Accommodation Choices at Caveman Festival

The Caveman Music Festival promises an immersive and unforgettable musical experience, and to enhance your festival adventure, various lodging options are available close to the event. From comfortable hotels to unique campgrounds, attendees have a range of choices to suit their preferences and budget. Contact us to learn more about caveman music festivals 2024

caveman music festival

Resorts and Campgrounds 

Monument Lake Resort 

Address: 4789 Hwy 12, Weston, CO 81091 

Phone: (719) 680-0580 

Monument Lake Resort is situated conveniently close to the festival grounds and offers a picturesque setting for festival-goers seeking both comfort and natural beauty. 

Middle Fork Resort 

Address: 6878 CO-12, Weston, CO 81091 

Phone: (720) 445-1195 

For those who prefer a rustic experience, Middle Fork Resort provides a serene atmosphere and proximity to the festival. 

Picketwire Lodge & RV 

Address: 7600 Highway 12, Weston, CO 81091 

Phone: (719) 868-2265 

Ideal for those traveling in RVs, Picketwire Lodge & RV offers both lodging and camping options, ensuring a seamless festival experience. 

Stonewall Shopping Bag & RV Park 

Address: 6689 Highway 12, Stonewall, CO 81091 

Phone: (719) 868-2255 

With RV park facilities, Stonewall Shopping Bag & RV Park is convenient for those seeking a camping experience without sacrificing essential amenities. 

Hotels and Inns 

Cuchara Lokal Hotel 

Address: 73 Cuchara Ave, LaVeta, CO 81005 

Phone: (719) 742-3685 

A charming hotel in LaVeta, Cuchara Lokal Hotel offers a cozy retreat for festival attendees seeking more traditional accommodation. 

Dodgeton Creek Inn 

Address: 137 Cuchara Ave E, Cuchara, CO 81055 

Phone: (719) 742-5169 

Providing a blend of comfort and character, Dodgeton Creek Inn is an excellent choice for those looking for a unique lodging experience. 

La Veta Inn 

Address: 103 W. Ryus Ave, LaVeta, CO 81055 

Phone: (719) 742-5566 

La Veta Inn is a well-appointed hotel with modern amenities for a comfortable stay. 

Best Western Rambler 

Address: 457 US Highway 85 87, Walsenburg, CO 81089 

Phone: (719) 738-1121 

Best Western Rambler in Walsenburg provides reliable accommodations with a range of amenities for those seeking a reputable hotel chain. 

RV Parks 

La Veta Pines RV Park 

Address: 226 W. Grand Street, LaVeta, CO 81005 

Phone: (719) 742-3252 

Perfect for RV enthusiasts, La Veta Pines RV Park offers a convenient location and essential facilities for a comfortable stay. 

Summit RV Park 

Address: 9800 Santa Fe Trail, Trinidad, CO 81082 

Phone: (719) 846-2251 

Situated in Trinidad, Summit RV Park is an excellent option for those traveling with recreational vehicles. 

Tower 64 RV Park 

Address: 16011 Co Rd 71, Trinidad, CO 81082 

Phone: (719) 514-2025 

With its strategic location, Tower 64 RV Park provides easy access to the festival grounds, making it a convenient choice for RV owners. 

Hotels in Trinidad 

Trinidad offers various hotel options for festival-goers, ranging from well-known chains to local establishments: 

  • Quality Inn 
  • La Quinta Inn 
  • Days Inn & Suites 
  • Travelodge 
  • Super 8 By Wyndham 
  • Holiday Inn Express 

Vacation Rentals 

For those who prefer a more personalized experience, vacation rentals are available through platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo. 

Whether you choose the comfort of a hotel, the charm of an inn, the convenience of an RV park, or the tranquility of a campground, the Caveman Music Festival ensures a lodging option to suit every taste. For more information and festival updates, you can visit the official website. If you have any inquiries, you can reach the festival organizers via email at or by phone at (719) 680-0580. Get ready to immerse yourself in the music and create lasting memories at the Caveman Music Festival!