Caveman Festival Ticket Information

Nestled amidst the breathtaking vistas of Weston, Colorado, the Caveman Music Festival at Monument Lake Resort promises an unparalleled Labor Day weekend filled with live music, picturesque landscapes, and unforgettable memories. As anticipation builds for the 2024 lineup, many festival-goers are eager to know if there are any special packages or bundled deals available for securing their tickets to this one-of-a-kind musical extravaganza.  Contact us to learn more about americana concerts

caveman music festival

Exploring the Festival Venue:  

Hosted at Monument Lake Resort, the Caveman Music Festival offers a unique blend of music and nature, making it a must-attend event for music enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. The picturesque backdrop enhances the overall experience, providing an immersive setting for performances by over 20 artists and bands.  

For those seeking an adventure, road-tripping to Weston, CO, and camping on the festival grounds is a popular choice. The allure of sleeping under the stars and waking up to the scenic beauty of Monument Lake adds a rustic charm to the festival experience. Alternatively, if camping is not your preferred accommodation, the festival organizers offer lodging options, ensuring comfort for every attendee.  

Getting There:  

Traveling to Weston, Colorado, can be an exciting journey, whether by road or air. If you enjoy the freedom of the open road, a road trip to Weston is a favored choice for many festival-goers. For those opting for air travel, Colorado Springs or Denver are the recommended airports to fly into, providing convenient access to the festival venue.  

Special Festival Additions:  

As the Caveman Music Festival evolves, organizers have introduced new elements to enhance the overall experience. One notable addition this year is the option to purchase drink vouchers ahead of time. These vouchers can be used exclusively at all beer gardens and beverage stations throughout the festival grounds. This innovative approach allows attendees to skip the lines and enjoy their favorite beverages hassle-free, adding an extra layer of convenience to the festival experience.  

Ticketing Information:  

While the festival website ( serves as the primary hub for all ticketing information, it’s crucial to note that the 2024 lineup is yet to be announced. The suspense surrounding the performers adds to the excitement, with fans eagerly awaiting the revelation of the artists who will grace the stage this Labor Day weekend.  

For those interested in securing their spot at the Caveman Music Festival, tickets can be purchased directly through the festival website. Early planning is advisable, especially for those eyeing the limited camping spots on the festival grounds. Additionally, with the introduction of drink vouchers for beverages, purchasing them in advance is a savvy move for attendees looking to streamline their festival experience.  

Contact Information:  

For any inquiries, the Caveman Music Festival team can be reached via email at or by phone at (719) 680-0580. Any specific queries regarding tickets, accommodations, or general festival information can be directed to these contact points.  


The Caveman Music Festival at Monument Lake Resort in Weston, Colorado, promises a Labor Day weekend filled with music, nature, and unforgettable moments. As attendees eagerly await the announcement of the 2024 lineup, the availability of special packages or bundled deals for festival tickets adds an extra layer of intrigue. Whether you choose to camp under the stars or opt for comfortable lodging, the festival offers a diverse range of experiences, ensuring that each attendee can tailor their experience to their preferences. With the convenience of pre-purchasing drink vouchers and various travel options, the Caveman Music Festival continues to innovate, providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for all who embark on this musical adventure.