Where is the Colorado Springs Lantern Festival? 

Memorial Park 

The Colorado Springs lantern festival is a family-friendly event that features thousands of handcrafted lanterns that are lit in the dark and carry messages of hope, peace, and happiness. The lanterns are symbolic symbols of the human spirit, reflecting the thoughts of the individual or a group on life. 

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There are many things to see and do at this annual festival. The highlight is the Water Lantern Festival, which takes place at Memorial Park. The gates open at 5 pm, and the event runs until 110 pm There are food trucks, music, games, and vendors, and thousands of floating lanterns. 

Fountain Fire Station 

The Fountain Fire Department was established in 1913. Recently, they acquired the oldest garage on Main Street and a new office for a 24-hour dispatcher. They maintain a fleet of fire trucks and equipment including a 1941 pumper, a 1968 Chevy pumper, a 1952 Dodge 4×4 grass fire fighting truck, and a 1971 Clubwagon rescue unit. The Fountain Fire Department also has a hose cart, which was first purchased in 1920. 

In the past, this festival has drawn thousands of visitors to southern Colorado. This year, however, it has been postponed multiple times because of inclement weather. Tickets cost $30 each and have been sold out for months. Some people are holding onto their tickets while waiting for the festival to return. 

History of the event 

The Colorado Springs Water Lantern Festival is one of the most popular festivals in the country. The festival features thousands of floating lanterns, music, and food trucks. The festival is a great way to connect with other people and celebrate the local community. This festival is unique because it celebrates the connection of people from different cultures and backgrounds. 

The lanterns carry messages of love, happiness, and connection. They are also a symbol of peace and hope. They represent the thoughts of the individual or a community and are a reflection of the messages inside them. 

Bring a bucket list item 

The Colorado Springs Lantern Festival is an unforgettable experience. This outdoor event includes lanterns, live music, and vendors. It is best to bring a lawn chair or blanket to enjoy the beautiful light show. Check out this preview video for a sneak peek of what to expect at the festival. 

The festival draws thousands of visitors every year. The Floating lanterns are one of the main attractions. Although sky lanterns are banned in most states, they are still an exciting and beautiful attraction. 

Bring a flashlight 

A lantern festival is an evening filled with light. People create and decorate these beautiful creations in a variety of ways. Some choose to write inspirational messages or pictures, while others memorialize loved ones. Many lanterns are handmade using 100% eco-friendly materials. They are then collected by volunteers after the festival. 

The festival is held in Memorial Park and the gates are open from 55 pm to 10 pm. Their aisal so much live music and cool merchandise on hand at the festival. Bring a blanket and lawn chair to enjoy this enchanting event. It is a great night out and the best experience with a group of friends.