Halsey – Where Was New Americana Music Video Filmed? 

Halsey’s new music video is making waves, and we can’t help but think it has a Hunger Games-esque feel. But just where was the video filmed? We’ve gathered some information to answer this question. The answer may surprise you. 


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Halsey recently released a behind-the-scenes video for her hit song “New Americana” – see it HERE. In the video, Halsey talks about the meaning behind the song and the filming process in Hawaii. The “New Americana” music video is directed by Jodeb, a Canadian director. 

Filming of the music video took place on Oahu. The video featured a monster wave on the North Shore of Oahu, a stunning Waikiki sunset, and a bird’s eye view of Honolulu. The filming of all 12 seasons took place on the island. In 2010, the video aired. The music video features references to Biggie, Nirvana, and Michael Sam. It is also a paraphrase of Biggie’s hit “Juicy” by the same name. 

Post-apocalyptic America 

Post-apocalyptic America is a dystopian novel that explores life after the end of the world. The book follows a father and son through a burned-out America. The story is incredibly gripping, and the novel will keep readers turning the pages. 

The premise is that society has been decimated by the virus and is seeking to reform itself. This is one reason why post-apocalyptic movies are often portrayed as a grand social experiment. The setting of the story becomes the petri dish in which this experiment is conducted. 

Pop culture references 

“New Americana” is the third single from Halsey’s debut album, Badlands. The video shows off Halsey’s badass warrior attitude and is reminiscent of a dystopian action movie. The video features various pop culture references, including pop music icons. 

Halsey’s ‘New Americana’ is a protest song, inspired by pop culture and politics. It was released on her debut album Badlands, and was hailed as a generational anthem. While the song’s title may sound a bit obscene, it’s actually about reclaiming American identity. The song uses iconic Americana scenes to create a new meaning. Halsey has been balancing the subculture and mainstream for years, and she’s not done yet. 

Halsey’s song 

Halsey’s new Americana music video was directed by JODEB, who has previously directed Tinashe and Zedd. The video has an almost post-apocalyptic feel, starting off with a woman lying on a floor. It gradually progresses, revealing various characters and an underground setting. The video concludes with military figures and a scene reminiscent of a short film. 

The music video for Halsey’s “New Americana” is premiering Friday, November 10, on MTV. The video will go into regular rotation on MTV, MTV2 and MTV Hits. The video will also premiere on VEVO. The song “New Americana” is available on Halsey’s full-length debut album, Halsey.