Age Restrictions at Caveman Music Festival

Monument Lake Resort, nestled in the heart of Weston, Colorado, sets the stage for an annual musical celebration like no other—the Caveman Music Festival. With its breathtaking views and an enticing lineup of over 20 artists and bands, this Labor Day Colorado Music Festival has become a cherished tradition for music enthusiasts. As the festival’s popularity grows, questions arise about its inclusivity, particularly regarding age restrictions. Is the Caveman Music Festival open to all ages? Contact us to learn more about

The answer is a resounding yes! The Caveman Music Festival prides itself on being a family-friendly event, welcoming attendees of all ages to join in the musical festivities. The picturesque backdrop of Monument Lake Resort provides the perfect setting for a multi-generational experience, where families and friends can come together to enjoy live performances against the stunning Colorado scenery. 

One of the unique aspects of the Caveman Music Festival is the diverse range of activities and accommodations it offers. Many attendees opt for the immersive experience of road-tripping to Weston, camping on the festival grounds, and soaking in the natural beauty of the surrounding area. For those who prefer air travel, convenient access is provided through airports in Colorado Springs or Denver. Additionally, the festival organizers understand that the tent life isn’t for everyone, so they offer various lodging options for those seeking a more comfortable stay. 

In a bid to enhance the overall festival experience, the organizers have introduced a new feature this year—drink vouchers. Beverages can now be purchased exclusively with these vouchers at all beer gardens and beverage stations. To streamline the process and avoid long lines during the event, attendees have the option to purchase drink vouchers ahead of time. This not only adds convenience but also contributes to a more efficient and enjoyable experience for all festival-goers. 

For those seeking more information about the festival, the official website ( serves as a comprehensive resource. The website provides details about the festival’s history, the upcoming 2024 lineup (to be announced soon), and crucial information about ticketing and accommodations. It also serves as a hub for purchasing drink vouchers in advance, helping attendees plan their experience and skip the lines at the event. 

The Caveman Music Festival’s commitment to inclusivity is evident not only in its age-friendly policies but also in the array of musical genres represented in its lineup. From rock and pop to country and electronic, the festival caters to diverse musical tastes, ensuring that everyone finds something to groove to. This broad spectrum of genres further enhances the festival’s appeal to families and individuals of all ages. 

For those looking to reach out to the festival organizers directly, contact information is readily available. The festival’s physical address at 4789 CO-12, Weston, CO 81091, USA, provides a location reference for those planning their journey. Additionally, inquiries can be directed to the festival’s email address,, or by phone call at (719) 680-0580. 

In conclusion, the Caveman Music Festival stands out not only for its musical extravaganza but also for its commitment to being an all-ages, family-friendly event. Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a nature lover, or a family looking for a memorable Labor Day weekend, the festival at Monument Lake Resort offers an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for everyone. So, pack your bags, grab your tickets, and get ready to immerse yourself in a harmonious blend of music, nature, and community at the Caveman Music Festival in scenic Weston, Colorado.