Who Was the First Performer at the Caveman Music Festival? 

The first performer at Caveman was Aaron Copland, but who was the first rock artist to headline the festival? Who else did we miss? Aaron Copland, Brett McGraw, Parker Morrow, and Red Shahan, just to name a few? The list goes on. Read on to find out! And get ready for some fun trivia! Here are some fun facts about the festival, from its founders to its performers. 

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Aaron Copland 

The festival’s name refers to the composer Aaron Copland, who was the first performer in the festival’s inaugural year. Copland was also a presenter and curator of music, using the New School as a key venue for presenting new works. He was also a frequent contributor to the New York Times and the Musical Quarterly. Among his many accomplishments, Copland published What to Listen for in Music in 1939, and was a frequent contributor to the New School for Social Research. 

Brett McGraw 

The Caveman Music Festival is Colorado’s largest Americana music festival and takes place each Labor Day weekend at Monument Lake Resort. The event features local Americana artists, brilliant summer sun, and the magnificent scenery of Colorado. To attend, bring your friends and grab a camping chair and bring your musical appetite. Here are some tips for making the most of your festival experience. – Bring lots of water! 

Red Shahan 

Founded by Brett McGraw, Red Shahan, and Parker Morrow, the Caveman Music Festival brings together talented Americana artists and fans. The festival is held at Monument Lake Resort in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The organizers of the festival are highly experienced music producers who have toured the world and played in the biggest venues. They have a long list of fans, and the festival has a strong following. 

Parker Morrow 

If you are a lover of Americana music, the Caveman Music Festival is for you. Founded in 2010, this festival is a celebration of folk, blues, jazz, country, and more. It will also showcase bluegrass, rock, and more. In addition, attendees can paddle boats and kayaks. Accommodation options include tents and lodge hotel rooms. The festival costs $470 per person, and tickets are available for individual performances as well as ticket packages. 

Sam Bush 

American multi-instrumentalist Sam Bush was born on April 13, 1952. He is credited with being the founder of progressive bluegrass music and has been inducted into the International Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame. Born in Tennessee, Bush spent his early years surrounded by the music of his father, Bill Monroe. His influence has helped him become one of the most sought-after session musicians in the world. Bush is renowned for his mandolin and fiddle work but is also an accomplished singer. His work has even inspired pop stars such as Taylor Swift.