The Caveman Music Festival 

In 2011, Caveman arrived on the music scene with a new sound that fused chamber pop with an atmospheric palette. It sounded fresh at the time, but the band’s 2016 album Otero War felt a little flat. Although the songs told sci-fi tales, the music was too similar to other alternative rock albums. 

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Caveman’s music 

Caveman, an NYC indie-folk rock band, was formed in 2010. Their music has an air of professionalism, despite its world-weary rasp. The band members have a combined experience of over a decade as NYC-based journeymen musicians. Before starting Caveman, they were members of The Subjects, White Clam, and Elefant. 

On their debut LP, Smash, Caveman channel the voice of James Mercer from the Shins. They also incorporate new-wave touches and hooks into their music, though they don’t overdo it. However, their self-titled album lacks the hooks and grabbiness of its predecessor. The band also has a knack for slow-burning, subtle builds. The album feels expansive, despite its simple sounds, and it gradually reveals its complexity and moodiness. 

It’s sound 

The sound of Caveman music is not one of the first things to strike you. It may not be the first thing that comes to mind. It is a combination of different styles that is surprisingly cohesive. For instance, the sound of the band’s singer is reminiscent of Ben Bridwell, while the harmony resembles Simon and Garfunkel. The band’s other influences include Grizzly Bear and the Black Keys, but the band’s sound is perhaps most similar to that of the Veckatimest. 

The band’s music is a mixture of rock and surf rock influences. They draw heavily from the sound of indie acts while also borrowing from dad rock. Their self-titled debut album, CoCo Beware, is the result of two years of experimentation. The band has toured with The War on Drugs and played CMJ shows that have generated plenty of buzzes. 

Its genre 

The Cavemen have made music from the highlife genre popular with non-Igbo speaking African audiences. The latest album from The Cavemen is entitled “Love and Highlife” and it’s a diverse collection of tracks. Though highlife is a traditional genre of West Africa, the band’s sound has changed to appeal to a younger generation. 

Known for their eclectic sound, Cavemen have also collaborated with other artists, serving as producers or guest singers. Their collaboration with Lady Donli on her album “Enjoy Your Life” led to a wider audience for the band. Lady Donli also co-executive-produced the band’s recent album Roots. 

It’s festival 

Monument Lake Resort is the location for the Caveman Music Festival, and the lineup promises some big names. This event will feature performances by Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Grace Potter, Zach Bryan, and more. The event will be held on June 3-5. Tickets are available here. This year’s lineup is filled with a variety of genres, including country, folk, and alternative. 

The festival will include music performances by a variety of musicians and will be surrounded by beautiful scenery. With the music performances and festival activities, it’s the perfect way to celebrate the end of summer.