Music Composed by Caveman 

Caveman is an alternative rock band from San Francisco. They have collaborated with Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Wye Oak, and Cursive. You may have heard their music before and may not even be aware that this band is still active. However, the music they make is still very popular. 

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A former rocker turned composer, Howe was born in England and received a classical education. He played the guitar and sang in bands throughout his childhood, eventually becoming a successful touring and session musician. He has played with artists ranging from the Bee Gees to the London Symphony Orchestra. 

As a result, Howe has worked on a variety of films, including Harry Gregson-Williams’ The Imitation Game and Aardman’s early-man stop-motion film, Early Man. He has also collaborated with Rupert Gregson-Williams and Harry Gregson-Williams on Wonder Woman. 


Caveman’s debut LP CoCo Beware is out on September 13 on CD and vinyl. The album is the first major label release from Caveman and is released through ORG Music. In addition to this debut LP, the band has released two singles: “Thankful” and “My Time.” The band is still a young band, but they’re already making a name for themselves in the music scene. 

Caveman’s lead singer has described their sonic aims as “lights bouncing off trees and flying over woods at night.” The band is based in Brooklyn, New York. “Over My Head” is an epic post-rock aria propelled by burnt-off synth lines. The vocals are sung in falsetto, and the song’s title refers to the band’s sonic vision. 

The New York Times 

Composer David Lang has crafted several works based on hypothetical scenarios. In the 1990s, his “Bonehead” concept was inspired by the caveman theory. He also created music for several fictional films. While his style is very modern, his compositions often incorporate the sonic language of the caveman. 

Lady Donli 

A new song by Lady Donli is a standout track from her album, Enjoy Your Life. It features vocals from VanJess and The Cavemen, and it is a bold statement about women’s struggles in Nigeria. It speaks to the #SexForGrades scandal, in which lecturers were exposed for molesting female students. The song opens with a group of women leading a protest in the capital of Nigeria. The song depicts how women subvert the system to get what they deserve. 

Cavemen are a two-member sibling duo that consists of Kingsley Okorie on bass and Benjamin Okorie on drums. The group was discovered by Lady Donli, and they produced 11 songs for the artist’s debut album, Enjoy Your Life. Their work is noteworthy, and they are well-known for their hard work, consistency, and writing skills.