When is Lantern Festival in Colorado Springs? 

The lantern festival is one of the most important events in Colorado Springs. In the past, attendees have written or drawn messages on the lanterns they float out on the lake to celebrate life, remember loved ones, and overcome challenges. The festival raises money and awareness for a variety of non-profits in the region. 


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There are many reasons to attend a lantern festival, including the chance to meet other people who share the same values and beliefs. Lanterns are symbolic objects that carry messages of hope, connection, and happiness. When lit, they reveal a person’s inner thoughts and the feelings of those who are close to them. This festival is a unique way to celebrate community and family. 

In addition to the lanterns, you will get a wristband, a smores kit, a lighter, and a giant biodegradable lantern. At this festival, you can enjoy food vendors and live music. There are also tiki torches that you can use to light your lantern. 


The Lantern Festival is a one-of-a-kind event that celebrates the light of life with lanterns. Participants are provided a smores kit, lantern, sharpie, lighter, and two smores sticks. It also offers food vendors, live music, and tiki torches to light the lanterns. 

The Colorado Springs Water Lantern Festival is one of the most popular events in Colorado Springs. The festival takes place in Memorial Park from five to ten p.m. on July 10th. The festival includes fun activities, vendors, and music, along with thousands of lanterns. 


The lantern festival in Colorado Springs is a truly magical experience. The lanterns carry messages of happiness and hope. Each one is a unique expression of the thoughts of the creator or group. The experience is filled with music, beautiful sights, and cool merchandise. Bring a blanket or lawn chair and enjoy the magic. 

In the past, The Lantern Fest has drawn thousands of people to southern Colorado. But in recent years, the event has been postponed several times. The event was originally scheduled for Oct. 30, but the date was postponed several times due to weather. The festival was originally scheduled for Saturday, but stronger winds prevented lanterns from being lit. Because of fire safety concerns, the event was postponed to Nov. 6 and then again in April 2017. 


The Colorado Springs Lantern Festival is a great way to spend an evening outdoors. With live music, lanterns and vendors selling cool wares, this event is sure to please all the senses. Bring a lawn chair or blanket and settle in for a magical experience. Check out the official website for tickets, activities and more. 

There are many activities to enjoy at this festival, which is held each year during the Chinese New Year. The festival is one of the most popular cultural events in the U.S., and it’s a wonderful experience to share with friends and family. The festival also features food, games and activities, vendors, and thousands of floating lanterns. 

Family-friendly event 

If you’re in Colorado Springs this spring, you shouldn’t miss the Lantern Fest. This annual celebration celebrates the Chinese New Year with lanterns and music. It will also be held in Denver this year, and will feature a new lineup of musical performances and family-friendly activities.