Caveman Colorado Music Festival

What is the Caveman Music Festival? What is it like to attend this festival? We’ll answer those questions and more in this article. We’ll also discuss the Caveman New Music Competition and how much the floor seats cost. This information is critical for a successful Caveman Festival. The festival is held annually at Monument Lake Resort in Weston, Colorado. If you’re wondering who owns the Caveman Music Festival, read on. 

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Caveman Music Festival LLC 

The third annual Caveman Music Festival is coming to Monument Lake Resort in Colorado. This music festival is three days of live music, camping, hiking, and fishing. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and the music of your favorite bands at this festival. There is something for everyone. If you’re looking for a festival that will make your day, the Caveman Music Festival is the one for you. The festival is held at Monument Lake Resort, which is located in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. 

The official website of the company is, where you can find contact information. You can also find the business’s profile with the Colorado Department of State, the state’s central filing office. This website includes a list of information about the business, including its name, mailing address, entity status, and date it was formed. The company also has a Facebook page and a contact form. While these details may not be very helpful for potential customers, they’re still a good place to start. 

Caveman Music Festival at Monument Lake resort 

The Monument Lake resort in Weston, CO is the perfect location to attend the annual Caveman Music Festival. Enjoy three days of live music with over 15 local and national acts. In addition to the festival, the resort offers hiking, fishing, and camping. If you are looking for a fun family weekend, the festival will be an excellent choice. And what’s more, the scenery is beautiful. Regardless of whether you are heading to the Caveman Music Festival for the first time or the third time, you are sure to find something to enjoy. 

For those who wish to stay in a hotel, there are two options. First, there is the Stonewall View Guesthouse, located at the base of the Dakota Stonewall Formation. Another option is the Middle Fork Resort, which has multiple cabin rentals and an RV park. Both resorts offer access to outdoor activities and the Caveman Music Festival. For those interested in the Caveman Music Festival, tickets can be purchased separately or in packages, which include hotel and camping accommodations, shuttle service, and parking. 

Caveman New Music Competition 

The Caveman New Music Competition is an indigenous American festival. Tickets are $470 and include shuttle service from your hotel or campsite to the festival grounds. Whether you are staying in a hotel or camping, tickets to the event are worth the price. The event also features a documentary by Patti Smith’s director, Steven Sebring. Tickets start at $470 and are available on the festival website. You can also purchase tickets for the event’s live performance on June 17 through a Facebook event page. 

The competition is held annually and attracts up-and-coming artists to submit their songs. The winning band is chosen from a shortlist of entries submitted by a select group of judges. Oftentimes, finalists receive prizes for the best song written by an emerging artist. Those who receive cash prizes are recognized by the judge. Caveman is a staple of the New York music scene. For many years, it was a late-night meetup spot for all sorts of disparate artists. 

Price of floor seats 

If you are attending the Caveman Music Festival in California, you can expect to pay as much as $470 per person for a floor seat. However, this price does not include accommodation. To avoid spending a fortune on accommodation, you can opt to camp at the festival site or stay at a hotel near the venue. To avoid having to travel long distances, consider purchasing a ticket package. You can either choose to stay in a hotel or camp for free and use the shuttle to access the festival. 

A concert ticket for a Caveman Music Festival concert may cost as much as $100 or more for standard general admission. Those who choose VIP seating at the venue will have to shell out more than $275 per seat. On the other hand, a standard ticket in the upper levels of an arena can cost as little as $75. You can find more information about the tour on Vivid Seats. You can also check out the full Caveman Music Festival tour dates to see which tickets are available for purchase.