What Types of Stores Play Americana Music? 

If you’re looking for a store that play Americana music, there are several options. Some stores specialize in this type of music, while others focus on other genres. Neil Young, Crosby, Stills and Nash, and The Americana Music Association are just a few examples. 

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The Americana Music Association 

The Americana Music Association (AMA) defines what types of stores should play its members’ music. Historically, the genre has been a niche market for white, male Baby Boomers. However, it has since become more popular, and it has even gained another nickname: “dad rock.” That’s not to say that this music has lost its authenticity. Many of the artists who play it today are white and male, and their music is not very diverse. 

Retail music programming 

The Americana Music Association (AMA) is a professional nonprofit trade organization that advocates for the authentic voice of American roots music around the world. The organization sponsors events and creates educational resources to support future creators. Its programs include concerts, festivals, and other events. It also partners with organizations such as the Americana Honors & Awards program. 

Neil Young 

Americana music has a rich history, spanning from the Grateful Dead to Los Lobos to Neil Young. You might not immediately associate Neil Young with Americana music, but he has helped propel modern roots-based rock into the mainstream. 

Crosby, Stills & Nash 

Americana music has a long history. The genre is largely white, male, and nostalgic for the time before the big box stores. It evokes the America before cars, the Internet, and television, and evokes communal rituals where fistfights and beer settled debts. It also plays on mythmaking. The danger of Americana is that it mixes old and new, and it risks confusing oldness with authenticity. 

Sturgill Simpson 

Americana music is a genre that reifies the American experience from a white male perspective. In doing so, it runs the risk of confusing authenticity with oldness. This genre conjures up an America before big-box stores and a culture where fistfights and beer settled debts. Its music also carries on the traditions of blues and black gospel. 

Dockery Farms 

If you’re into Americana music, you’ll love this store located in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee. Not only is the store home to some of the best local talent in the country, but it’s also a great place to go for some blues history. In addition to the music store, you’ll also find the BB King Museum, GRAMMY Museum, and numerous other historic blues sites in the area.