Why Do Girls Wear Thongs to a Rave Music Festival? 

Why do girls wear thongs to raves? The EDM scene is rife with sexist tendencies. Often, girls will wear lycra thongs, booty shorts, or crop tops. But if there’s a “safe” place to wear these types of clothes, it’s a rave. Thankfully, iHeartRaves has an extensive list of rave outfits to inspire you to wear sexy attire. 

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Sexist tendencies in the EDM scene 

This survey found that 63% of respondents completed the survey. The completion rate was high, although respondents took one to four weeks to complete it. Several e-mails and telephone calls were required to collect responses. While the percentage of female respondents was lower, they remained consistent. In both surveys, respondents in the EDM and HH scenes were more likely to complete them than those in the HH scene. 

ADC+V relationships vary across scenes, based on the demographic makeup of participants and their commitment to subcultures. While EDM and HH scenes are overwhelmingly white, the proportion of non-white respondents is much higher. Additionally, the music tastes of different groups vary. A study of participants at EDM events suggests that these two scenes are racially diverse. 

Lycra thongs are a safe place to wear crop tops or booty shorts 

A pair of lycra thongs is a perfect alternative to a crop top or booty short at a music festival. They’re made from seventy-three percent cotton, 14% rayon, 11% polyester, and two percent spandex. They’re machine-washable and recommended for hanging dry. They also feature five pockets and come in five colors to match your favorite outfit. 

Lycra thongs have a history of being a common fashion accessory that is not specifically reserved for women. These thongs were first used by exotic dancers, but have since become mainstream among women. During the 1980s, thongs were marketed toward women and became popular thanks to films like Baywatch. 

Nipple pasties are a common style of thong 

When purchasing a thong, it is important to pay close attention to its design. Basic pasties are typically made of silicone while more extravagant versions contain polyester or cotton fabric. The most popular style is the one embellished with sequins, faux crystals, and tassels. Fully embellished pasties are also heavier than simple ones. It is also important to note that pasties with embellishments need to adhere to the body with good adhesive. 

Pasties became extremely popular during the burlesque era, which allowed dancers to perform in near-nude attire without being ostracized. At first, pasties were not worn in public and were deemed taboo during the conservative era. Eventually, news of the burlesque costume trend spread to the US, and burlesque dancers began wearing nipple pasties in concert halls. Until the late 1990s, pasties were only worn by burlesque performers. Today, nipple pasties are the most common style of thong worn at a rave music festival. 

iHeartRaves curates full rave outfits 

If you’re planning on heading to your next rave, you’ll need to know what to wear and what accessories you’ll need. iHeartRaves has you covered with plenty of great outfit ideas, including plus-size rave clothing. From ratty tees to cute tank tops, the site has it all. There are even accessories like bandanas and neck chains that make you stand out from the crowd. 

The leading website for rave wear, iHeartRaves curates fashion collections that feature the hottest festival fashion and festival outfits. From led gloves to hydration bags to pasties, iHeartRaves has it all. Plus size women can shop the rave fashion they love with fast shipping and no hassle returns. Even better, the site is available in more languages than English, so you can shop in your native language and find the perfect rave outfit without too many headaches.