Where to Park For Caveman Music Festival?

The Las Animas County board of county commissioners has approved the application of the Monument Lake and Resort for the Caveman Music Festival. The festival is being billed as an all-festival weekend that will take place at the resort. The venue is Trinidad, Colorado, and visitors can expect a great time. Parking at the event is free, so you can park anywhere you want. The event is expected to draw about 20,000 people. 


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EL Caveman has been in the Chicago music scene for more than two decades 

The prolific DJ and producer from Chicago have been in the Chicago music scene for more than two decades, and he is still going strong. After releasing his first EP on Oscar P’s Azucar Distribution, DJ Caveman has continued to make music and work on upcoming projects. In addition to his DJ and producing activities, Caveman has played at a variety of music festivals and venues around the city. 

While EL Caveman has a long history in Chicago, he is also a part of the New York City scene. He has released albums on several record labels, including i-D, SonicBids, and Ghettoblaster. His psychedelic music has won the hearts of fans from all walks of life, and his live performances have become well known in Chicago. 

EL Caveman is the founder of PicaStone Recordings 

The founder of PicaStone Recordings, EL Caveman, continues to produce house music in his studio. He has produced and released music for various labels, including S & S Records founded by Grammy nominee Steve Silk Hurley, Fresca Recordings founded by DJ Jes, and Azucar Distribution, which is owned by Oscar P. While his main focus remains house music, EL Caveman’s influences span Latin, Afro, and soulful house. 

Born and raised in Chicago, EL Caveman is a longtime part of the local music scene. For 20 years, he co-produced tracks for various labels and produced hot Trax on PicaStone Recordings. After leaving his radio job, EL Caveman worked in Chicago as a station manager for WCRX 88.1 FM, “Chicago’s Underground.” He had worked in radio for nine years by this point. 

EL Caveman has produced and co-produced some house music tracks 

DJ EL Caveman, from Chicago, has been in the music industry for over two decades. He is one of the most popular names in the Chicago house scene. His debut on the scene was when he won the Battle of the H.S. DJs at the legendary Alcatrazz nightclub. Caveman was very versatile, spinning all kinds of music and working with some of the industry’s top producers and DJs. 

Aside from DJing, EL Caveman has also produced and co-produced some house music tracks. He has released music on a variety of labels, including S & S Records (founded by grammy-winning house artist Steve Silk Hurley), Fresca Recordings (founded by DJ Jes), and PicaStone Recordings. The artist continues to produce in the studio and plays at various venues and festivals around Chicago.