Where is the Famous Caveman Music Festival Held? 

If you’re a lover of country music, you may be wondering where the famous Caveman Music Festival takes place. While it’s true that the festival takes place in New Mexico, it’s also worth considering the scenic spots of Telluride, Colorado, or Hunter, New York. These mountain communities are perfect for a summer weekend getaway. While there are numerous options for lodging in the area, you may want to stay at a hotel. 

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Telluride, Colorado 

The next Caveman Music Festival will debut in 2022 at Monument Lake Resort. The three-day event will include live performances by dozens of artists who are all passionate about Americana Music. This type of music is a mixture of different American traditions, including folk, bluegrass, gospel, and other traditional sounds. The surrounding scenery is spectacular and there will be plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. Fans of the genre will have the chance to camp, hike, and fish. 

The caveman music festival is not free and lodging is not included. Tickets are available for as low as $470 per person. However, if you are looking for lodging, you may want to look into a hotel or camp nearby. If you’re planning to see a variety of different bands, check out the Seven Peaks Music Festival, which is held 45 minutes south of Buena Vista. 

Hunter, New York 

The Caveman Music Festival in Hunter, New York, is a two-week summertime event showcasing the best Americana artists. The festival is devoted to teaching the next generation about the craft of performing and studying solo and chamber music. Students will have equal opportunities to study with and perform alongside world-renowned musicians. Moreover, the festival also showcases classical music performances of the highest artistic standards. 

The venue of this popular music festival is Hunter Mountain in the Catskill Mountains. There are many other attractions to see and enjoy in Hunter, New York, including the TrailBlazer Music Festival, formerly the Taste of Country Music Festival. This festival has become famous because of the wide variety of genres it features. A festival is a must-see event for music lovers from all over the world, so make sure to attend this event. 

Catskill Mountains 

For those in the mood for live music, the Caveman Music Festival is a great choice. This three-day music festival takes place at the Monument Lake Resort in Colorado over Labor Day weekend. You can expect to see top artists from the world of Americana. The festival is not unique to this region but is also a great way to see a variety of genres and music styles. And the best part is tickets to the festival start at just $470 per person.