Where Did the Laundries Go Camping? 

Several weeks ago, Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito were on a cross-country road trip. During their time together, they stopped in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. They returned to Florida in mid-September. However, a few days later, Brian Laundrie disappeared from the campground near his family’s home in North Port, Florida. Brian’s parents were suspicious but did not report him missing until three days after he disappeared. A citation was placed on his car. The family said he was headed to a nature reserve when he went missing. They told police that he had hiked with a backpack three days earlier, but never returned. Several agencies have been involved in the search for Laundrie, including the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. A reward has also been offered for the safe return of Laundrie. 

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Laundrie’s parents said that Brian went camping with them on September 6. According to a report by News 12 Florida, Brian’s parents went camping together for two days at Fort De Soto Park, a popular campground in Pinellas County. Their friend Marci Newsom and her husband Kenny also checked in for the same weekend, as did Daniel Chis and his wife. A neighbor, William Guthrie, said he saw Brian Laundrie’s family with a new camper vehicle in recent weeks. Several officers searched the area around the campground and a search is still underway. The North Port Police Department did not confirm whether Brian Laundrie was seen on September 11, but a police officer confirmed that Laundrie’s vehicle was abandoned near the nature reserve. Several officers also searched the campground islands. 

According to the Fort De Soto campground guest log, all three Laundrie family members went camping together. They checked in for two days at waterfront campsite #1. Brian’s family did not return to the campground on September 8 or September 11, although a neighbor, Charlene Guthrie, said a neighbor saw Brian Laundrie’s family with their camper vehicle on September 1. 

Brian Laundrie’s father, Thomas Rutherford, said he vaguely remembers seeing Laundries in his car with a camper attached. He also said he saw Laundrie’s parents camping earlier this month. He also said that he saw a camper vehicle with a citation on it at the campground near his house. The vehicle was parked near a nature preserve and dozens of officers were stationed at the site. 

The Fort De Soto campground is located about an hour north of where Brian Laundrie lives in North Port, Florida. According to the Fort De Soto guest log, Laundrie’s parents camped there on September 6. The campground is near a nature reserve. They were asked to show law enforcement trails on the reserve. 

After he disappeared, Laundrie’s parents reported him missing on September 17. They picked up his car from the Carlton Reserve, a campground in Pinellas County. They reported Brian missing on September 17. They also retrieved the car and returned to their home on September 15. They said he went to the nature reserve on September 17. However, police said they saw Brian on September 11, but did not confirm that Brian was seen.