When is the Next Caveman Music Festival? 

To determine when the next Caveman Music Festival is, you need to know the exact dates for the event. Tickets for the inaugural Caveman Festival in 2022 will cost anywhere from $45 to $1325. The cost of floor seats varies from market to market. For more details, see the event schedule. Caveman tickets go on sale six to nine months before the event. To avoid missing out on the festival, purchase your tickets early. 


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Caveman Music Festival debuts in 2022 

The first annual Colorado Caveman Music Festival will bring world-class artists to Monument Lake Resort. This all-American music festival will celebrate blues, rock, country, jazz, and folk music. The lineup will also include bluegrass and other genres. For more information on the festival, visit the official website. Ticket sales will open in early November. To be sure to avoid missing out, purchase your tickets as soon as possible. 

The lineup includes performances by the Takacs Quartet, a GRAMMY Award-winning ensemble from Boulder. The group will play Haydn’s string quartets and Dvorak’s Sixth Symphony, as well as music by the composer shortly before his death. The festival’s second day will feature a special tribute to Robert Mann, the founding first violin of the Juilliard String Quartet, and a close friend of CMF Music Director Peter Oundjian. 

Prices of tickets range from $45 to $1325 

Prices of Colorado Caveman Music Festival tickets range anywhere from $45 to $1325 depending on the day of the week and location. To find the cheapest ticket available, check out the event schedule. Tickets to the festival typically go on sale six to nine months before the show. Tickets may be cheaper during the presale period, but they are still a good deal. Caveman is a three-day music festival that features a variety of genres. 

Depending on where you purchase your ticket, prices vary widely. Typically, the smaller venues are more expensive than the larger ones due to limited availability and supply. However, if you want to get the best seats possible, you can pay more if you want to attend the Alternative Festival, which features bands like Foo Fighters, Green Day, and Pearl Jam. If you’re a music fan, you’ll want to buy tickets to both events. 

The cost of floor seats varies from market to market 

The cost of floor seats at the Colorado Caveman Music Festival varies from market to market but typically begins at around $470. There is no pre-sale code required to purchase tickets for this event, and floor seating typically goes on sale six to nine months before the concert. To purchase floor seating, simply visit the website of the event and review the pricing information. 

The cost of floor seats at the Colorado Caveman Music Festival varies from market to market, with floor seating costing more than general admission. Ticket prices for premium seating at the festival can be as high as $275 a seat. The cost of floor seats at the festival can be as low as $75 for a standard audience seat, and maximum-priced tickets are typically for the front row or center stage. 

Venues hosting Caveman Music Festival 

The third annual Caveman Music Festival is coming to Monument Lake Resort in Colorado in June of 2022. It is expected to attract upwards of 10,000 fans and features three days of Americana music. Americana music combines elements of folk, blues, rock and roll, and other common American traditions. Caveman will be celebrating this tradition, as well as introducing a new genre to the festival scene. The festival’s lineup features artists ranging from bluegrass to gospel and will feature acts from the world of Americana music. 

Besides live music, Caveman will feature camping and hiking opportunities. In addition to camping, you can also enjoy fishing and outdoor activities. If you love listening to music, the Caveman Music Festival is the perfect opportunity to do so! This music festival takes place over three days in Monument Lake, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and some of your favorite bands. You’re sure to be satisfied with the three-day lineup, including a few surprises.