Caveman Festival Accessibility and Convenience

In the heart of Weston, Colorado, Monument Lake Resort stands as a beacon for music enthusiasts, offering an unparalleled experience amidst nature’s grandeur. The annual Colorado Music Festival hosted at this scenic retreat has become a pilgrimage for music lovers, drawing crowds from far and wide. As attendees converge to revel in the harmonious symphony of over 20 artists and bands, the question of accessibility and convenience of charging facilities arises, especially in the context of the evolving landscape of electric vehicles (EVs) and modern travel needs. Contact us to learn more about concerts labor day weekend

caveman music festival

The Road to Weston 

For many, the journey to Monument Lake Resort involves a road trip, a quintessential adventure that adds to the overall experience. Road-trippers, however, face the challenge of keeping their electric vehicles charged along the way. The accessibility of charging stations becomes crucial, ensuring that the scenic route to Weston is not marred by the anxiety of running out of battery power. 

Weston, being a rural enclave, may not have an extensive network of charging stations. Hence, planning becomes key for those relying on electric vehicles. In this scenario, the convenience of reaching the festival grounds depends on the availability and accessibility of charging facilities along the route. While the festival’s website provides a plethora of information about the event, it would be beneficial for organizers to incorporate details about charging stations en route to Weston for electric vehicle enthusiasts. 

Air Travel and Charging Concerns 

For attendees opting for air travel, the accessibility of charging facilities at or near airports is paramount. Colorado Springs and Denver, being the recommended airports, must cater to the evolving needs of travelers with electric vehicles. Airports are increasingly realizing the importance of supporting sustainable travel by providing EV charging stations. However, for attendees flying in from locations with limited charging infrastructure, it might be challenging to find suitable options, raising concerns about the convenience of EV travel. 

Camping, Lodging, and Charging Options 

The allure of camping on the grounds of Monument Lake Resort is undeniable, offering an immersive experience in nature. For campers with electric vehicles, the availability of charging facilities within the camping area is a crucial consideration. The organizers could enhance the overall convenience by providing dedicated charging stations within the camping grounds, ensuring that attendees can keep their EVs powered up while embracing the serenity of the outdoors. 

Alternatively, for those who prefer the comfort of lodging, the convenience of charging facilities within or near accommodation options becomes equally important. Information about nearby charging stations should be readily available to help attendees plan their stay with ease. 

Innovation for the Future: Drink Vouchers and Beyond 

Acknowledging the evolving needs of festival-goers, the introduction of drink vouchers for purchasing beverages represents a step towards convenience. This innovative approach minimizes wait times at beer gardens and beverage stations, enhancing the overall festival experience. Building on this spirit of innovation, the organizers could explore partnerships with electric vehicle charging networks to offer discounted charging vouchers or packages for attendees, further promoting sustainable travel to the festival. 


As Monument Lake Resort gears up to host the Colorado Music Festival, the accessibility and convenience of charging facilities play a pivotal role in shaping the overall experience for attendees. Whether arriving by road or air, camping under the stars, or opting for comfortable lodging, the ability to charge electric vehicles seamlessly enhances the festival’s appeal. As the world embraces sustainable travel, incorporating information about charging facilities into the festival’s resources can elevate the experience for electric vehicle enthusiasts, ensuring that the road to Weston remains as awe-inspiring as the festival itself.