Monument Lake Colorado Camping 

Located in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Monument Lake is a destination for those who want to enjoy the great outdoors. Monument Lake and Monument Lake Campground offer plenty of activities for guests to enjoy. You can try your luck fishing on the lake, or relax with a nice glass of wine at the lodge. There are a few interesting facts about Monument Lake that you might not have known. For example, it was once home to a fish hatchery and a zoo. There are also several nearby explorative day hikes. 

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The Monument Lake Resort offers several different amenities, including an off-road vehicle trail, boat rentals, and a fish-cleaning station. The Monument Lake Resort is also home to many types of birds and animals. The resort offers a daily resort pass, which allows guests to enjoy free use of all facilities. 

Monument Lake Campground is located in Big Cypress National Preserve and offers easy access to the Oasis Visitor Center, Shark Valley, and Clyde Butcher’s Art Gallery. This is a perfect campground for a car camping trip or a solo tent camping trip. If you’re looking for a secluded week off the grid, Monument Lake Campground is the perfect spot. 

The Monument Lake Resort has a 368-acre property, which includes thirteen cabins and twenty hotel rooms. There is also a resort store, a restaurant, and a marina. If you’re looking for a fishing excursion, Monument Lake Resort has plenty of fish to offer. You can even rent a boat, but dogs are not allowed on the lake. 

The Monument Lake Resort has several attractions, but one of the most interesting is the lake itself. The lake is a mile long and is surrounded by several other scenic towns. It’s also stocked with trout and salmon by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife. If you’re looking for a relaxing weekend getaway, Monument Lake Resort is the perfect place to spend your time. 

In 1937, the City of Trinidad leased Monument Lake to the Monument Resort. The resort is now a 368-acre property, which is located in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Among the amenities, you can find a fishing hatchery, a zoo, and a convenience store. You can also take a boat ride on the lake, or enjoy a nice meal at the restaurant. You may even want to check out the Stonewall Fall Festival, which is held on the lake in early October. 

The Monument Lake Resort is a great destination for those who are looking for a fishing and hiking vacation. In addition to the lake itself, the resort offers several interesting buildings, including a fish hatchery, a motel, a convenience store, a restaurant, and a bar. You can even take a boat ride on the lake, but be sure to pack a life jacket. The resort’s namesake is one of Colorado’s most scenic lakes. 

The Monument Lake Resort has been around since the 1930s and is a popular fishing and vacation destination. While the resort has changed a lot in that time, there’s no doubt that Monument Lake is still a fun place to go.