Caveman Music Festival 2023 

The Caveman Music Festival is the largest and most comprehensive of its kind in the western United States. Held in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Weston, Colorado, it features three days of live music and activities, including a variety of local and national acts. In addition to the music, attendees have the option of fishing, camping, and hiking in the great outdoors. 

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caveman music festival

The festival is organized by a team of music and entertainment professionals with decades of experience producing live music events. The main event takes place on Labor Day weekend. Guests can opt for lodging in hotel or RV sites, or camp out in tents. Guests can choose to make the trip a family affair by bringing kids along. While tickets aren’t cheap, they are not prohibitively expensive. However, ticket prices are subject to change as the event draws closer. 

Aside from the usual suspects, the fest will also feature some notable non-musical acts. These include a range of BET award-nominated performers, as well as the elusive sexiest women. There are several other notable attractions, including a plethora of interactive exhibits, a multitude of mind-expanding workshops, and a wide array of late-night live performances. It’s an ideal way to spend a long holiday weekend. 

The festival boasts several noteworthy tidbits, such as the fact that the venue was chosen for the World Cup of Hockey. It also happens to be located close to several of the region’s hot springs, including one of the most famous hot springs in all of Colorado. The most impressive aspect of the festival is its lineup, which includes a whopping 20+ Americana musical groups. Among the performers are the aforementioned wacky ladies, as well as Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown, The Mountain Goats, Foy Vance, and many more. While it won’t be as raucous as the bigger shows, it will still offer a wide array of entertainment options for fans of the genre. 

The festival also has the honor of being named one of the best music festivals in the country by several publications. The festival has also spawned its cult following. Aside from the music, visitors can also enjoy the area’s rich history and scenery. The nearby town of Snowmass is home to an annual summertime festival with a wide variety of art and culture aplenty. Another noteworthy component of the fest is its location in the mountains, which offers visitors the perfect combination of mountain breezes and crisp mountain air. The nearby city of Vail is also a short drive away. 

The Caveman Music Festival is a must-see event. It may not be the greatest music festival of all time, but it’s a well-produced, entertaining three days that should be at the top of your to-do list. If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate Labor Day weekend, be sure to check out the festival next year! The best part is that it’s fun for everyone, including the young and old.