Who Is Margo Price? 

Margo Price is a country singer who was born in Aledo, Illinois. She is the daughter of Joe Price and Mary Price. She also has a tattoo of her mother’s name and the song “River” by Joni Mitchell. In 2010, she gave birth to twins. However, one of them, Ezra, died after only two weeks. This triggered Price’s depression. To cope with the grief, she turned to alcohol. However, with the help of her husband, she has sobered up. Today, the singer is expecting a second child in 2019. 

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Margo Price was born in Aledo, Illinois 

Born and raised in Aledo, Illinois, Margo Price has a rich and varied musical background. She began writing songs and playing guitar at a young age. She was also active in church and school choirs and sang the national anthem at semi-pro hockey games. At the age of twenty, Price dropped out of Northern Illinois University to pursue her passion for music. 

After studying dance and theater at Northern Illinois University, Price moved to Nashville and began playing in local venues. She and her husband recorded Midwest Farmer’s Daughter in three days at Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee. After the album was finished, they sent it to several record labels, but were rejected by many. Finally, a record label, Third Man Records, picked them up and released Midwest Farmer’s Daughter. 

She has a tattoo of her mother’s name 

American country singer Margo Price has several tattoos. Her left thigh sports a giant buffalo skull while her right thigh is adorned with a minimalist image of an eagle. She also has tattoos on her arms. Her tattoos include a fairy-tale tree with three birds on her left shoulder, some saying near her right elbow, and an arrow on her right wrist. 

When Margo Price was a child, her parents had to sell their farm. Her father was a prison guard, so he went to work in a prison. The farm was surrounded by cattle and corn fields. At the age of 20, Price decided to quit college and move to Nashville. She was influenced by her great-uncle Bobby Fischer, a country singer who wrote hit songs for the likes of George Jones, Reba McEntire, and Conway Twitty. 

She is a country singer 

Many people don’t know that Margo Price is a country singer. She is a 33-year-old country singer who is from New Jersey. She has been on the road for a long time, and she’s been to enough places to break a tough man’s heart. Her life experiences have given her a unique perspective that she channels into her music. In March 2016, she released her debut album, Margo, to acclaim. Her music is often compared to 2015’s breakout country star Chris Stapleton, but she champions a more traditional sound. Now, the wider country music audience is taking notice. 

While she grew up in a small town near Chicago, she has toured all over the country and played with a variety of musicians. She started out singing in church, but traded her pom-poms for a guitar when she went to college. Her great uncle wrote songs for many country stars, including Reba McEntire and George Jones. Later, she moved to Nashville and joined a band, Buffalo Clover. 

She has a tattoo of Joni Mitchell’s “River” 

The singer’s tattoo features the lyrics to the Joni Mitchell song, “River.” The song was covered over 400 times, including by Bob Dylan, Miranda Lambert, and Dave Van Ronk. In addition, the song was recorded by Rosanne Cash, Dianne Reeves, and James Taylor.