Caveman Festival Featured Performances

Nestled amid the stunning landscapes of Weston, Colorado, the Caveman Music Festival promises an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary. Hosted at the Monument Lake Resort, this Labor Day extravaganza beckons music enthusiasts from far and wide. In its upcoming 2024 edition, the festival boasts a lineup featuring over 20 artists and bands, set to captivate audiences against the breathtaking backdrop that the resort is renowned for. As attendees gear up for this musical odyssey, many wonder if there are specific time slots earmarked for different performances. Let’s delve into the intricacies of the festival schedule and explore what awaits eager festival-goers. Contact us to learn more about music festival in colorado

caveman music festival

The Venue and its Spectacular Surroundings: 

Monument Lake Resort stands as the epicenter of this musical celebration, offering an unparalleled setting that enhances the overall festival experience. Surrounded by nature’s grandeur, attendees are treated to live performances amidst the picturesque landscapes that Weston, Colorado, is known for. For those who crave adventure, the festival grounds also accommodate camping enthusiasts, inviting them to revel in the unique charm of a road trip to Weston. If camping isn’t your preferred style, Monument Lake Resort provides comfortable lodging options, ensuring that every festival-goer can tailor their experience to suit their tastes. 

The Logistics of Getting There: 

For those embarking on a road trip, the journey to Weston, CO, is a part of the festival adventure. However, for those opting for air travel, the festival organizers recommend flying into either Colorado Springs or Denver. This thoughtful consideration caters to the diverse preferences of attendees, ensuring that everyone can find a convenient and enjoyable way to reach the heart of the Caveman Music Festival. 

New Additions to Enhance the Experience: 

As the festival evolves, organizers constantly seek ways to enhance the overall experience for attendees. This year, a noteworthy addition comes in the form of beverage management. Festival-goers can now purchase drinks exclusively through drink vouchers at all beer gardens and beverage stations. To streamline the process and minimize wait times, organizers encourage attendees to secure their drink vouchers ahead of time. This not only adds a level of convenience but also contributes to a more seamless and enjoyable festival experience. 

Performance Time Slots – A Well-Orchestrated Symphony: 

One of the key aspects that attendees are curious about is the schedule of performances. While the official 2024 lineup is yet to be announced, the Caveman Music Festival is renowned for its meticulous planning and organization. In previous editions, performances were seamlessly spread across various stages, ensuring that attendees could immerse themselves in a diverse array of musical genres and acts. 

To make the most of the festival, attendees can expect performances to span across the entire Labor Day weekend. The organizers, known for their commitment to delivering a memorable experience, strive to create a schedule that accommodates different tastes and preferences. Whether you’re a fan of rock, pop, electronic, or indie, the Caveman Music Festival endeavors to curate a lineup that caters to a broad spectrum of musical interests. 


As anticipation builds for the upcoming Caveman Music Festival, attendees can rest assured that the organizers have their best interests in mind. From the enchanting backdrop of Monument Lake Resort to the logistical details of travel and the introduction of convenient drink vouchers, every element is carefully considered. While specific performance time slots for the 2024 lineup are yet to be revealed, the festival’s history suggests a well-orchestrated symphony of music, spread across the Labor Day weekend. As the festival date approaches, the excitement intensifies, promising an unforgettable experience for all who embark on this rhythmic odyssey in the heart of Colorado.