Where Did The US Festival Take Place? 

Where did the US festival take place? Well, there are several reasons. The first is that San Manuel Amphitheatre was built especially for the festival. The venue’s soaring heights made for a fantastic concert hall. Secondly, the festival is a great place to catch the biggest name in rock, including Judas Priest, Van Halen, and Ozzy Osbourne. There’s also a lot to do nearby, such as a tour with Van Halen and Judas Priest. 

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San Manuel Amphitheatre 

Several residents of the Devore community in southern California have been complaining about the ongoing raves at the San Manuel Amphitheatre. The amphitheater’s naming rights were recently given to the Glen Helen Amphitheatre, similar to its name before the San Manuel association. Several supervisors voted for and against the ban. The measure failed to garner the three required votes. 

Van Halen 

In 1983, one of the biggest rock concerts ever held in Southern California took place at Glen Helen Regional Park. Billed as the “Musical Event of the 1980s,” the Van Halen US Festival featured nearly 500,000 screaming fans. The band kicked up their heels and wowed the audience. It is a fascinating piece of history that demonstrates how popular the band’s music was at the time. 

Judas Priest 

Watching Judas Priest perform Live at the US Festival was a treat for the senses. The band was touring in support of their 1982 classic Screaming For Vengeance album, and the set list is nothing short of blistering. This is a great show by a band at the height of their powers. Check out their set below. It’s hard to beat Judas Priest. Watch them perform their legendary hit “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming” live at a festival near you! 

Ozzy Osbourne 

Ozzy Osbourne recently shared some video footage of a 1983 US Festival performance. The festival was held over Memorial Day Weekend in San Bernadino, California. Producers Steve Wozniak and Bill Graham put on the festival and had many legendary bands perform. Ozzy headlined the Heavy Metal Day and was joined by Judas Priest, Motley Crue, and Scorpions. The concert also featured performances by Triumph, Jake E. Lee, and the band “The Scorpions.” After the US Festival, Ozzy released a new single and rebooked tour dates with the Prince of Darkness. The band will release a retrospective box set soon, which will feature some of his finest music. 

Motley Crue 

A recent appearance at the Us festival was an opportunity to catch the legendary rock band performing one of their most famous songs. “Shout at the Devil” and “Too Fast for Love” were some of the hits the band played. Motley Crue is a badass rock band from the 1980s, best known for their lewd, raunchy, and distorted behavior. Their infamous stage show typified the excess that is synonymous with today’s music. 

Stray Cats 

If you are a fan of the rockabilly genre, you should check out Stray Cats at the US festival. The group formed in 1979, and features Brian Setzer on vocals and guitar, Slim Jim Phantom on double bass, and Lee Rocker on drums. Despite being a rockabilly band, Stray Cats’ music can also be classified as “alt-rock” or “new wave”.