Age Restrictions at Caveman Music Festival

The excitement is palpable as music enthusiasts eagerly await the annual Caveman Music Festival, set against the stunning backdrop of Monument Lake Resort in Weston, Colorado. With over 20 artists and bands lined up for the Labor Day extravaganza, the festival promises a unique experience for attendees. As the event draws near, many potential festival-goers may wonder about age restrictions and whether certain stages or performances are off-limits for specific age groups. Contact us to learn more about

caveman music festival

Monument Lake Resort Setting: 

Nestled in the heart of Colorado, Monument Lake Resort provides a breathtaking venue for the Caveman Music Festival. The picturesque landscape sets the stage for an immersive musical experience, making it a destination worth the journey. The resort offers a range of accommodation options, from camping on the grounds for the adventurous to comfortable lodging choices for those seeking a more relaxed stay. Whether road-tripping to Weston or flying into nearby Colorado Springs or Denver, the journey to Monument Lake Resort is part of the festival adventure. 

Inclusivity at Caveman Music Festival: 

The Caveman Music Festival prides itself on creating an inclusive atmosphere for music lovers of all ages. Unlike some festivals that may have strict age restrictions, Caveman aims to provide a family-friendly environment where people of all ages can come together to enjoy live music. Families often choose to camp on the festival grounds, creating lasting memories surrounded by the natural beauty of Colorado. 

Age Restrictions and Performances: 

While the festival encourages inclusivity, attendees need to be aware of any age restrictions that may apply to certain performances or stages. As of now, the festival organizers have not specified any age-related restrictions for accessing particular shows. This openness allows families and friends to enjoy the diverse lineup without concerns about limitations based on age. 

New This Year: Beverage Policies: 

In a bid to enhance the overall festival experience, the organizers have introduced a new policy regarding beverage purchases. Festival-goers can now purchase drink vouchers ahead of time, ensuring a smooth process at all beer gardens and beverage stations. This initiative not only streamlines the event but also allows attendees to skip the lines and make the most of their time enjoying the music. 

How to Navigate Age Restrictions: 

For those attending the Caveman Music Festival with younger members in their group, it’s advisable to check the festival’s official website for any updates or announcements regarding age restrictions closer to the event date. Additionally, reaching out to the festival’s dedicated email ( or phone line ((719) 680-0580) can provide attendees with specific information about age-related guidelines. 


The Caveman Music Festival at Monument Lake Resort in Weston, Colorado, stands out as a celebration of music set against a backdrop of natural beauty. The organizers’ commitment to inclusivity ensures that the festival is accessible to attendees of all ages. As the festival approaches, prospective attendees can rest assured that, as of now, there are no specific age restrictions for accessing particular performances or stages. With the picturesque surroundings, diverse lineup, and new beverage policies in place, the Caveman Music Festival promises an unforgettable experience for music lovers of all ages.