Where to Rent Camping Gear? 

If you are thinking about taking a camping trip, there are a variety of companies that rent camping gear. The best way to find the right company is to shop around. Some stores offer discounts for rental gear, and others will help you get the equipment you need for your trip. You can also rent camping gear from online rental marketplaces. 

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One of the biggest online camping gear rental companies is Outdoors Geek. This company offers a huge selection of outdoor equipment, including tents, sleeping bags, kayaks, hiking accessories, lighting, and safety equipment. They also have a package rental option, which allows you to select everything you need for a trip. 

Another great rental option is Mountain Side Gear Rental. They have complete kits that are perfect for one to three people. They even have specific items to rent, like tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, and camp stoves. These are available for pickup at their store in Golden, CO or they can ship anywhere in the U.S. A 15% discount is offered to customers who pick up their items at the store. 

Lower Gear is another gear rental company that offers a wide range of options for camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities. Their packages include tents, water filters, a backpack, a lantern, and even a flashlight. In addition, the company has a wide selection of outdoor gear, and its owners are friendly. Many of their products are made by renowned brands, and their rentals are priced at a reasonable rate. 

Other companies that rent camping gear include Napali Kayak, Backpacker Rentals, and Eastern Mountain Sports. Each one has a different approach, and you may want to call in advance to ask about rental prices. 

REI is a national chain that specializes in camping gear. There are several retail locations throughout the country. Each store’s offerings vary by season and location. Typically, REI offers rental gear for two people, and the price is relatively simple. Renting hiking gear or a tent is a good idea, and they carry water filter systems and solar chargers. 

Duffle Out is a Brooklyn-based company that offers camping gear in duffle bags. They provide rentals for multiple nights. Customers will need to put a security deposit on the items. Most people choose to use a driver’s license or passport as their guarantee. 

Several companies specialize in renting only specific types of gear, or only a few items. Some companies offer a la carte options, and others have pre-made sets that are available for rent. For example, Xscape Pod offers a “Camping Pod for One” kit that includes a two-person tent, headlamp dry sack, chair, and a stove. When you rent from them, you can choose to have your gear shipped to an Xscape Pod store near you, or you can have it picked up at the Portland OR location. 

Arrive Outdoors is an experienced company that focuses on affordable outdoor activities. They offer lightweight modern gear. Currently, the company offers camping, cycling, and winter camping equipment.