might not cover lodging, but they do grant access to exciting shows, terrific vendors, and parking. A tip from the pros: always double-check these details. You’re nearly there!

To spy on the availability of Caveman Package tickets, dash onto the Caveman Music Festival’s official webpage again.

Eyes peeled now. What you need to find are the Caveman Pass and VIP Pass. These are your passport to having a max of 4 friends per campsite. Decisions, decisions! Do you want full festival access, or does a one-day pass tick your boxes?

Got a massive group to cater for? No worries. Just remember to toss in one or two extra passes at checkout.

Now, to really amp up your festival frolics, consider adding lodging options and alluring extras like drink vouchers to your package.

Your path to an unforgettable musical adventure is clear, friends. But remember, patience is key here. Once you’ve submitted your group ticket application, it could be a few days before the organizers process your request.

While waiting, why not sign up for their mailing list? That way, you’ll stay in the loop with the latest festival updates.

Once your application gets the green light, the festival team will reach out with the next steps. Brace yourselves – those much-coveted wristbands could land in your mail 3-6 weeks prior to the festival, dialing up your anticipation levels!

Just remember, submitting correct and clear information is the most surefire way to avoid any ticketing hiccups. Keep these expert tips in your back pocket, and you’re all set to savor a scintillating music festival experience with your gang. Now, get ready to rock at the Caveman Music Festival!

Step 3: Fill out the group ticket form and provide the necessary information

Here’s how you fill out the group ticket form for the Caveman Package Ticket for the Caveman Music Festival. Just follow these easy-peasy steps:

Start Your Journey – Head on over to the festival’s official website. Once you’re there, navigate your way to the ticket page.

Go Groupie- Spot the option for group tickets? That’s right, the aptly titled ‘Caveman Package’. Click on onto that.

Naming Names- Key in the name of your group. Remember, choose something that all of your members will recognize.

Count Your Crew- Got yourself a big operation? In the field requesting the number of tickets, remember to accurately state how many you need. Keep in mind that each ticket allows a single soul to pass through.

Attendee Details- Things are getting serious now. Full names and contact information of all members are needed. No aliases or prank numbers, folks! We’re all friends here.

Check and Double-Check- Review your choices with a fine-tooth comb. Any inconsistencies now may lead to a whole world of trouble later. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Submit and Wait- All done? Breathe easy and hit that submit button. Keep a careful eye on your email for the next few days for a response from the festival team.

Phew! Now that wasn’t too bad, was it? To ensure a smooth ride to the Caveman Music Festival, remember to give complete and correct info for each group member. Here’s to enjoying the fest with your squad!

Step 4: Wait to hear back from the organizers about your application

After submitting your Caveman Package Ticket application for the Caveman Music Festival, sit tight and hang in for a bit. The awesome folks working the festival will need a few days to review your application. Remember, patience is a virtue, so resist the urge to reapply to avoid causing any confusion in the process.

While you’re waiting, why not use this time productively?

Here’s a pro-tip: Sign up for the festival’s mailing list. It’ll place you in pole position to receive any updates first hand. Besides, it’s a cool way to pass the time and stay in touch with all things Caveman!

So chill, the team will buzz your inbox after looking at your application, and take it from there. After all, epic music experiences like these are totally worth the wait.

Don’t forget, your wristbands will be mailed out to you, but that’ll be 3-6 weeks before the festival. Do not spend your time fretting if they don’t pop up in your mailbox immediately.

In the meantime, rev up your excitement and start anticipating the thrilling festival experience that lies ahead! After all, that’s as much a part of the Caveman Package as the festival itself! So loosen up, let the anticipation build, and prepare for an unforgettable music-filled time with your mates at the festival!

Step 5: Once your tickets have been allocated, receive them in time for us

Here’s your step-by-step guide, full of some expert tips, on how to get your hands on and use your Caveman Package Ticket once it’s been allocated:

Sit tight: Once you’ve applied for the group ticket, you might have to wait a few days for the team to process your application. So, hang tight, and resist the urge to resubmit the form.

Check your Mail: Be vigilant and keep a close eye on your mailbox. Your wristbands, your ticket to the festival, will be mailed to you 3-6 weeks before the show.

Cautionary Tip: These wristbands are equipped with RFID technology. Therefore, losing them would mean you’ve lost your tickets as they are irreplaceable.

Handle with Care: Ensure you keep your wristbands safe till the day of the festival. They cannot be removed once worn, except by cutting them off.

Expert Tip: If by any chance you misplaced the wristbands, fear not. Replacement wristbands are available at the festival spot for $50.

