When is a Good Time to Hold a Music Festival in Colorado? 

Colorado is a state with a surplus of open land, but it lacks big cities within six hours’ drive. The closest big cities are Boulder, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs. Therefore, Colorado festivals can have a difficult time selling out, especially in rural areas. 

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Colorado has a variety of climates, but the best time to hold a music festival in Colorado is in the summer. There are several options for summer festivals. The first one is the Snowmass Village Music Festival, a daylong music festival that features an eclectic lineup of musicians and artists. The festival takes place at the base of a mountain, and it includes late night sets, yoga classes, lectures, and art installations. 

While Colorado has a large surplus of open land, there are few big cities within six-hour driving distance. As a result, Colorado festivals can be difficult to sell out. In a big city like Denver, the festival’s popularity is high, but in rural areas, it may be harder to attract enough attendees to make it a success. 

Bravo! Vail 

The Bravo! Vail Music Festival is now in its 35th season, and has a stellar lineup of classical programming, guest artists, world premieres, chamber ensembles and four internationally renowned resident orchestras. The festival is also committed to community engagement, as evidenced by its recent award for “Best Place to Work.” 

In addition to the excellent concerts, Bravo! Vail offers a variety of different ticket packages that include three or more shows. There are also group discounts, but be aware that these discounts are not available unless you purchase them in advance. Ticket packages can be purchased up to two years in advance. 

Seven Peaks 

The summer is a great time to explore the outdoors and listen to live music. Colorado is home to a number of music festivals and concerts throughout the year. Some are held in spectacular outdoor venues, like the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, a 640-acre natural theater carved out millions of years ago in the Rocky Mountains. Thousands of music enthusiasts attend these events to experience the music and scenery of Colorado. 

While Colorado has a surplus of open space, there are few major cities within a six-hour drive of the state. Boulder, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs are the closest big cities. Because of this, it can be difficult to sell out a festival in the state if the venue is in a rural location. 

Cherry Creek Al Fresco 

If you’re wondering when is the right time to hold a music festival in Colorado, consider one of the many community events that occur throughout the year. For example, the Sunnyside Music Festival, which takes place on a Saturday afternoon in late June or early July, is a wonderful way to experience local music. This free event is organized by volunteers and has grown from two bands to a summer neighborhood bash. There are a variety of food and drink options available on site, as well as deluxe bars. 

If you’re looking to organize a music festival in Colorado, you’ll want to choose a time that’s warm enough and sunny enough to keep everyone happy. Summer is the perfect time, as the temperature is pleasant and the sun is up. You can also host an outdoor event at the base of a mountain, such as the Rocky Mountain National Park. 

Petty Nicks Experience 

The summer months are great for music festivals in Colorado, and you can find a number of unique festivals in the state. For example, the Snowmass Village Music Festival has soul-shaking music, heart-opening yoga, and lectures. It also offers plenty of delicious food and gorgeous scenery. 

If you’re looking for a festival that’s close to home, look no further than the Denver area. NedFest is an easy drive from Boulder and Denver, and it features big-name headliners and local acts. It’s a music festival that offers a unique destination that is fun for all ages.