When Is Music Festival in Colorado Caveman Festival? 

When is the music festival in Colorado Caveman Festival? The Caveman Music Festival is the state’s largest Americana music festival, debuting in 2022. The event takes place annually in Weston, CO. While not a destination music festival, it will attract thousands of people each year. Find out when the next Caveman Music Festival is, where to find tickets, and how to get there. After reading this article, you’ll be on your way to having the best music festival experience ever. 

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Caveman Music Festival debuts in 2022 

In the years ahead, there are many exciting music festivals slated to debut in Colorado, including the Caveman Music Fest. This three-day Americana Music festival will take place in Monument Lake Resort, about 45 miles from Buena Vista. In addition to the live music, you’ll find historic structures and fun activities for the entire family. There are even ticket packages for those who don’t want to camp. 

RIDE Festival is an independent, family-run, leave-no-trace event 

The RIDE Festival is a music festival held in Telluride, Colorado. The festival is a unique blend of rootsy rock music and kid-friendly festival programming. The festival offers a diverse late-night live music lineup. The festival is located close to several outdoor activities, including hot springs and the history of the west. It is also home to the Global Dance Festival, one of Colorado’s largest EDM events, and an official Regional Burning Man event. 

Global Dance Festival is a destination music festival in Colorado 

While you can find many great rock and roll festivals in Colorado, Global Dance is unique among them. The festival is hosted in the city of Denver, Colorado. It features world-class dance music, food trucks, and immersive art installations. If you want to experience rock and roll without the crowd, Global Dance Festival is for you. Founded in 2003, this Denver music festival is now in its fifteenth year and has become one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world. 

Seven Peaks Music Festival 

You may be wondering how the caveman music festival can be a success. Well, the Colorado Caveman Music Festival will be held in Villa Grove on the western slope of Colorado in September 2022. It is estimated to draw around 10,000 people. The festival will be comprised of three days of Americana music. This music genre combines Southern sounds with blues, gospel, rock, and roll. The music you’ll hear at this festival is a combination of all of those genres. 

Bohemian Nights music festival in Fort Collins 

The Bohemian Nights music festival in downtown Fort Collins is an event that features both local and faraway talent. The Bohemian Foundation aims to continue to host music festivals and other socially-diverse events in the area. The event also includes a free outdoor concert series, the Lagoon Concert Series on Wednesday evenings, the Bohemian Nights music festival on Thursday night, and a regular Sunday series at The Mishawaka.