Jamestown Revival 

Jamestown Revival is a duo comprised of Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance from Magnolia, Texas. The band has been playing music together since 2014. They specialize in roots rock and Americana. The duo has performed across the country, including at Coachella and Austin City Limits Music Festival. They have also performed in their hometown at South by Southwest. 

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Zach Chance and Jonathan Clay 

Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance grew up in the same town. The two met when they were teenagers and started playing music together. After a brief stint of solo work, they decided to work together as a duo and recorded an album together. They spent a month in a cabin in Utah recording the album, which has now been released. The duo spent two to three days a day writing and rehearsing songs, often bouncing ideas off one another on the Lazy Susan. 

The band formed in 2014 and has since toured extensively. They have performed in prestigious venues and festivals and gained an impressive fan base. Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance have a long friendship and have worked together since they were teenagers. They met while attending high school in Magnolia, Texas, and forged a strong musical bond. On their latest album, Young Man, the two musicians have explored themes of coming of age and settling into their identity. On this album, they have teamed up with producer Robert Ellis. 


After releasing their latest album, San Isabel, two and a half years ago, the Jamestown Revival is returning to the scene with the new album Young Man. The band has become known for their barn burners, but Young Man is their most stripped-down record to date. Chance and Clay talk about self-reflection and writing songs together. 

This acoustic folk band, consisting of Zach Chance and Jonathan Clay, has been making waves nationally. They recently appeared on the TV show Conan, and their debut album features a unique blend of Southern country and Americana rock. They are currently touring in support of their new album. 

Musical theater debut 

After a shaky start in Utah, the Jamestown Revival has come a long way. It’s already played two sold-out shows at the State Room and has recently relocated to the Commonwealth Room. The band’s musical talents are also evident on the road, as they’ve sold out several shows in Colorado, including the Belly Up Aspen show. 

The duo behind Jamestown Revival has also written new material for their upcoming album, San Isabel. Inspired by early pop and folk music, the band’s new album explores the roots of their music. The duo’s songwriting has even made its way to the musical theater stage. 

Touring schedule 

Since its debut in 2014, the Jamestown Revival has been building an extensive fan base through its tireless touring schedule. Their live performances have taken them to iconic venues, such as Coachella, Austin City Limits, and Stagecoach. The band’s live show showcases their musicianship and harmonies, which are enhanced by extended instrumental introductions to songs. 

The duo performs a mix of American Folk, country, and rock. Its sound evokes Western rock and southern country. The band is made up of childhood friends, Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance, who began writing songs together when they were teenagers. Their sound is reminiscent of the Doobie Brothers and Willie Nelson, and it captures the experience of listening to live music without clicking tracks.