Official Registration: Once you receive your wristband, make sure to register it at this link: Your wristband registration number, which can be found on the underside of the band, is needed for this step.

Pack Smartly: Prepare for your festival day by packing the essentials. You can carry standard-sized clear purses, bags, backpacks, blankets, towels, cameras, and binoculars. Folding chairs are allowed but be aware that they’re permitted only in designated areas.

Remember: Prohibited items include bigger professional cameras, recording devices, drones, camping gear, coolers, weapons, and any unauthorized or illegal things. Every item will be searched by security personnel.

On the Festival Day: At the festival, each campsite can accommodate up to 4 people. Also, although it’s aimed primarily at adults, individuals of all ages can attend provided they have a paid wristband. Leashed pets are allowed at campsites and the resort, but generally not in the show area, except for service dogs.

Enjoy the Festival: You’ll find food stalls, drinks from the bar, and food vendors once inside the show area. All ticket areas accept cash and credit cards, and ATMs will also be available.

Take Note: A clear-bag policy is in effect. You can carry a bag to the show area but we recommend not carrying one for a smooth entry. If you do need to carry a bag, make sure it adheres to the clear-bag policy.

And that’s your overall guide: from successfully getting your hands on the Caveman Package Ticket to enjoying your time at the Caveman Music Festival!

Step 6: Attend one of the orientation sessions offered by the organizers

Attending an orientation session at the Caveman Music Festival? Great choice! Below is a quick guide on how you can go about it; necessary steps, expert advice and what to expect.

Firstly, signing up for our mailing updates is essential. This keeps you equipped with schedules and other important info. Being the first to know is cool, isn’t it?

Getting to our spectacular venue, Monument Lake Resort in Weston, Colorado, is the next step. Be ready for the beautiful and uplifting view that’ll make the entire journey worthwhile.

Don’t forget to bring your clear bags, as per our festival guidelines. This ensures quick and easy security checks. The quicker you are inside, the faster the fun starts!

Each wristband costs $50 and is vital for entry. So, remember to register your wristbands. How? Easy! Simply visit this website and follow the on-screen instructions to register using the number beneath your wristband.

We get it; carrying cash can be a bit old-fashioned. This is why, we accept both cash and cards for your convenience.

Also, don’t be shy to seek help from our friendly staff. A quick question or two can save lots of time and ge confusion.

For a comprehensive, granular guide, here’s a quick breakdown:

Purchase your tickets: Visit our official website and secure your tickets online.

Register your wristbands: After getting your wristbands in the mail, register them on the website provided.

Plan your transportation: Figure out your travel options. Drive, carpool, take the bus – the choice is yours. Just stay aware of possible roadblocks or construction on your route.

Pack your essentials: Remember our festival guidelines when packing. Clear standard-size bags, blankets, basic cameras and camp-style folding chairs are welcome. But, keep in mind, no outside food, drinks, professional recording devices, drones, camping gear, or unauthorized materials are allowed.

Arrive at the festival grounds: Follow the directions given by us or use your GPS to find us.

Check-in and wristband verification: Present your tickets and ID along with providing your wristband registration number. Listen to our festival staff; they’re there to help!

Enjoy the festival: Once checked in and wristband verified, explore! But, always remember, safety first.

Group ticket holder? Congrats, your application is being processed . Just stay calm for a few days until we sort it out. Resubmitting the form only leads to confusion, so remember, patience is a virtue.

Looking for special accommodations or VIP treatment? We’ve got you covered. We offer a range of packages that include wristband and shuttle service. If you’re a travelling visitor, there are special wristband hotel packages at a delightful discount. Just follow the instructions in the confirmation email or install the official SXSW GO app.

So there you have it! Your comprehensive guide to Caveman Music Festival’s orientation. Follow these steps and you’re sure to have yourself an absolute blast. If you need further help, our information booth at the front gate is always ready to assist. Just remember to let your hair down and enjoy the experience to the fullest. Welcome to Caveman!

Step 7: Be aware of any safety guidelines that may have changed since the last time you attended the event

Alright, you are already on your way to getting the Caveman Package Ticket for the Caveman Music Festival! You’ve reached Step 7 and this one’s crucial – staying updated with all the safety guidelines. Here’s a simple guide on how to do it, and remember, changes can happen anytime, so let’s be proactive about it.

Check the Official Website Regularly: The Caveman Music Festival’s official website is the prime source of all safety updates. So, swing by the website often.

Register for Newsletter: Get all announcements delivered straight to your inbox by signing up for the festival’s newsletter.

Follow Social Media Handles: Their social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are always buzzing with updates. So, give them a follow.

