Who Listens to Music Created by Cavemen? 

The renaissance mission of The Cavemen is already bringing the band significant success. Their music has the ability to appeal to a broad range of audiences and can be adapted to any setting or style. This flexibility has earned them the nick-name of ‘Cavy People’. 


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The Cavemen’s journey to highlife music 

The journey of The Cavemen to the world of highlife music is not a simple one. The brothers started out as instrumentalists who specialized in different genres, but fate eventually brought them together to champion highlife music. They have a 16-track masterpiece called Roots, which won the Best Alternative Album category at the 14th Headies awards. 

The Cavemen are a Nigerian and British highlife music group who have merged the genres of highlife with undertones. Their debut album, Roots, was released in August 2020, and the album has been a success. Since then, the band has become bona fide stars in the Nigerian music scene. This has led to a spike in demand for their live performances. 

The Cavemen’s relationship with Lady Donli 

During their early years, The Cavemen began as instrumentalists before forming a band and collaborating with other artists. Their work with Lady Donli on her Enjoy Your Life album was an important step in their development as a group, as it allowed the group to reach a larger audience. The group also worked with cymbal players and drummers to further improve their sound, and they are now reportedly considering featuring an orchestra in the future. 

Lady Donli’s music is rooted in Nigeria and has a strong presence in the international scene. She’s been working on music since the early 2000s, and her music has been featured on a variety of projects. In the early 2010s, she appeared on Mr. Eazi’s mixtape Lagos to London, and in 2018 she contributed vocals to MI Abaga’s album Yxng Dnzl. In 2019, she released her debut album, Enjoy Your Life, featuring a number of collaborations. 

The Cavemen’s self-sustaining nature 

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The appeal of their music to a younger audience 

The appeal of Cavemen’s music is not limited to older people; young people as well as the older generation can enjoy their music as well. Cavemen are a group that is not afraid to experiment. Their latest single “Runaway Lady” is a personal song about emotional unavailability. The band is known to work with artists from different genres and are willing to collaborate to create new sounds. 

The appeal of The Cavemen’s music has gone beyond the traditional African genre. They’ve been able to attract a young audience with their original sound and storytelling. They’ve even managed to capture a non-Igbo speaking audience with their latest album “Love and Highlife.” This album is more diluted and has a message for young people. The cavemen have collaborated with other artists on Love and Highlife.