Monument Lake Resort for a Music Festival

If you’re going to the Monument Lake Music Festival, there are some things you should know. First, don’t think of the hotel as a traditional bed and breakfast. Monument Lake Resort is a beautiful mountain setting that isn’t exactly what you’d expect to find in your average bed and breakfast. You’ll find sandstone structures, a fish hatchery, and historic buildings along with scenic views in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

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Caveman Music Festival at Monument Lake Resort 

The Caveman Music Festival is coming to Weston, Colorado! This three-day event will feature performances by over fifteen local and national acts. In addition to enjoying the music, you can also enjoy the surrounding scenery and go camping or fishing! With so many great bands to choose from, you’ll have a wonderful time! Here are some of the things to expect during the festival: 


If you’re going to the Monument Lake Music Festival this year, you should think about camping at the resort. This unique campground is not your typical bed and breakfast. Located in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, it offers scenic views and includes a fish hatchery, historic structures, and 250-foot sandstone. You can also find hiking and biking trails in the area. The lodge has two restaurants and a gift shop, and you can get groceries there and in the resort itself. 


If you’re heading to Monument Lake for the music festival, you might be thinking about hiking around the scenic property. This is not your typical bed and breakfast resort, though. You’ll have access to the resort’s pristine parklands, a 250-foot sandstone waterfall, and historic structures. While you’re hiking around Monument Lake, why not rent a kayak and paddleboard to go on the lake? Or rent a pontoon for your boat? 


If you’re going to the Monument Lake Music Festival this Labor Day weekend, you should consider bringing a picnic lunch and plenty of snacks. The resort is located near the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and boasts scenic views. In addition to the music festival, the resort has a fish hatchery, 250-foot sandstone formations, and historic buildings. Bring your favorite snacks from home to enjoy on the festival grounds. 


If you’ve ever been to the Monument Lake Music Festival, you know how amazing the scenery is. The resort’s surroundings include the scenic Sangre de Cristo Mountains. It also offers a 250-foot sandstone pier, a fish hatchery, and historical structures. Those who stay at the resort can enjoy fishing, swimming, or relaxing by the lake. You can also catch the festival’s main act, Zach Bryan, while you’re at the resort.