Rules for Camping at Caveman Festival

As music enthusiasts gear up for the Labor Day Colorado Music Festival at Monument Lake Resort in Weston, Colorado, the allure of camping on the festival grounds adds a touch of adventure to the experience. While the prospect of sleeping under the stars amidst the picturesque backdrop is enticing, it’s essential for festival-goers to be aware of specific rules and regulations governing camping at the Caveman Music Festival. Let’s delve into the details to ensure a harmonious and enjoyable camping experience. Contact us to learn more about music festivals labor day weekend

caveman music festival

Monument Lake Resort: A Gateway to Nature 

Situated amid the breathtaking views of Colorado, Monument Lake Resort provides a unique setting for the Caveman Music Festival. The opportunity to revel in live performances from over 20 artists and bands against the stunning backdrop of the resort’s natural surroundings is a journey unlike any other. For many attendees, camping on the festival grounds is an integral part of the experience, offering a chance to immerse themselves fully in the festival atmosphere. 

Road-Tripping and Camping: A Popular Choice 

Road-tripping to Weston, Colorado, has become a tradition for many festival-goers, with the added adventure of camping on the grounds. The festival’s proximity to Denver and Colorado Springs makes it accessible for both local and out-of-state attendees. Camping under the vast Colorado sky allows participants to connect with nature and fellow music enthusiasts, creating a communal atmosphere that enhances the overall festival experience. 

Camping Regulations: What You Need to Know 

While camping at the Caveman Music Festival adds a rustic charm to the event, it’s crucial to adhere to specific rules and regulations to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all attendees. Festival organizers prioritize the well-being of participants and the preservation of the natural surroundings. Common camping regulations at the Caveman Music Festival may include: 

Designated Camping Areas: Festival organizers typically designate specific areas for camping. It’s essential to set up tents and camping gear only in these designated zones to maintain order and ensure the safety of all participants. 

Campfire Guidelines: To prevent wildfires and preserve the environment, there may be strict guidelines regarding campfires. Attendees may be required to use designated fire pits or completely refrain from open flames, depending on the current environmental conditions. 

Waste Disposal: Responsible waste disposal is a key aspect of camping regulations. Attendees are often required to use designated trash and recycling bins to keep the festival grounds clean and minimize the environmental impact. 

Noise Control: To maintain a harmonious atmosphere, there may be rules regarding noise levels during specific hours. This ensures that all attendees have the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep while still embracing the vibrant festival spirit. 

Security Measures: Camping areas may have security personnel to monitor and enforce regulations. This ensures the safety and well-being of all festival-goers, creating a secure environment for everyone to enjoy. 

Lodging Alternatives for Non-Campers 

For those who find the allure of camping less appealing, Monument Lake Resort offers alternative lodging options. Attendees can choose from guest houses, cabins, or other accommodations that provide a comfortable and private retreat. These options cater to diverse preferences, allowing attendees to tailor their festival experience to suit their comfort levels. 

New Festival Feature: Streamlined Beverage Service 

In addition to camping regulations, festival organizers have introduced new features for the upcoming event. This year, beverages at all beer gardens and beverage stations can be purchased exclusively with drink vouchers. Attendees can purchase these vouchers ahead of time, streamlining the process and allowing them to skip the line at the event. This innovative approach adds convenience to the overall festival experience, making it easier for participants to focus on the music and festivities. 


As festival-goers prepare for the Caveman Music Festival, understanding and adhering to camping regulations is crucial for a seamless and enjoyable experience. Whether choosing the adventure of camping under the stars or opting for alternative lodging options, respecting the rules ensures a harmonious environment for all attendees. The combination of live music, breathtaking views, and responsible camping practices creates a unique and unforgettable experience at Monument Lake Resort in Weston, Colorado.