Now, some insider tips to maximize your safety:

Bookmark the Official Webpage: You don’t want to miss out on any news, right? Bookmark the festival’s official webpage like a permanent tab.

Trust but Verify: Never rely solely on third-party information. Your safety is a priority, so always cross-check any updates from the official channels.

When looking for shuttles for the festival, remember to choose one that ticks all the safety boxes. Here’s what you should consider:

Legitimacy: Your chosen shuttle service should be licensed and insured. This indicates they meet safety standards and regulations.

Drivers’ Experience: The drivers should be experienced and professional, with a valid license and clean record.

Vehicle Maintenance: Regular care and checks should be standard procedure to avoid mechanical failures.

Safety Features: Check for seat belts, airbags, and anti-lock braking systems in the shuttle vehicles.

Capacity: Make sure the service can accommodate all passengers without cramming. There should be designated seating for everyone.

Emergency Preparedness: A sound emergency response plan should be in place, and they should be equipped to handle any immediate situations like medical emergencies.

Clear Communication: Look for services that provide clear instructions on pick-up and drop-off locations and any potential changes in the schedule.

Security Measures: Ask about the security measures in place, such as surveillance cameras, trained security personnel or secure storage compartments.

COVID-19 Compliance: In the current scenario, the service should be maintaining social distancing, regular sanitization, and mandatory mask-wearing.

Step 7 isn’t just a tick-the-box exercise, it’s all about ensuring your safety and enjoyment at the festival. Okay, now we’re sailing smoothly to grab your Caveman Package Ticket. We’re at Step 7, and it’s essential – staying up-to-date with the safety guidelines. These guidelines are known for changing more frequently than the wind, thus let’s ensure that you’re aware of any latest updates.

Official Website Regular Checks: The Caveman Music Festival’s official website is the go-to source of all safety updates. Drop by more often than you drop by your favorite coffee joint.

Keep an eye on the Newsletter: Sign up for the festival’s newsletter – it’s direct, it’s prompt and it keeps you informed about all the official announcements.

Catch the Social Media Buzz: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter handles of the festival are always alive with the latest info. Hit the follow button and keep scrolling regularly.

Here are some secret tips shared by veterans:

Bookmarking is saving: Bookmark the festival’s official webpage on your browser. It’s like adding speed dial for updates.

Verify Information: Falling for rumors can be your worst festival nightmare. Double-check the third-party information from official channels.

Choosing the safest ride to the festival? Here’s what you need to consider:

Licenses and Insurances

Step 8: Know how to use your tickets once they have been given to you

I. Receiving Your Wristbands

First off, celebrate because your Caveman Music Festival tickets will arrive between 3 to 6 weeks before the festival. They’ll come as snazzy RFID-enabled wristbands. Here’s a quick tip – don’t misplace these wristbands. They come with a special tracking system and replacing them at the festival will put you back $50.

II. Registering Your Wristbands

Got your wristbands? Excellent! Next step is to register them right here:

You’ll find your wristband registration number on the underside of the band. Proceed to register and complete the process.

III. Smart Packing

Alright team, it’s time to pack. Remember, we need to stay within the festival guidelines.

What you can bring: Clear bags, purses, and backpacks of standard size, blankets, towels, basic cameras, binoculars, and folding chairs (in designated zones only).

Just a heads up though, steer clear of large professional cameras, recording gear, drones, camping gear, coolers, and unauthorized/illegal items. The festival folks just won’t allow those.

IV. Festival Attendance

Each campsite accommodates up to 4 people, so you’ll be in good company. And while it’s mostly an adult thing, kids with wristbands are more than welcome.

Pets, not so much. The rule generally doesn’t allow pets in the show area, although leashed dogs can hang-out at campsites and the resort. Service dogs though, have all-access festival passes!

V. Festival Fun

Inside the show area, you have food and drinks at your beck and call with the available bars and food vendors.

Ticket locations accept both cash and credit cards, and if you’re a bit old school and need cash, ATMs are also available on-site.

VI. Show Area Regulations

Bags? You can bring one in, but to speed up your entry, maybe go without. The festival operates a clear-bag policy.

Need to carry medicine-related supplies? Don’t worry, they’re an exception and can be packed in an appropriate bag.

VII. Emergencies and Mishaps

If things get a bit hairy, medical personnel will be on-site to help.

Lost and found items? Look no further than the front gate.

There you have it! These steps won’t just get you in, they’ll ensure you have an absolute blast at the Caveman Music Festival. Remember, the key to a great festival experience is registering your wristbands, packing the right stuff, and sticking to the rules. Now, get ready to enjoy the rhythm of the festival, rock on!