Deciphering the Purpose of Caveman Music Festival

Caveman, the band from Brooklyn, has gained a massive following with an old-fashioned method. They gained notice at CMJ last year and toured the country to promote their music. They were soon signed to Fat Possum Records, the label of Black Keys and Al Green. Today, they tour the world and play festivals. Contact us to learn more about labor day music festival

Caveman is a one-man show 

At the upcoming Caveman music festival, one man will be performing Defending the Caveman, a show that is equal parts stand-up and pseudo-anthropology. The show features a caveman costume, Flintstones-style decor, and songs about a caveman’s struggles with gender roles. 

Americana music is a mix of various American genres rooted in Southern tradition 

The term Americana refers to a wide range of genres, ranging from country and early folk music to alternative rock, folk, and singer-songwriter music. The term encompasses a broad range of styles that are rooted in the Southern tradition. It can be hard to define, however, as it covers both contemporary and traditional American music. 

Rob Becker’s music has helped define new styles of music 

Rob Becker’s early training was as a pianist for the federal art project, a relief program for the Depression that employed three million people. This governmental program supported artists of all mediums, including music. Becker was born in Oakland, California, and was raised in Hollywood. His father worked as a silent film actor. During his school years, he studied at several prestigious institutions. 

BRCC Fund supports veterans 

The Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC) has teamed up with Amazon Prime Video to help promote the new movie The Terminal List. The movie will feature a variety of BRCC products. The profits from these sales will be donated to the HunterSeven Foundation and the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. These organizations support veterans and their families. The BRCC Fund also supports local nonprofit organizations and conservation efforts. 


If you haven’t heard of Lucero, you’re missing out. This southern rock band is far ahead of the next wave of Southern rock, such as the Cadillac Three. They’re headed to Lucero this year and are planning on playing at least 23 concerts in the years 2022-2023. 

Defending the Caveman has influenced generations of artists 

Defending the Caveman, a one-man monologue about gender, sexuality, and evolution, has been a favorite of artists for decades. Written by Rob Becker and originally performed on Broadway, it has been updated and revised throughout the years to reflect the latest scientific studies on gender and sexuality. The play has also inspired new studies that compare the differences between males and females.