Who Does the Music for Caveman Commercials? 

If you’re wondering who does the music for caveman commercials, you’re not alone. The music for these commercials is influenced by Americana music, and caveman music history. John Lehr has worked in television, film, and theater. He was a former improv performer before moving to Los Angeles in the late 90s. Eve Szurley discovered him when he was performing in Chicago. After seeing his work, she signed him and Chris Hogan to a holding deal with NBC for $15k each. 


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John Lehr’s career in television, film, and theater 

Before pursuing a career in acting, John Lehr pursued other interests. He took up improv in college and was a part of a Chicago-based improv group. He also performed at local venues. In the early 1990s, Lehr’s talent was spotted by a talent scout in Los Angeles. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. Lehr landed small parts in popular television series, such as Friends and 10 Items or Less. He eventually worked as an executive producer at Hulu. 

In addition to being an award-winning actor, Lehr has acted in numerous television and film projects. He won feature film roles in three Noah Baumbach films, including “Kicking and Screaming” and “Mr. Jealousy.” He has also appeared in a plethora of commercials. 

Americana music influences caveman commercials 

Caveman commercials are not limited to commercials for car insurance. Some advertisements have Americana music influences. One ad shows a caveman arriving at a beach with his girlfriend. As they get ready to leave, he notices a billboard for GEICO. He immediately loses interest in the women. 

The song “Caveman” could have been an over-the-top novelty song, but the musicianship is tight and colorful. A steady drum beat drives the track, and “Near Mrs.” adds retro swing in a softly mellow tone reminiscent of Diane Izzo. The song is also adorned with a violin solo that recalls the work of Scarlett Rivera. 

The underlying Americana genre, however, is also reifying the white male experience. It risks becoming dated by confusing “old” with “authenticity.” Americana music conjures images of America before the arrival of big box stores, where fistfights and beer settled debts. Music is also part of the creation of myths and legends. As such, Americana music is a useful form of art because it invites life to imitate it. However, it cannot be considered representative of American culture. 

GEICO’s long-running concept 

GEICO’s long-running concept of Caveman has become a part of American culture. The company’s ads often feature a caveman in a modern, high-end apartment, and the company has also featured a camel in a zoo. In addition, the company has gotten celebrities to appear in their ads, including Little Richard and Joan Rivers. In a recent poll, GEICO asked people what they thought of the GEICO brand message. 

The GEICO Caveman concept was born from a commercial campaign created by the Martin Agency. In one of the most memorable commercials, the caveman is wearing glasses and a white polo shirt. His long hair is tied in a ponytail. The Caveman then comes across a GEICO billboard with the slogan “So easy, a caveman can do it!” The commercial shows stereotypical caveman behavior and is one of the company’s most popular campaigns. 

In recent years, the caveman has been popping up outside of the company’s ads. He has also been making appearances in the media, including at after-Oscars parties and during the pre-game show of the Super Bowl. During this season, the company also launched five new Caveman commercials, totaling about three minutes. The commercials also aired on CBS in the lead-up to the championship game.