Where is Caveman Music Festival Held? 

The Caveman Music Festival is an outdoor concert held at the Monument Lake Resort. During the three-day event, you will experience hiking, camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities. Guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery while listening to their favorite bands. Here are some of the dates and prices of the festival. After you’ve figured out where the festival will be held, you can begin your search for lodging and other festival details. 

(Aside from enjoying the view and the music. We also offer here in Caveman Music Festival Labor Day weekend, hiking, and camping.)

Monument Lake Resort 

The Caveman Music Festival is a one-day event held on the beautiful shores of Monument Lake, Colorado, between Trinidad and La Veta. The venue has three68 acres of park-like terrain and offers day hikes, kayaks, and pontoons for up to fourteen passengers. Guests may stay in the resort’s lodge hotel rooms or rent RV sites. Camping is also allowed on site, and primitive camping is available for those with Super VIP tickets. 

The Caveman Music Festival is an outdoor music event held in the beautiful surroundings of Monument Lake Resort, Colorado. The concert will feature some of the best musicians in the world. The setlist will vary from other shows, so be sure to check the website before you purchase tickets. The venue will also have camping areas and hiking trails nearby. The concert may be different from other shows, but it will be the perfect place to hear the most beloved songs from this festival. 

Caveman Music Festival dates 

Ticket prices vary greatly between different markets. While standard general admission seats cost less than $50, premium seats in larger venues can cost more than $250 per seat. For the most expensive tickets, choose floor seats, while the least expensive are often the most distant from the stage. Below are some ways to find the cheapest tickets to see Caveman. Purchasing tickets early is recommended, as prices can increase quickly. Tickets to the Caveman Music Festival are a great way to make sure you get in! 

The first Caveman Music Festival will be held in 2022, with an estimated 10,000 attendees. The festival will be a three-day celebration of Americana Music, a genre that fuses traditional Southern sounds with elements of rock and roll and jazz. It will feature bluegrass, Americana, and gospel music. In addition, there will be many other genres represented, including country, pop, and electronica. If you are planning to attend, it’s worth checking out the festival’s schedule. 


Caveman music festival prices depend on where you buy your tickets. A standard general admission ticket to the concert can cost more than $50. VIP or floor seats can be up to several hundred dollars, while tickets to the festival’s main stage can be as low as $75. You’ll need to consider the venue’s seating capacity and location, as well as the type of ticket you want. If you’re planning to purchase tickets for a concert that is primarily for a large crowd, you’ll most likely need to purchase a deluxe or VIP ticket package. 

Ticket prices vary by city and region, but you can generally find a general idea of the cost by comparing the prices of other concerts in your area. You do not need a presale code to purchase tickets for the festival. Tickets usually go on sale six to nine months in advance. For tickets to the festival in June, make sure to check out the festival’s website for updates. Caveman is a popular festival for a reason.