Caveman Festival Featured Artists and Performances

Nestled in the heart of Colorado, the Caveman Festival is gearing up for another unforgettable experience at Monument Lake Resort in Weston. As the anticipation builds for the Labor Day weekend, festival-goers are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the 2024 lineup, promising a musical extravaganza set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Colorado landscape. Contact us to learn more about labor day weekend music festivals

caveman music festival

Monument Lake Resort

Monument Lake Resort, renowned for its stunning views, provides the perfect canvas for the Caveman Festival. With over 20 artists and bands slated to perform, attendees can expect a diverse range of musical genres that will resonate with every taste. The festival has become synonymous with celebrating not just music but also the scenic beauty that surrounds Weston, making it a unique and sought-after destination for music enthusiasts. 

One of the distinctive features of the Caveman Festival is its location. Weston, CO, draws in crowds not only for the music but also for the opportunity to embark on a road trip and camp on the festival grounds. For those preferring air travel, convenient access is available through Colorado Springs or Denver. The festival’s organizers have thoughtfully considered every aspect of the attendee experience, ensuring that both road-trippers and flyers have a seamless journey to the heart of Colorado’s music scene. 

For those seeking a more comfortable stay, the festival offers lodging options, allowing attendees to revel in the festivities without sacrificing the comforts of home. Whether camping under the starlit sky or enjoying the cozy amenities of the lodging facilities, the Caveman Festival aims to cater to every attendee’s preferences. 

As the excitement builds, the festival organizers have introduced a new feature this year to enhance the overall experience. Beverage aficionados will be pleased to know that drink vouchers will be the exclusive currency for purchasing beverages in all beer gardens and beverage stations. To streamline the process and avoid long lines, festival-goers have the option to purchase drink vouchers ahead of time. This not only ensures a hassle-free experience but also adds a layer of convenience to enjoying the musical performances. 

Planning is key, and festival attendees can secure their drink vouchers well in advance, making it easier to focus on the music and camaraderie during the event. The introduction of this feature aligns with the Caveman Festival’s commitment to providing a well-organized and enjoyable experience for all participants. 

As the festival draws near, the air is thick with anticipation for the official announcement of the 2024 lineup. The Caveman Festival has built a reputation for showcasing both established and emerging talent across various musical genres. From rock to folk, indie to electronic, the eclectic lineup promises to cater to the diverse tastes of the audience. 

Although the specific lineup for 2024 is yet to be revealed, past editions of the festival have featured renowned artists and promising newcomers alike. The Caveman Festival’s commitment to offering a platform for emerging artists ensures that attendees are treated to a dynamic mix of performances, making each year’s lineup a discovery in itself. 

For those eager to stay updated on the latest announcements, the festival’s official website is the go-to source. Regularly updated with news, ticket information, and other details, the website ( serves as a central hub for all things Caveman Festival. It’s the virtual gateway to the rhythmic revelry that awaits attendees at Monument Lake Resort. 

As the festival date approaches, Monument Lake Resort in Weston, Colorado, transforms into a vibrant tapestry of music, nature, and communal celebration. The Caveman Festival invites music lovers from near and far to join in the festivities, creating lasting memories against the backdrop of Colorado’s scenic beauty. 

In conclusion, the Caveman Festival stands as a testament to the power of music to unite people and create unforgettable experiences. With the promise of an exciting lineup, picturesque surroundings, and thoughtful amenities, the festival is poised to deliver another Labor Day weekend filled with rhythmic revelry and shared moments that will resonate long after the music fades away. To all those seeking a unique and immersive musical journey, the Caveman Festival awaits, ready to unfold its magic in the heart of Colorado.