Americana Music Festival Guidelines and Restrictions

The annual Caveman Music Festival, hosted at Monument Lake Resort in Weston, Colorado, has become a must-attend event for music enthusiasts looking to immerse themselves in a unique musical experience amidst the stunning Colorado landscape. As the festival gains popularity, questions arise about the festival’s pet policy, leaving many attendees wondering if they can bring their furry companions along for the adventure. Contact us to learn more about americana festival

caveman music festival

Diverse lineup featuring over 20 artists

Monument Lake Resort, with its breathtaking views, serves as the ideal backdrop for the Labor Day Colorado Music Festival. The festival boasts a diverse lineup featuring over 20 artists and bands, promising attendees an unforgettable experience. The picturesque setting of the resort encourages many festival-goers to opt for a road trip to Weston, Colorado, where they can camp on the festival grounds. For those who prefer air travel, convenient airports in Colorado Springs or Denver are recommended gateways to this musical extravaganza. Additionally, for those not keen on tent living, Monument Lake Resort offers various lodging options. 

One of the key considerations for attendees is whether they can bring their pets to the Caveman Music Festival. The festival organizers understand the close bond between festival-goers and their four-legged friends, and in response to this demand, they have introduced a pet-friendly policy this year. This is excellent news for pet owners who wish to share the festival experience with their beloved companions. 

Before bringing your pet along, it’s crucial to be aware of the festival’s guidelines and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for both you and your furry friend. The festival’s website,, is a valuable resource where you can find detailed information about the pet policy, including any specific requirements or restrictions. 

As of the 2024 edition of the Caveman Music Festival, pets are welcome to join in the festivities. However, responsible pet ownership is emphasized, and attendees are encouraged to follow a set of guidelines to ensure the well-being and comfort of all festival-goers, both human and animal. 

To make the festival experience seamless for pet owners, the organizers have introduced a few considerations. Firstly, it’s advisable to keep pets on a leash at all times to maintain a controlled environment. This ensures the safety of both the animals and other attendees. Additionally, attendees are encouraged to bring essential items for their pets, such as water bowls, food, and waste disposal bags, to ensure their pets’ needs are met throughout the festival. 

For those planning to indulge in beer gardens and beverage stations, it’s important to note that beverages can only be purchased using drink vouchers. To streamline the process, organizers suggest purchasing these vouchers in advance, allowing attendees to skip the lines and enjoy a hassle-free experience. 

If you have any specific questions or concerns about bringing your pet to the Caveman Music Festival, the festival organizers can be contacted directly. You can reach out to them via email at or by phone at (719) 680-0580. They will provide you with the necessary information and address any queries you may have about accommodating your furry friend during the festival. 

In conclusion, the introduction of a pet-friendly policy at the Caveman Music Festival reflects the organizers’ commitment to creating an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all attendees. With the stunning backdrop of Monument Lake Resort, the diverse musical lineup, and the added joy of sharing the experience with your pet, the Caveman Music Festival promises to be an unforgettable adventure for music lovers and their furry companions alike.